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Hina had spent quite some time as Takao’s assistant. It’d been months at the very least and over that amount of time she had learned a lot of real life responsibilities. She was like a teenager learning the ropes of her first “real” job. She had learned that trying to please everyone was impossible and that being an assistant of someone so important meant she could demand a certain level of respect from others… at least at face value. What people said when she wasn’t around was another story entirely. Still, she was used to people gossiping about her and none of that stopped her from performing her job.

So what did Hina do at the Kage’s office? She mostly helped fill out paperwork and manage Takao’s schedule. Her most important role seemed to be acting as a defense against people looking to waste her boss’s time. For someone who was an assistant, she seldom got meaningful face time with the boss and would often get scolded when she lost track of where Takao had run off to. She tried not to be so nit picky about his slacking off since that was how they had met in the first place.

As the months passed, Hina started wanting to spend more time with the kage and build up their relationship. She mainly wanted to get closer to him and his family since the Kimuras supposedly held quite a bit of influence. She still hadn’t let slip that she had been seeing his cousin, mainly because she didn’t know their relationship. She figured if Suutei was close enough to him then he’d already know. What better way to get closer to someone than to ask them for some advice? She’d made sure that his schedule was free and she was ready to approach him.

“Takao? I was thinking… do you have some time to help me out? I’ve been getting really into taijutsu… juuken in particular. But I don’t want to just focus on one thing. Do you have any tips for me?” Hina called as she pushed open the door to his office. She had no idea if he was there or not, nor would she be able to see behind the tower of paperwork she was holding. She could have activated her Byakugan, but she felt it was so unsightly that she wouldn’t want him to see her face while it was covered with veins. Hina walked precariously into the office, trying to make her way to his desk where she wanted to set the paperwork down. Being unable to see the ground though, she felt her foot catch onto something and down she went. “Eeep!” she shouted as she hit the ground and scrambled to get all the paperwork stacked back up.

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The bright and shining midday sun illuminated the Hidden Leaf Village's technicolour skyline brilliantly. Dark eyes scanned the horizon, slowly trailing from one side of the wall to the other. Everything was quiet, as it always was, or as quiet as a village that housed millions could be. The floors below were bustling and he could hear it from the penthouse office despite all that separated it from the lower levels. Missions were being handed out, assistants and secretaries were working through the plethora of daily organization that the village required to function like the well-oiled machine that it did.

Steam from the mug in his hand held lazily just shy of his mouth wafted into his nostrils. The rich drink within was hot enough to be just shy of boiling, but he held it comfortably in his hands, and sipped generously as if it were room temperature. The sound of footsteps gradually approaching his office alerted him to Hina's presence long before she entered. He turned, heavy boot-clad footsteps carried him closer to the door before she entered, and half-lidded eyes watched as the tower of paperwork with legs slowly sidled inside. If she could have seen him, she could have watched what little life was left in his obsidian pools drain near instantly.

She spoke as she carefully entered but, as he was anticipating from the moment he saw the sheer volume of the stack, she stumbled. He was nearby enough that his ability to react was sufficient to catch her before she fell to the ground, however the stack of now fluttering papers that littered the ground was a lost cause. His opposite hand held the cup of coffee without spilling a drop as he righted her.

"My first tip would be to be careful when you're walking." It was meant in jest, at least partially, but the manner in which his monotone voice spoke the words, it might take one to be quite accustomed to his mannerisms to see it as such.

"Unironically. Footwork and understanding your surroundings are imperative to close quarters combat. You need to know what obstacles might hinder you, or be used to your advantage." He expanded on his jest, turning it into something more reminiscent of an actual tip for her, as she had asked. He lifted the coffee and sipped from it, his cold and scrupulous gaze settled on her shorter form.

"I can't give you especially useful advice if I don't know exactly what it is you're interested in learning, though."


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The sudden trip had sent Hina’s hands into a frenzy as she tried her best to catch the falling papers. She grasped a folder in each hand and braced for impact. She felt the sides of her knees hit the ground but the rest of her body was spared. She was being held by her kage and Hina couldn’t help but feel like this situation was straight out of a dream. She was being held by the most powerful man she even knew existed and was staring right into his eyes. Her gaze shifted to his lips, feeling the dull sensation of her teeth biting into her lower lip. A strong feeling of longing came over her, but just as quickly as she had been caught she had been put back onto her feet.

Takao stood before her with a mug in his hand and perhaps an even more lifeless expression than he’d had when they first met. Still, he offered a light hearted suggestion and then gave her a bit of guidance. She appreciated the tip, even if it did maker her face redden in embarrassment. She folded her arms under her breasts and pouted with a small “Hmph!” She’d known before she even walked in that she could have very well used her Byakugan and this fall wouldn’t be enough to make her use it next time either. There was a certain simplicity that she’d grown accustomed to as a civilian and not using chakra felt more liberating than relying on it all the time.

“You know if I didn’t love this job I might be tempted to let you pick these up all by yourself,” Hina said as she went around picking up the small mountain of papers, “but then you’d probably put that off too.” She went around and began picking up everything she’d dropped, giving little care to how exposed her body would get throughout the process. Each stretch of the arm and bend at the waist was enough to push her clothing to the limits of decent exposure.

“Nope, I can’t have you missing out on this good stuff. Let’s see here… some construction proposals, sounds interesting. Oh wow, this noble wants you to personally tutor their snot nosed kid… real exciting. Oh and we can’t forget about all the women who came up with every excuse in the book to schedule an hour with you.” Hina read off each chunk of papers as she placed them in a huge pile on Takao’s desk. Once she was certain she’d gotten everything she’d drop the sarcastic act and pull off the very top folder. She had, in fact, come prepared.

“Ever since I found out I was a Hyuuga I started learning Juuken from whoever would teach me,” she’d start. Her parents hadn’t even known they had Hyuuga blood in them and it was stranger still that her eyes were blue instead of the classic silver. It was no surprise that it was hard to find a Hyuuga to teach her the ropes. “long story short, it didn’t go so well. They say I’m having trouble seeing the tenketsu points. It’s kind of hard to show what I actually do see, or at least it was until I found this.” She pulled out a picture that depicted a Buddha statue with ornate circles at each one of the chakra gate locations, “I see these things and they’re so bright that they drown out the tenketsu around them. When I showed my Juuken sensei he said that they’re called the chakra gates. He said that with the right training it was possible to open them and gain an immense power… but he had no idea how and he said he hadn’t heard of anyone opening them for generations. So I thought, if anyone could point me in the right direction… it would be you!”

Hina bit her lip again, more out of nervousness now than attraction. It was impossible to tell what would come out of her kage’s mouth, especially while he maintained ‘that’ expression. She was hoping he would have something useful though… she had asked quite a few people about these damn things and even in books all she found was pictures of some people in green jumpsuits who were told to have possessed this power. She sincerely hoped that opening chakra gates hadn’t become an ability lost in the sands of time.

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Takao's scarred eyebrow slowly lifted as Hina stared into his cold pools of bottomless obsidian, then her eyes wandered down his face, and by then he'd righted her back onto her feet. His eyebrows flicked at her audible pout and a slight smirk pulled the corner of his mouth partway into one cheek. She bent over and his eyes lingered, watching her pick up the fallen papers for longer than he should have while her clothing walked a fine line leaning towards exposing herself.

"Probably. I already am." He had set his mug down and knelt to help collect the sea of papers that littered his office floor. He eyed a few, ignored the majority, and piled the collective in a messy stack on his desk as she sorted through a few of them and started reading off their subject matters.

'Let's see here, some construction proposals...' He feigned disgust, or perhaps it wasn't truly feigned, and gagged. Infrastructure was an integral part of the village, and the Leaf was host to a very large population, which meant construction needed to be kept up on. New homes needed to be built, old ones needed to be fixed, new and old roads alike required maintenance, and the recent addition of locomotion had created an entirely new branch of problems. "Ech. Bottom of the pile."

'Oh wow, this noble wants you to personally tutor their snot nosed kid.' Without any other change in his expression, his eyebrows flicked upward before his expression returned to perfect neutrality. "Ah, my favourite..."

'We can’t forget about all the women who came up with every excuse in the book to schedule an hour with you.' With a weighty roll of his eyes and a hearty sip of the life-giving brown nectar held within his mug, Takao grunted. "I think we can forget about those, actually."

Finally, she got around to asking what she really wanted to ask, and giving him the details he needed for an adequate response. She wanted to know about chakra gates, more specifically, the 'Eight Heavenly Gates', although she hadn't named them as such. He recalled opening them by accident during one of his episodic outbursts of rage that caused great disorder within his chakra system, and afterwards had gradually learned how to open them normally.

"Oh. Yeah, okay, that wasn't what I was expecting." His faint noise of surprise sounded pleasant, he wasn't expecting it to be something that he was actually quite interested in. Normally, they would come to him and ask him vague questions about 'how to get strong' or 'how to fight better', and he rarely had a satisfactory answer. However, for Hina's inquiry, he had an extensive explanation, and a pang of excitement to teach such a rare ability rang in his head like a loud bell.

"I can teach you to open the Gates." He flashed a lopsided smile, happy to have somebody interested in something that was actually worth teaching. His gaze trailed sidelong, fixating upon the stack of papers, and a grimace scrunched his face.

"Well," He said, taking another drink of coffee. "As much as I was looking forward to doing all that work, I guess I'll just have to take a well earned break." As if he needed to destroy paperwork to justify leaving the office, Takao started for the door, still holding his piping hot mug. He opened the door, held it open with his boot, and gestured with his unoccupied hand.

"Come on, it's too nice of a day to spend indoors. I'll teach you about the Gates on top of the monument."

With Hina in tow, Takao would take her out of the office, lead her up a flight of stairs that took them to the roof of the Administration Building, and then a long, winding staircase that ran along the sheer face of the Hokage Monument's mountain. It was a long walk and he made it tirelessly to the top, still holding a mostly full mug of coffee. There, at the top of the world-- or at least the Hidden Leaf village, a cool breeze floated lazily through, contrasting with the warm sun that beat down through a clear, mostly cloudless sky. He inhaled a long breath and exhaled a content sigh. The location was relaxing for more reasons than just the scenery and scent; his thoughts weren't clouded by the bustle of people that acted as an unwanted distraction.

"Much better." He said, sipping from the edge of his mug. "So, how much do you know about the Gates already? I don't want to bore you with information you already know."


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Hina was pleased to have evoked some emotion from her Kage and held back laughter when he made his comment about the women who wanted to meet him. She didn’t know if Takao had a relationship already or if he was just determined to keep himself distant from romantic encounters so that he could stay the hardened weapon that Konoha needed. She still didn’t feel close enough to ask. He hadn’t outright thrown the requests away so maybe… just maybe he would give them a look over. That or he was just too lazy to even toss the papers into the wastebin. ‘Well deserved break alright,’ Hina thought to herself, ‘I wonder how much he even got done today.’

Getting Takao out of the office looked to be just what he needed to loosen up a little. He had all the signs of a happy Takao as far as Hina could tell. Eyes not so cold? Check. A misshapen smile? Check. Not sitting bored in his office? Check. Dare she say that he looked more alive than any other time that she’d met him? He almost seemed excited which was enough to make Hina wonder whether she should share the emotion. Something told her that anything that made such a powerful man excited was something she should be fearful of.

They got to the roof and Hina was about to speak up when she remembered that Takao had said “top of the monument.” She’d thought he had misspoken but this guy wanted to go all the way up there? Hina stared in disbelief at the long path to get up there but wouldn’t complain. She half thought this was a test to see if she had what it took and half thought this was just a way for Takao to burn as much time away from his desk as possible. She’d remain behind Takao but even after fifteen minutes her generally weak body started to complain. She’d huff and puff all the way up to the top and would wish she could just collapse into a nice cold pool. Meanwhile she looked at how unaffected Takao was from the journey.

“Well,” Hina started, knowing that the first several words would be followed by a quick heaving breath, “I can see where the gates are and I know what some of their names are. Like I said before, I know that they give you power when opened… I also know that they’re not so simple to open, since I’ve tried stabbing them with tenketsu needles and nothing happened… I think it might be possible to force them open with Jyuuken, but I might not be strong enough. I’ve jammed my needles into this big one here more times than I can count and it just won’t do anything.”

Hina pointed right at her heart which was the location of the Gate of Death. Clearly, she didn’t know the name of this gate or that they had a conventional order… or else she’d never have tried to open it. It was just the most clear one to see because it had the highest concentration of chakra. She figured if anything, this would be the easiest one to start with. Hina activated her Byakugan and started stabbing at her gate of death with her tenketsu needle carelessly, like an infant who didn’t know that a knife had the potential to kill. “See? Nothing.” She said with an exasperated sigh.

Hina’s approach at opening the gates, for better or worse, was developed with the intent of allowing others to open their gates. She had little interest in opening her own gates simply because it sounded like she’d be on the front lines if she did. She didn’t know whether or not it was possible or what the effects would be if she could pull it off on another person. She figured the worst case was that it was detrimental to the target which meant that she could cripple an opponent. The best case would of course be allowing her allies to open the gates and do the heavy lifting for her.

Then suddenly, something started to happen. Hina ran right to Takao and palmed his heart, crushing it instantly with her chakra.

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