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Mission name: Patrol Duty (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Patrol your village.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300
Mission description: You've been pulled for Patrol duty. Your job is simple, you are to patrol the area you've been assigned looking for any sort of danger or anything that looks out of the ordinary.
Mission details: Your village is a little short handed and so you've been pulled for patrol duty. Your shift is from eleven at night to seven in the morning. You're to patrol the area you've been assigned, which is to your choosing, and ensure that everything is okay. About halfway through your shift you'll come across an Academy student breaking curfew and have to send him on his way, but other than that you won't run into any trouble except for maybe a 'ninja' attack from a local street cat.

From here:

Hana post 1:

Another patrol mission. Well, Hana wasn’t someone who complained about making money. There was a time when missions were all about ranking up and gaining status but this was purely about the payday. She was early as per usual so she decided to go around and start looing for trouble. If she could front load the work then she could just use that as an excuse to slack off later on. Her experience as an up and coming criminal helped her find where the degenerates liked to hang out and it wasn’t long before she came across a group of gangsters that were talking some mad shit about committing a robbery. Hana cleared her throat and placed her hands on her hips. “Are you sure you want to go down this road?” she asked them as they sized her up. She didn’t even wear a headband and if it weren’t for her firey temper, most probably wouldn’t even assume she was a shinobi.

“Oh yea? What are you going to do about it pint size?” These gangsters thought they were tough? Well they looked tough, Hana couldn’t deny that. Still, she had a job to do and she could earn some bonus points with the mission folk if she came up with some good arrests. She couldn’t just go bringing people in without committing a crime… unless she lied. She just stood there speechless as she sized up the people that she was looing at. She didn’t think anyone would doubt her if she said they had committed a crime.

“I may be of use to you degenerates,” Hana announced from her lower height, a little louder than she should have. “Judging by the lack of tools you have, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you’re not going to be able to commit any crimes of significance. And I don’t think you have enough men to stop shinobi that try to stop you. What’s say we work out a deal?” “What can you offer,” the leader asked keeping his voice low and his face hidden. “Why,” Hana said proudly, “I can look the other way while you do a crime. I am on a patrol mission after all.” The buffest of the bunch responded, “how can we trust you?” “If anyone should be worried about someone not holding up their end of the deal, it’s me.” “Don’t worry,” the hoodlums responded, clearly not noticing that Hana was ronin, “there’s no point in stealing from each other, as you can see I work well with others and I don’t need you making large portals and causing a scene. Live and let live is my motto.” Hana smiled. If she could get this done before someone showed up to stop her master plan everything would go just fine! Or her mission partner would finally show up and then things would get really interesting… Either way, Hana was in for a fun time of thievery, or whatever these guys had in mind.

WC: 504

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Chiaki bolted out of bed, looked at the clock and flung the covers off in a hurry, racing to the bathroom. She was late. How about 30 minutes? Yeah, that should do. She tore her clothes off, threw herself into the shower and scrubbed like a mad-woman. She was not going to be late, she was not going to be late. A mantra that had not saved her once, but she still liked to try.

"Damnit, where's the conditioner?" She looked around, flustered, frustrated, and then stamped her feet on the porcelain. She had forgotten to get some the previous evening, and so she was out of conditioner for her hair. Another strike against her this morning was that when she stepped out, she had forgotten to run the dryer last night, and so her towel was wet.

Puddle after miserable puddle she made on the floor, all the way to the linen closet where she selected a nice fuzzy towel to dry off on. A quick drying and an even more hurried braiding of her hair and she threw on her kunoichi dress over her naked frame, cinched up her kunai to her right thigh, her senbon to her left, and put her braid in a bun on top of her head. Now she defied the clock to tell her she was late.

She had made up time, but had to skip breakfast. Grabbing her keys, she went through a mental list in her head of all she would need for the mission. Tear resistant clothing? check. Kunai, Check. Senbon, Check. Headband! She bolted across the room, snatched up the headband and whipped out the door, thinking she had remembered everything and she closed the door.

Winding her way across the rooftops, Chiaki sped like a demon towards where they were supposed to meet up for the mission, when she came across some ne'er do wells that were staring down a girl. The girl was holding her place and Chiaki couldn't overhear their conversation. Jumping down from the height of the rooftop and landing softly, she eyed all parties involved. Work started early that morning. And where was her teammate?

"I am Chiaki, genin of the Hidden leaf, beat it and I'll pretend I didn't see you here." She stood her ground, but also acted the part of nonchalance by straightening her dress. Its dark blue with yellow floral pattern suited her, and it was slitted at the sides so as to allow for her to run quickly. It only came up to about mid-thigh, and was tailor made for her from a shinobi clothing shop. She had spent quite a bit of her money from the hospital on it.

A quick glance to the other girl gave her the chance to run or to help her. But she didn't know, since the girl didn't wear a headband, that she was her partner in crime. Or rather, her partner on patrol.

WC: 504

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Hana was pumped up and ready to get this crime underway. She had already planned the whole thing out in her mind and even knew a shady character that she could sell stuff too. Her eyes flashed with malcontent when she heard the voice of another woman behind her. She froze and slowly turned her head around. Her eyes darted back to the criminals and she was clueless as to what she should do. She hadn’t thought of what to do if her partner showed up early. This was going to ruin all of her criminal plans!

“Uh, yeah hey, I’m Hana. The ronin they hired to help with the patrols around here…” She looked back to the criminals for what had to be the fifth time. “Yeah, I was just fooling you all! You’re under arrest for plotting a crime! And my backup is here, so don’t even think about resisting!” Hana figured if she could play this off right she could still make off with some good money. Who knows, she might even be able to work out a deal where she could get paid on the side to let the criminals off. She wasn’t all too picky and the actual safety of the leaf village was at the very bottom of her priority list.

Before Hana could start negotiations and skim some cash off the top, the criminals got all hot and bothered, like they’d never bribed a law enforcement officer before. “You’re going to pay for this! Right here Right now!” The small group of thugs jumped right at Hana, paying almost no attention to Chiaki because she wasn’t the one who had tricked them. Hana would be pinned down in moments and they’d start wailing on her. It would only take a couple seconds to bloody Hana up but by then she’d registered what was happening and was able to start molding chakra into her mouth.

“Arrrrghhghh!” she shouted as a pillar of flame shot from her mouth and set one thug on fire. She would have smiled, but the blood from her beating was getting into her eyes. She couldn’t aim for shit like this and was going to have to rely on her partner to do something about this mess. Hana was likely to start setting everything in sight on fire just to get free at this rate.

Meanwhile, the man on fire started running around like a chicken that had its head cut off. It was hard to look for water when you couldn’t open your eyes due to the extreme pain. He kept bumping into everything imagineable and was desperately trying to pat out the flames. At least that was one rascal they wouldn’t have to deal with for a while, if he even thought it was a good idea to keep fighting with a charred face.

WC: 476
Total: 980

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Chiaki tilted her head when she heard Hana's reply. Really? She was a ronin that was sent by the hidden leaf on patrol with her? That couldn't be right, but then again, small packages hide large surprises. Or at least she hoped so. Then she heard her other reply. Mentally face palming she tried to keep her composure. This girl was a bit of a weirdo eh? Well, she hadn't had much luck with running into anything else when it came to others from other villages. Better to have a weirdo though, than have someone that didn't care about the mission. She set her jaw and nodded along with the girl. "I agree, no sense in resisting now. Give it up." Better to back up the bravado than anything else. These were small fry hooligans. No need to go crazy on them. She looked up and down the alleyway for any other means of them escaping and drew a senbon out of her pouch. This would be a rather easy fight if she was any gauge of anything. Well, she hoped at least.

That was not the case as Hana was suddenly and rudely grabbed and shoved against the wall. Chiaki threw her senbon at one's achille's tendon but it clattered off the cobblestones. Dammit, she was too slow. They threw her to the ground and started to beat the poor thing.

Enough was enough, "Hidden jutsu: Guanyin stem cell Senbon!" She shouted down the alleyway as two senbon manifested in her hands, one was a foot long teal color, which bathed her right side in a soothing light, while the other was blood red, and made the shadows grow longer on her left side. She looked like some sort of double-faced villain at the moment, holding both life and death in her hands. "Get off of h-" She shouted before the young girl erupted in a roar of her own and lit one of the thugs on fire. The girl was bloodied, but still able to fight? Good! That meant that she might still be useful on the mission, and that she was able to remain conscious through the beatings.

Running at the thugs in the newfound confusion, one thug set off trying to get his face extinguished, while another tried to help him, vainly, apparently from the screams. Chiaki kicked one off of the poor girl, sending him sprawling back a couple of feet and jabbed the other one in the neck with her red senbon, making him grip his neck in pain and fall to the floor. She was a Guanyin, a ninja born for this, a true yin/yang in the balance of life and death and she... she didn't know where the girl was going. Apparently trying to wipe the blood from her eyes Hana was stumbling a bit here and there.

Chiaki sighed, and tapped the senbon to the wound on Hana's forehead that had opened from her beating, it closed in a matter of moments so that the wiping could actually do something about the curtain of blood that blinded the young kunoichi. Now there were two Thugs to take care of.

Chiaki wove another series of hand seals and her hands were bathed in the red light of before, a thread, much like a garrote materialized inbetween her hands, she started to play with it like a cat's cradle, a feigned wicked grin on her face. Her eyes were granite, her face was malice, and she held death in her hands. "Guanyin technique: Killing sutures." She said loud enough for the two remaining to hear over the cries of their teammate, but quiet enough for her to seem calm. She wanted for them to think she was completely in control of the situation. "Come with me, and no one has to die."

WC: 1169

Jutsu used:

D Rank:
At the cost of -10 chakra and -5 chakra per turn per needle; the Guanyin is capable of generating a 1 foot long red or blue thin sewing needle made of their own stem cell chakra. The needles while active are solid and can interact as a weapon to block basic strikes but can be broken by a technique of equal rank.

At this rank the Blue needle upon piercing a target is absorbed into the victim and spreading its energy over a 1 foot radius area that is capable of filling / repairing minor wounds of up to three quarters of an inch, up to first degree tissue damage & and painful bruising at ¼ of a meter per second. While the Red needle, instead, kills cells within that area to inflict a painful blackened bruise like wound with a thin needle-stab at its center which becomes numb and lifeless.

Name: Guanyin Sutures
Origin: Personal Creation
Rank: C rank
Type: Offensive/Supplementary.
Element: N/A
Range: Touch
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Hand Seals: Ram, Boar, Snake, Snake, Boar
Description: The user pays 15 chakra and weaves the hand seals for the jutsu. Sutures spring from the user’s fingertips and they must place a finger to the target. The sutures will wrap around the victim’s wound and close it up to a C-ranked wound. If used with polarization, this suture will create an incision on a part of the body of the user’s choosing, the sutures spreading to that area and ripping the tissue apart in that area 3 cm deep over a 3 cm long area. The user can heal 1 instance of a C ranked jutsu or wound or two instances of a D ranked jutsu or wound.

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Exiting thread due to Hana leaving, Using the word count to grab myself a B ranked jutsu:

Name: Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind (雷遁・四柱しばり ~ Raiton: Shichū Shibari)
Origin: Library
Rank: B-rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: Raiton
Range: 40m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Hand Seals: Tiger > Horse > Bird
Description: After weaving the required seals the user slams their hand on the ground and send a surge of chakra up to 40 meters away at a speed of 50 m/s. When the center of the 20m radius surge of chakra has reached its destination, four 20 meter tall pillars erect out of the ground (one on each end of the north-south and east-west axis). People that are caught between the pillars will find it impossible to get out of their radius (even in the sky), due the the lightning that runs between the pillars. Further they have their endurance reduced by 2 tiers whilst being contained in the 'cage'.

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