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it's a beautiful day outside.

birds are singing,

flowers ar.... b̶̨͜g̕͢͞..

-ó̸̶n͏... d̷̸̢ y҉͏҉s.... li... t̶͢h̶e͜͠se...

With one last sorrowful glance outside of his modified masterpiece. The last thoughts on the Lost one's mind, of twin gifts of his goodbye. One holding his heart, the other, his soul. "Shouto better keep an eye out for N'Jobu and give him the gift I left him and Takao, and I hope he tells Takao how to get into this place is something goes wrong...." Thinking back to the letters, I- we, Kisei pondered how mismatched they must be when read right after one another. Though, that's what happens when you don't have a proper good bye. So much to say, but so little time. Yet, I had to, he had to.. Kisei had to do this now. There was no time to wait. "B-Ordis, activate the spacial rift de-accelerator, and then launch the program." B-ordis, did so, though with sorrow. They weren't so joyous to see their ward walk to their deaths.... The virtual reality machine whirls to life. But no longer is it such, now, it has broken the boundaries. The doors behind him close shut, and the entirety of the interior fills with indescribable light. What followed, an indescribable void.


On the desk of one Hokage, rested an envelope with two letters. The first one reading.

"Dear Takao,

I’m writing this in advance in response to the invitation on the shinobi council meeting, convening to discuss the will of the daiyamo and the obvious goal of the annexation of the neighboring lands. That, as well as a few more personal things which I need to cover. Let’s begin with the the daimyo first.

Now, while I am not as educated in the politics of your world, I’m sure that you’ve already considered the potential, ah, consequences of continued action; but for the point I’m going to make, let’s assume the worth scenario. The state of the world is in a questionable state. With the collapse of one of the oldest powers in shinobi world and the rapid changes of leadership within all of the hidden villages, namely of the Tsuchikage, the Raikage, and our most recent loss of Lord Rippa.. A whole new slate is made, and evreyone is on edge. Each paranoid and defensive. Our latest skirmish within the Land of Frost brought the spotlight on us, and if the daimyo’s plans are as extensive as I hear.. then I fear for a war on our hands.

Perhaps not at bloody as past wars, but a conflict on the scale of villages is enough to sicken.

While I have no doubt that life has not thrown any bones to your village, I’m not even twenty, and the amount of years I have been within active conflict and war make up more than half of that time. As you can imagine, I am very against the idea of entering into a third war within my lifetime, and I’m used to it. The people within the village have known peace, love, and prosperity, are you going to throw into the fire, sacrifice our people for a conflict none of us asked for. An ambition none of us follow? For a daimyo, who doesn’t understand us? My words may be heresy, but when it comes to a potential conflict of this scale I cannot stress enough, ‘conflict is not the answer’. Show restraint. I’m not asking for mercy, but whatever you do, don’t let this play out according to the daimyo’s vision, nothing good will come of forcefully subgugating other countries like this. Especially at a time like this. If we start gathering our forces and annexing the local lands, what message does that send to the rest of the world? Before we’d know it we’ll have the other village’s building up their defenses, and readying themselves for conflict. A single spark, and Naraka is lit aflame.

The path of shinobi may be carved in blood, true, but the path of war leads nowhere. Don’t let others convince you otherwise. History itself tells us to avoid such conflict, we cannot keep repeating the same mistakes with gilded ambitions and ideals leading us down the path. The sacrifice is heavy. I could go on for hours, however I believe I have made my point, or at least repeated myself enough times that further lecturing would yield diminishing returns. But know this Takao, even if we were to forcefully conquer the land around us, even if we get caught up in the most bloody war; I wouldn’t regret a single moment, of being under your command."

On the back of that paper was a key, translating nonsensical symbols to a ancient dialect of the common on spoken in present day.

Translated Letter:

"Greeting Takao Kimura,

I’m… honestly not sure how to start this, but.. I think it would be best to simply start with a question. So. Question: How are you? My hope is that you’re doing well, and that you’re genuinely happy and smiling often. You seem to have this ‘bored with life thing’ going on and it’s a real shame, because you don’t nearly have the charm you do as have while beeming with joy. Although that may just be me, I have no idea what you shinobi are really into. (Probably weapons). Whew, well, with that ice breaker out of the way. There is something I do need to talk to you about. But first, question.

How much do you actually know about the Ushinatta?

It’s a story that I have been longing to tell, but given it’s nature, very few people would be inclined to believe me in the first place.

My people had no records remaining of my brother’s testiment to our history after the destruction of the Sunagakure, and well… I really do miss my brother.. The only thing I have of him is Shouto, my Sumiko guardian who mostly takes care of my shop, and a very confusing… pet that left for me to find. As much as I would like to tell you of our bloody history in person, I’m running a sensitive experiment right now in my laboratory. (It’s in the basement of the staff only room on the right at the end of the hallway behind the store counter at the end of the shop entrance. Also, I apologize greatly for the secret renovations I did without telling you. It’s something of a family tradition and for the longest time I never left anybody inside.) While I cannot release details of it to you, for fear of this being found, I can show you the results of my experiment. Which I think will go very well when I tell you of my history.

While you are free to enter into my humble shop at any time, you will not be able to access the laboratory. For one, the locking mechanism to the stairs are exceedingly complicated, so which I advise you listen to a certain Root member of the Aburame clan and accept that it’s impossible without knowledge on how it was made. However you are the Hokage, so I imagine you could find a way around it. In which case you’ll find an electronic door at the bottom of the stairs and end of the hallway. You’ll be confronted with a metal semi-circular “door”, stand exactly 2.5 meters away from it and repeat the following passcode.

“I am Takao Kimura, Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, request access to your master’s lab. Oh great and powerful B-ordis.”

That is the exact password, don’t question it, and also try and say it as calmly as possible. Too much variation and the voice recognition may have a hard time hearing the pass phrase. One caveat though… This password doesn’t work for a week, so for seven day after you get this letter, this password is non-functional. I apologize for my absence, but please know that this cannot be avoided. I wish you great luck and happiness, and pray we meet again, sometime."

The finally, in the shop of the Lost one, a metal umbrella lay across the lap of a worried Sumiko Shouto, with an identically looking one, albeit slightly older; the original design. "You're a lucky one N'Jobu." They whispered quietly, "I hope you and Takao take care of this gift well."


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