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Mission name: Annex the Land of Waves.
Mission rank: A.
Objective: Establish diplomatic relations with the Land of Waves and annex them into the Land of Fire.
Location: Land of Waves
Reward: 1,000ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: By order of the Fire Daimyo, Ōmono Madoka, the minor countries that surround the Fire Country are to be met with for diplomatic talks, urging them toward a merger with Hi no Kuni.
Development References:
Mission Details: The mission-taker must travel to the Land of Waves and speak with the Lord of the Land of Waves, Furuya Tsurayaki. During the diplomatic talks, he his concerns with joining the Fire Country are largely economical, however he does fear backlash from the Hidden Mist, whose claim to own all islands is disliked but submitted to, although he would prefer otherwise. This is a Quest Mission and requires 4,000wc to complete.

Mist clung to the Naruto Bridge as two silhouettes walked across it towards the Land of Waves. Clad in travelling garb that covered most of their bodies and long-ranning hats obscuring their faces, the only tell-tale sign of their movements were the chiming bells attached to the rims of their circular straw hats. On the left stood a tall male, muscular in build, walking with two swords hilted at the waist. On the right, a younger man, a shorter one, walked in seeming synchronization. On the backs of their clothes were the Leaf village emblems. They had not seen many travellers during their journey east across the bridge from the Land of Fire. Perhaps that was for the best. If these villagers knew why they were here, it would only antagonize them into doing something rash and stupid. Yojo, nor his partner, could afford to make a diplomatic faux pas here, not when the purpose of their journey was so vital to the security of the hidden leaf village. The world was changing, and with it, the roles and freedoms of the minor nations of the shinobi world. Weak daimyo, weak shinobi, and weak countries surrounded the land of fire. Yojo had seen one such nation very nearly fall to Kumogakure, he had witnessed first hand how these places were like leaves in a hurricane beyond their ability to comprehend. The Great Game of Kage had begun, and it was their job, as its arbiters, to bring newfound security and freedom to these minor nations... They were here to annex the Land of Waves.

"I don't see anything. I don't think these people even have ninja of their own... Do you have the letter?" Yojo asked his partner, his sharingan idly gazing ahead as they slowly walked along the bridge toward the Land of Waves. He didn't know too much about Kashi, save that his name reminded Yojo of the traitor he had defeated in the grand finals of the Chunin Exams. It was funny how things worked like that. Instead, as a fresh Special Jounin himself, Yojo preferred to let his partner take on the majority of the heavy lifting here. The Uchiha would be his backup, the one who would help drive the pint home once Kashi had pointed his weaponized words at this minor nation's heart. "If there are Kiri-nin tracking us, then they are exceptional enough to escape my eyes. Still, I do not think we have much to fear here. We have the element of surprise" Yojo thought aloud for his partner to hear. He was a tad out of his element here, but by reassuring himself and his partner he hoped to stay level-headed enough to bring the leader of this country to the submission of the Hidden Leaf. "I believe though, that it is time to begin considering contingency plans. If Fuyura Tsurayaki does not agree with these terms, we may require an alternative method of coaxing him-- one that does not involve hurting civilians" Yojo stated, brainstorming with his partner. The mist clung to his face, making his hair wet even as it was covered by his straw hat... "There is... one thing, that we can do" he started, a knowing look appearing on his face.

Breaking Bridges, Building a Bulkwark [Mission] Land_o10

After a time longer, the duo emerged from the tunnel at the end of Naruto Bridge, emerging in the bright and sunshine-filled epicenter of the Land of Waves. The two had begun to walk along the grand canal at the heart of the modestly sized capital when they found themselves greeted by two rather disgruntled looking locals blocking their path. The street was noticeably quiet, the doors shuttered, and cautious eyes looked out from dark windows at the outsiders now standing in the main street. "Are you two the emissaries from Hi no Kuni?" the older looking official said, seemingly sizing the two shinobi up as they waited somewhat patiently in their full-body covering clothes. Yojo's sharingan flickered briefly as he turned his gaze into that of a frown, looking into the officials eyes with his superior ones. He stayed quiet, opting to let his partner do the majority of the talking here. Barring any abnormalities, and confirming they were indeed sent by the Hokage, the younger official would issue the next command. "Take those cloaks off! We want to see your faces" he demanded, pointing at the two shinobi in an accusatory manner. Again, Yojo frowned, but ultimately complied, removing the cloak and straw hat from his body to reveal his brown hair and skin, as well as the Special Jounin attire he'd been outfitted with.

Once that was all done with, the older official gave a cautionary look over the two. "Why have you come?" he asked, knowing full well the two outsiders were limited to speaking only with the village leader. Instead, to satisfy the suspicious escorts, Yojo gave something of a non-commital response:

"The times, they are a'changing"


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Breaking Bridges, Building a Bulkwark [Mission] Screen10

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This was neither a typical shinobi mission nor an ANBU mission. It was a diplomatic mission in which the stakes were high: in fact, the fate of an entire nation was in the hands of Kashizudoto and his partner as far as he was concerned. Their task was part of a broader plan conceived by the Hokage Takao Kimura, in which each of the surrounding lands would be annexed into the Land of Fire in order to bolster their strength in relation to the other Great Nations and thereby that of the Leaf. During times of war, soldiers were drafted from all across the land to fight as samurai, and a higher population and access to more resources meant more manpower. A storm was coming, and the Land of Fire was simply preparing to weather it out in the only way it knew how.

For this mission, he was to be paired with a Sharingan user, a young man of about his age named Yoshihiro. He knew nothing of the man other than his rank and a short synopsis of his specialties, but if he was sent on such a high-stakes mission, that could only mean that Yoshihiro was a guy that the village entrusted to get stuff done. To only be a tokubetsu jonin and still be sent on such a high-stakes mission like this meant that he was the real deal and would more than likely be a strong ally on this mission.

As a fully-fledged jonin with some notable accolades to his name, it was Kashizudoto's job to make the daimyo of the Land of the Waves feel important; after all, if the Land of Fire had sent such a high-ranking ninja to persuade the Land of Waves to join them, then it would stand to reason they would value the Land of Waves highly enough to take their concerns seriously during future negotiations post-annexation. Whether or not this was true was yet to be seen, but it was their mission to ensure the successful annexation of this land despite what might happen to it afterward.

The pair walked down the Naruto Bridge, with Kashizudoto's pet messenger hawk Hawky perched upon his shoulder. If they needed to send a quick message back to Konoha they could do so and hear back in as little as a few hours if Hawky did not encounter any major obstacles. Yoshihiro asked him about possible contingency plans in the case that the daimyo of the Land of the Waves did not want to submit to the Land of Fire, and Kashizudoto told him that if he had any genjutsu, he should be ready to use it. After all, the Sharingan was known, in addition to the Copy Wheel Eye, as the Eye of Hypnotism, and Kashizudoto figured that a subtle genjutsu, especially if it was something that could be triggered with something as easy as eye contact alone, could help sway the daimyo towards their cause without causing a ruckus. And without any shinobi around to notice it, they could get away scot-free.

After being escorted by a couple suspicious guards. they reached the daimyo's residence. It wasn't even close to as luxurious as the residences of the daimyos of the Great Nations, but that was to be expected; at the least, it was bigger than the surrounding houses, and if he had seen it in the Land of Fire, he would have assumed it was the residence of some noble, albeit a lower-ranking one, or some high-ranking shinobi who had since retired.

The daimyo and his family were having dinner at the time, and the guards called him out to greet the two important guests in his living room. He offered each a glass of sake, and, for the sake of politeness, Kashizudoto took him up on his offer and then handed him the letter. The daimyo took less than a minute to read it; not only was it a brief letter, but it was something to be expected. It seemed that minor lands were falling left and right to the Great Nations, like pawns being traded off of the board in order to gain a positional advantage in a game of chess, and the daimyo of the Land of the Waves could only expect that his turn was coming up soon.

He sighed, "As you know, the Land of Water borders our land, and the Hidden Mist Village is nearby." He took a swig of sake, perhaps hoping that a drink would ease the stress, "The Land of Water has laid claim to some of the nearby islands. As you can imagine, we weren't very happy about this, and it has greatly impeded our economic growth, but it is something we simply have to live with."

"You see," he set his glass of sake down on the table, "I am worried about possible backlash from the Mist. I'm sure you know their reputation." Under the reign of the former Mizukage Solstice Ayakashi, the Mist had built up quite a ruthless reputation - Blood Mist, as they called it.

Kashizudoto paused, "Well, I'm sure you know our reputation too." He looked at the daimyo with a serious but warm look, "We never back down on our allies. That's the way of our people - the Will of Fire, as they like to call it." The Will of Fire was something especially important to Kashizudoto's clan, the Sarutobi, who cherished it with their lives. The daimyo picked up his glass of sake and looked at him listlessly, obviously skeptical of this bold claim.

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