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OOC Details:

Mission NPCs

Lost Soul:
Name: Lost Soul
Age: Dead
General Appearance: Dark ghosts that wear black robes which conceal their appearance.
Personality: They used to have a personality when they were alive, but now they're dead and lifeless, controlled by the puppeteer named Nothing from afar.
Motivations: They are all guided by invisible chakra strings by the puppeteer Nothing.
Fears: None
Abilities: They have the base stats for their rank (ex. a C-rank lost soul will have C-0 stats) and can perform basic strikes; however, a blow from a taijutsu, weapon, or jutsu of its rank or higher (or two of one rank below, three of two ranks below, etc.) will destroy the spirit without interfering with the strike, damaging the weapon, or impeding on the jutsu itself. As a passive, Lost Souls can walk on surfaces as if they were using the Supernatural Walking Practice, as they hover slightly above the surface that they're "walking" on. While they have no chakra of their own, they can perform the Spirit Ball Technique with the aid of Nothing, who provides them energy to mold into an attack of their own.

Spirit Ball:
Name: Spirit Ball
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: Equal to that of the lost soul (ex. a B-rank lost soul will fire B-rank spirit balls).
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: Until it hits something.
Duration: 1 post
Description: The lost soul molds the energy that Nothing provides them into the form of a high intensity ball that they fire at the max speed for their rank, causing the maximum amount of damage for its rank upon impact. Even the slightest contact with a weapon or jutsu of its rank or lower will immediately dispel the spirit ball without damaging the weapon or impeding upon the jutsu.
Other: N/A

Zuko Uchiha:
Name: Zuko Uchiha
Age: 18
General Appearance: He is a young adult with black hair that has a slight bluish tint to it. He always has on a black leather jacket.
Personality: He is outwardly very cold, menacing, and dangerous and has killed many innocents, but, when he had the opportunity to kill Kashizudoto, he didn't, indicating that there may be some semblance of mercy and compassion underneath.
Motivations: In general, he is motivated by nothing more than gaining new powers, but now he has come to believe, whether falsely or not, that the daimyo was responsible for the death of his parents and now seeks revenge for what the daimyo allegedly did.
Fears: Not much. He used to be afraid of losing his power, but as he grew more and more powerful, the idea of losing his power became more and more ludicrous. He has taken down several powerful shinobi over the past few years, and it seems that there is nothing that can faze him anymore.
Abilities: He is an A-ranked missing ninja with A-0 stats (except for A-3 perception) armed with an A-rank katana who has S-rank ninjutsu and genjutsu and has every element at S-rank with access to every single jutsu in the library and every Uchiha jutsu, including Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi, and Susano'o. He also possesses one set of Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan in his eye sockets. Sealed within his eyes is a jutsu that makes them burn up in Amaterasu flames upon either his death or their removal, making it impossible to take his eyes.


Mission name: Protect the Daimyo
Mission rank: A-rank ANBU Major Quest Mission (can only be taken by an ANBU Captain)
Objective: Lead a team of ANBU into the capital city of the Land of Fire and protect the daimyo at all costs.
Reward: 1 EP + 1000 ryo
Mission Description: The Land of Fire is in trouble. Ghosts are invading the capital city, where the daimyo resides, and are making inroads towards his residence. Preliminary intelligence reports have suggested that the A-rank missing-nin Zuko Uchiha is behind the attack, and it is up to you to protect the daimyo at all costs.

If possible, lend a hand to the samurai and ninja that have been sent to fight the invading ghouls, but remember that your primary responsibility is to defend the daimyo above all else. If the daimyo falls, you fail the mission, and the political stability of the entire Land of Fire will be in peril.
Development References: This is the climax of the conflict between Kashizudoto and Zuko Uchiha, a plot that has been culminating over the course of a number of threads and missions throughout Kashizudoto's ninja career. In this mission, he will have his final confrontation with Zuko Uchiha.

Seek Out the Blacksmith (C-rank Mission)
Making an Impression (C-rank Mission)
Space Sword? (C-rank Mission)
A Final Test (C-rank Mission)
[b]Welcome to the Order

In this set of threads, Kashizudoto was introduced to the Order of the White Lotus, which eventually sent him on a series of missions in which he confronted Zuko Uchiha and Black Dawn.
The Siege of Buma's Manor (A-rank Mission)
Blow Up the Base (A-rank Mission)
Zuko's Assault (A-rank Mission)
The Black Flames (A-rank Mission)

In this set of missions, Kashizudoto directly confronted Zuko Uchiha and the Black Dawn for the first time.

Mission Details: The first part of this mission consists of infiltrating into the city itself, along with your team of five B-rank ANBU Black Ops agents, each of whom has one of the five elements and all the library jutsu for that respective element along with B-0 stats and B-rank tantos. There will be Lost Souls of all different ranks clashing with the samurai of Hi no Kuni and ninja sent by Konoha. You do not need to worry about this, as your squad's goal is to reach the daimyo's residence; however, you will have to fight some Lost Souls along with way if they attack you (in the thread, you must encounter and fight at least twenty A-rank and ten B-rank lost souls at the same time), and if you see samurai or shinobi in danger, you might opt to lend a hand. However, you must be prompt, as the ghouls are closing in on the daimyo's residence and protecting him is your top priority. Once you reach the daimyo's residence, you will present yourself to the daimyo before being interrupted by the A-rank missing-nin Zuko Uchiha. You are prepared for this, as the administration warned you when assigning you to this mission that he may be behind the plot.

The administration does not know, however, that you and Zuko Uchiha have a history going back to a few years ago, which may either help or hinder your ability to carry out this mission successfully. He attacked one of your masters, almost killed you (but oddly hesitated in the last moment), and stole your girlfriend on top of it, and you were so scared by all that had transpired that you determined you would quit ninja life and go live as a sage in the wilderness. And a few years later, now that you have finally decided to return to ninja life as an ANBU Captain, it is only fitting that you would have to confront him.

Zuko will immediately recognize you, whether it is by your appearance or your chakra signature and will taunt you with the true story of how he got his EMS. For whatever reason, he will hold back from using his Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi on you, at least at first (though he will use it on others, such as the members of your ANBU squad, all of whom will be hit by at least one of his S-rank jutsu, whether it is Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu, and/or Susanno'o, by the middle of the fight). However, midway during the fight, he will begin to use whatever means necessary to defeat you, including these techniques. Meanwhile, lost souls will be pouring into the daimyo's residence, eventually separating you from your ANBU agents and leaving you and Zuko to fight alone in the grand halls of the residence.

You must incapacitate Zuko Uchiha somehow, whether it is by killing him or otherwise preventing him from fighting. By the time you defeat Zuko Uchiha, the invading Lost Souls will have been mostly routed by reinforcements, which include battalions of samurai from around Hi no Kuni, squads of shinobi sent by Konoha, and, as you will find out after your battle, Master Piandao. Assist in routing the remaining Lost Souls, and then return to the village and debrief the administration once the samurai let you know everything is safe.

As an ANBU Captain, Kashizudoto, or, as he was known in the ANBU, Kenshin, could be called by the administration at the drop of a hat for any task that required a great deal of secrecy and skill. Today's mission was more pressing than any other mission he had taken in his entire life. The Land of Fire's capital city was being invaded by an army of ghouls, and the daimyo's life was in danger. Shinobi and samurai alike were sent to fend off these ghouls, and, in the midst of this chaos, Kashizudoto had one task: to lead a team of five other ANBU agents into the capital city as they made their way through the ghouls all the way to the daimyo's residence in order to protect him and his family from the invaders. In his short debrief, he was informed of preliminary reports that some members of the criminal organization Black Dawn were leading the ghouls into battle, which meant that his old rival Zuko Uchiha was certainly involved with the plot, if not at its helm.

He and Zuko Uchiha had battled in the Land of Lightning, where it was fair to say that Kashizudoto had lost. Zuko's visual prowess was, in a word, unreal, and his Mangekyo Sharingan allowed him to create black flames out of nowhere that could not be extinguished and put people under vicious genjutsu. He had, of course, done both to Kashizudoto, albeit on different occasions: having once consumed him in black flames and having another time hypnotized him to the point where, looking back, Kashizudoto still could not distinguish exactly which parts of his weeks-long experience under the genjutsu were real and which were fake. However, it seemed that both times Zuko had spared his life, dispelling the black flames of the Amaterasu before it could exact any permanent damage and doing the same to his genjutsu before it could drive Kashizudoto mad. Both of these near-death situations, of course, played a role in Kashizudoto's burnout and his retreat away from ninja life. Now that he was back, this was the perfect opportunity to confront his past fears with a Will of Fire that burned the brightest in members of his clan.

This time, he had a good idea of Zuko's abilities and had come up with a few basic strategies to counter them, which he shared with the ANBU on the way there. For one, it was important not to look into Zuko's eyes: through his eyes, he could cast a genjutsu, and if it was Tsukiyomi, or even anything near as potent, you were finished; instead, you had to look at his feet in order to read his movements. Secondly, if he yelled "Amaterasu," you had to move extremely quickly, with a speed enhancing technique for sure, or put up some sort of instantaneous defense, else you'd be hit, and the only way to get rid of the flames would be to seal them away with a fuuinjutsu. As for Zuko's ghouls, he had faced them before, and, as he told the rest of the ANBU, they attacked by firing balls of energy at their opponents that were high-speed and high-impact; however, these balls of energy were very unstable and could be cut through by a sharp enough weapon, destroyed by a strong enough punch, or obliterated by a strong enough jutsu without even impeding upon it.

Thankfully, Kashizudoto had amassed a variety of new abilities that could assist him on this mission. For one, he had gained the ability to enter Sage Mode, which heightened his mobility and dexterity, allowing him to more easily avoid the Amaterasu and fight with Zuko just based off of his foot movements. He had learned the art of sealing jutsu and could thus seal away the flames of the Amaterasu if it hit him or an ANBU agent - and then potentially redirect those flames toward Zuko Uchiha. And though his passive stealth could not hide from the Sharingan, he assumed that being imperceptible to the natural senses, he could quite easily hide from the army of ghouls unless they had some sort of chakra sensory.

WC: 707


Jonin | ANBU Captain | A-rank
D: 2 | C: 7 | B: 7 | A: 8 | S: 4



The capital city was quite a mess when they arrived. Tens of thousands of ghouls scattered about, people fleeing for their lives, buildings toppled - the only constant here was the breeze that ran throughout the Land of Fire. The squad was met with opposition from a large number of ghouls as they got deeper into the city - at least thirty by Kashizudoto's count. They were expecting this, of course, but what Kashizudoto wasn't expecting was the apparent sensory abilities of these ghosts. As soon as he reached the city, he turned on his natural invisibility, but it didn't seem to matter to the ghouls, who still flung spirit balls at him as if he were visible; perhaps these ghouls sensed him through some means other than sight.

He figured that if the ghouls could see him, his invisibility would only be an impediment to the squad's functioning, so he revealed himself to sight once more. He and his team of ANBU then dispatched the ghosts that got in their way with their weapons alone, taking advantage of the surrounding buildings in order to dodge the spirit balls, with Kashizudoto making special use of his Dansuburedo's propulsion system to propel himself from building to building, like a monkey swinging from branch to branch. The ANBU used their barrier jutsu as needed; however, they made an effort to conserve their chakra for when they got to the daimyo's palace.

The ANBU squad, after dispatching of the ghouls that got in their way, was able to make it in one piece to the daimyo's palace. Kashizudoto presented himself to the daimyo and his family as the ANBU Captain Kenshin; as the daimyo's daughter Mira Madoka looked at his mask, she had no idea that the face behind it belonged to someone she had kissed not too long ago. The first order of business was to get the daimyo and his family to a safe, secret location. After all, if Black Dawn was behind this, and Zuko Uchiha was here, then the daimyo and his family could be finished in one swift move.

"Amaterasu!" The voice that yelled this was all too familiar, and it was coming from behind Kashi and the squad.

Upon hearing the word, one of the ANBU agents in his squad charged his body up with chakra to speed it up to superhuman speeds and then charged towards and grabbed the daimyo, the ANBU agent shielding the daimyo with his own body as it erupted into black flames. As Kashizudoto had learned while reading ancient manuscripts and had shared with his squad as the ANBU Captain Kenshin, the Amaterasu was not, in fact, instantaneous. It took time to reach its destination - even if that was a split second - and, thus, a fast enough person could dodge or block it.

The ANBU agent spent no time dilly-dallying, and rushed off with the daimyo to a nearby room even as his own body was slowly being eaten away by the black flames; another ANBU agent grabbed the rest of his family and rushed off into a different room in the blink of an eye. These ANBU agents were the best of the best, and that's why they were picked for this mission, but Kashizudoto wondered if they were enough to confront Black Dawn and their legions of ghouls.

The Invasion: A Black Dawn Rises Over Hi no Kuni [A-rank Major Quest Mission/Private] 15604521032480873

Kashizudoto and the rest of the ANBU squad turned around to see Zuko Uchiha standing upside down from the ceiling of the daimyo's residence, with his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan active. As the ANBU Captain Kenshin, Kashizudoto had already instructed his agents not to look into Zuko's eyes, and, even though Zuko's Sharingan could see through his invisibility, he turned it on just as a precaution, as perhaps the act of decoding the chakra signature that Zuko saw from the Sharingan would slow him down just a little bit - and that could be the difference between life and death. And now that he considered it, another advantage of being invisible was that even though Zuko could see his chakra with his Sharingan, he could not see specific body parts, like his eyes, meaning that he could not look into them and cast a genjutsu. This was good news for Kashizudoto, as he had certainly had enough of Zuko's genjutsu after his last experience with it.

"Kashi," said Zuko. His jet black hair had grown messier, or perhaps it looked that way because he was standing upside down and had evidently just fought all the way to the daimyo's residence. "Don't think you can hide from me. My eyes see everything."

WC: 1492


Jonin | ANBU Captain | A-rank
D: 2 | C: 7 | B: 7 | A: 8 | S: 4

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