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Laïs Crowly

Laïs Crowly

We want YOU in our army.

Iwagakure is recruiting. Come, join us, and repay your crimes by servicing us.

An odd pamphlet to say the least, this lost letter found the hands of the ash crow. Had it not been blown in by the winds of change carried by countless crow spirits, the Jugo had not cared for it. But seeing how the spirits expected her to follow this free ticket to an amusement park, there was only one way she could do - go for a ride and see where it'd bring her.



"Harken the flap of my wings and hear my cry...
The ash crow will herald the arrival of Yomi under the World's bleak sky,
but when the dead shall walk the World and the Serpent will swallow the sun,
neither you nor I will be crying when all is said and done."

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