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Surprise. That's the word one would use when they saw Fuyuko's facial expression as they were reading the letter in their hands. One of the two things that were written in the letter wasn't that surprising on its own, but when it was combined with the other it did make her feel astonished. The letter started off with the announcement of the new Mizukage. She felt glad for Chi that he was chosen, although their latest interaction wasn't the greatest or the longest, they had come a long way from the small kid she remembered when they had first met. However, it was the second thing that had really taken her aback, the Mizukage had requested that she came to back to the village and helped the Mizukage with a training session.
Fuyuko accepted the request without hesitation and packed the required things for the journey back to the land of water, but while doing so her mind pondered on what the reason could be for Chi requesting a training session with her. It was quite evident that now that they had become the Mizukage that they were a better shinobi than herself, so why would they require her assistance in training. Furthermore, while yes they knew each other, it wasn't like they knew each other well. After a long thought, Fuyuko determined that she'd be incapable of figuring out what the reason was and instead would just have to ask directly.
After a long travel Fuyuko finally arrived at village hidden in the mist. Some time had already passed again since she was last here. The last time she was here a couple of beasts were wreaking havoc upon the village, which luckily, they managed to put a stop to. Hopefully, a repeat of that wasn't going to happen now that she was here again. She headed inside the Administration building and was told to keep on walking to the Mizukage's office. She knocked on the door waiting for a reply from beyond the door. When she got the go-to signal to enter the room she did and opened up. "I've come as fast as I could Mizukage in order to help out with this request. However, first of, congratulations with your promotion." she said with a small bow, formalities never really escaped her. "Secondly, before we can continue with the request that was made, I must know the reason for it, because I'm confused. Surely there are more capable shinobi that could help you out with whatever it is that you require assistance with?"
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It had been a long time since he had last seen Fuyuko. At least, it felt that way. Maybe it was just that there were a lot of things happening very quickly as of late. Lady Ayakashi disappearing changed everything. For the village, and for him. Ending up on the position of Mizukage was something he never would have suspected previously. Honestly, it was something he still had a rather hard time adjusting to. Ayakashi had stood so tall as the Mizukage. Chigetsu now had big boots to fill. It was hard to believe that he would ever be able to leave her shadow, much less ever match her reputation.

Other than just the issue of his nonexistent reputation, being Kage came with a few duties that he struggled with immensely. He had no comprehension of what sort of job this would be before taking it, and so he quickly became absolutely swamped by the bureaucratic side of it. Three months of unattended paperwork was dumped on him the day after taking the position, having built up during Ayakashi’s absence. Despite not being the academic type he would be effectively forced, kicking and screaming, into doing double duty on the work. These were the least of his woes. The general reaction that the Land of Water seemed to have to learning of Ayakashi’s disappearance was explosive. Shinobi, who had previously been loyal and dedicated to the cause of the Hidden Mist would disappear and desert without any warning. A bandit infestation seemed to appear overnight. There was nothing that Chigetsu could do to end it. Those who hated Ayakashi were releasing decades of pent up anger now that she was gone, and those who loved her wouldn’t accept anything less of Chigetsu than being her clone.

It got to the point where he needed an escape. To call it a vacation would be inappropriate, especially given the state of the country. The letter he sent out to Fuyuko Miki was regarding important business as well. It was be more important work, just in a flavor that he could tolerate.

His pain would be visible immediately as Fuyuko would open the door to his office. The rather spacey room was covered in stacks and stacks of piled papers, consuming all the space on his desk and spilling over into messily arranged piles on the floor. The very moment that the door began to creak open he would be out of his seat, ready to pounce upon whatever might give him even the most momentary of distractions. Seeing who it was that had entered, he would quickly set himself back down in his seat. Only the top of his face could be seen over the piles of paperwork, but it seemed clear just from what was visible that Chigetsu was smiling.

“Thank you! Thank you, it’s been too long since we’ve last seen each other. Not in good circumstances either, what with those monsters…” The mention of it brought a painful reminder of the organization he needed to do, along with stamping of construction fees, looking through zoning laws… A pain. He still hadn’t found out where they had come from either.

“But! But! I’ll get right to business~”

“I sent that letter specifically to you for a few reasons. Fiiirsttt…” He would count off on one finger, raising one as he listed off each reason. “You’re really strong! Super capable too. Don’t see yourself short, you’re a top class shinobi. The way you helped with that disaster the last time we saw each other more than proves that. Secondly, I’m pretty familiar with you, which helps.”

“Third, which is the most important reason, is that I know what you’re capable of using. That…. That lighting ball fist thing. It was what you used as the finisher for taking care of that monster from before.”

“Can you show it to me again? I want to see it, just before I continue.” He would stand again now, leaning forward over his desk. Chigetsu was wearing a bit more of a serious expression than what was usual for his nervous and whimsical nature. He ended up pressing both hands down onto the surface of his desk to support his new position, and a few piles of paperwork would inevitably be disturbed and spill all over the place.



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