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A Glimpse at the Past [Eishun, or Invite] WiD8Yre

“Maeve, why don’t you go swing by Eishun’s place while your mother and I finish up? Don’t want him late for dinner after all.”, her father called from the kitchen, causing the child seated upon the couch, sketchbook and pencil in hand, to perk up like a cat who had just heard their food bag being shaken. The sketchbook was tossed onto the wooden coffee table in an unceremonious fashion, causing it to slide across the polished surface, coming to a stop right before it would have tettered over the edge and fallen to the floor. The pencil that followed was spared no such luck, rolling across the surface and dropping onto the ornate rug beneath the table with a dull thump. She practically jumped to her feet once freed of the tools of her hobby, and found herself skipping as she practically dove into the kitchen doorway so that she could look past the cabinets at her father who was positioned in front of the stove and already staring in her direction with an amused smirk on his face. It would have been kind of off putting to see a shirtless, muscular man, easily two hundred pounds heavier than her, smirking at her if she hadn’t known her father was nothing more than a giant teddy bear instead of the cold blooded killer he was by profession.

”Eishun is coming to dinner?!”, she exclaimed happily, the squeal in her voice rather pronounced. There really was no point in her asking, she had certainly heard her father right the first time: his student, and one of her most favorite people in the world since she was about five, was coming to dinner. While they had to maintain some kind of professional relationship while she was in school - Eishun being her teacher - the gloves were off when she was home and he was coming over for dinner. Instead of giving her a verbal response her father simply nodded and gestured for her to get going.

“Hurry up, Maeve, and don’t doddle. You know how your father is when he’s making one of his masterpiece meals.”, her mother added, giving the girl a knowing look. While Maeve tried her hardest not to waste time when sent off on an errand, there were certain times such as when she was getting Eishun, that she always ended up passing by her favorite place in the whole village: the art supply store. They always had a new product or sketchbook on display, and she often found herself having issues in tearing herself away to go actually get done what needed to be done. Today though, as she ran towards the door, pausing only to remember after she opened it that she didn’t have shoes on, she made a mental promise that she wasn’t going to waste time window shopping - that could be done another day, such as tomorrow since it would be the weekend and she didn’t have to worry about school.

After slipping her feet into her sandals, the blue haired child darted out of the house, having to run back up the sidewalk several paces in order to close the door behind herself before she darted off again. She was much like a cat as she moved past the people in her way, bobbing and weaving around them with a kind of agility that was unbecoming to most larger people. Yet, Maeve’s small frame and naturally small stature made it quite easy for her to move in such a manner, and it was as natural to her as breathing.

”Eishun, Eishun, Eishun!”, Maeve chanted softly as she made her way down the street and towards his house. Hitting the market she forced herself past the art supply store without a sideways glance and an excited ”NOPE!”, practically shouted out as if she needed the verbal reminder that she couldn’t be messing around and needed to head straight to her sensei’s house. The route was one she was all too familiar with, so as she got closer she was able to make her way down alley ways and little shortcuts that she knew in order to save time and avoid the dinner rush within the market. Arriving on Eishun’s street she slowed her walk to a fast skip, crossing the last bit of distance to his house.

Stopping on front of his door she bounced in place as she raised her hand and knocked in her own unique way that was different than the normal: knock knock, knock knock knock, knock! Fast, rapid, and first in a spurt of two, then three, and then finally one single knock. Continuing to bounce in place, and having no thought in mind that Eishun might not be home, she called out ”Come on, Eishun. Dad wants you to come to dinner and he’ll tan both of our butts if we’re late!” This of course was not exactly true: while her father was a massive monster and a brute during training or on missions he was almost entirely a pacifist when off duty: he wouldn’t hurt a fly if he didn’t have to. But still, motivation purposes and all that!
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Lay me by the frozen river
Where the boats have passed me by
All I need is to remember
How it was to feel alive
Rest against my pillow like the ageing winter sun
Only wake each morning to remember that you're gone
So I drift away again
To winter I belong

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