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Channeling chakra through the body is easy enough without explaining. Making chakra flow from the body takes practice, especially dealing with certain elements of the person's affinity. Mujin knew that best - harboring Earth Release: Aftershock and Earth Knuckles was the prime example of both offense and defense, and Heart of Rock was just an added bonus. But, there was something else crowding his mind - he couldn't put his finger on it. It was like... a voice. No; wait... yes it was. A voice... but not just any voice. Oh no; it was his master's voice. Hozanzu was his master's name - the one he killed while learning the technique Feral Assault: Intensive Murder. Why out of all people was he in his head? His master's voice was tainted with the voice of an old man; an old sensei of dark arts with a rapsy tone to it. Hozanzu said unusual words, some even Mujin himself could not comprehend at his age now. But, somehow... those unusual words held a meaning; a purpose; a reason. It was up to Mujin to find out what it was though. He secluded himself from the busy streets of Iwagakure and walked further east. He then found himself arriving to the Fissure Training Grounds in preparation for his new technique, Soothing Connection. Another Chakra Flow technique that his master had taught him before his time was up. There, he sat on the ground in meditation - crossing his legs in indian style, putting his two hands together in contact (the left hand was balled into a fist as the left hand's knuckles came in impact with the right hand's palm). He closed his eyes as he entered his mind; his conscience to confront his master.

In his mind was a field, a field unknown to the likes of mankind. Blood everywhere; Spilled, and splattered. It would seem like a war, but the war was over, and no one lived to see who was the victor. Then, all of a sudden, everything was blank. Mujin looked around to see what caused this, only to look in front of him and find his master looking at him as well, not even blinking once. Hozanzu let his hand rest on Mujin's stomach; And in an instant, the force from the touch pushed Mujin back 10 meters away from Hozanzu. "Why do you keep doing that?" Mujin was getting fairly annoyed with Hozanzu doing that to him every time he sees the old guy. Hozanzu gave away a slight chuckle and let his left hand rest on his long, grey, beard as he stroked it, looking at Mujin in the process. "Merely for the enjoyment, I guess." Mujin clenched his fist, trying to channel his lightning chakra onto the gloves, but it seemed as if they were of no use. "What are we training this time?" Mujin was getting highly impatient about this whole training ideal with his master, but he seemed as if Hozanzu would be the perfect partner and instructor for him in any given moment. Hozanzu tilted his head to the left while looking at his student still stroking his beard. "A technique that will suit your needs for when it comes to Genjutsu, Soothing Connection." Just by the name itself, Mujin hated the damn technique, but it had to be taught.

Sighing from learning the last jutsu, Mujin stood where he stand as he looked at his master. "This jutsu... may be out of my element. So, I bought someone to replace me for the remainder of the training process." Hozanzu said. Mujin was therefore confused at this... new process. First; This Chakra Flow technique was out of his element? Mujin thought that Hozanzu was a master at the arts of Chakra Flow since it had to deal with the body becoming a living weapon. Second; This new replacement? In Chakra flow? Who could replace Hozanzu? Mujin scoffed at his master's words. It couldn't be true. "Who could replace you old man..?" Mujin questioned Hozanzu. Hozanzu's body vanished with a sonic boom-like sound as the ground Mujin stood on suddenly became... wet like... water? o_O What was this? Mujin looked down and to his surprise; he saw his own reflection in the water. He was really standing in water... but it was a river... that didn't move - at all.

He heard footsteps. He heard water moving at a calm yet soothing pace. In the blinding light, a female walked with finesse and grace. She stopped walking. Mujin's eyes went big o_O... It was... "Hello Mujin." ...Her voice sounded all to familiar. That... calm and beautiful voice... her soft tone... It seemed as if he was in the Heavenly Garden at this moment. Judging from the scenery where flowers and trees stood on top of the flowing water... he was in the Heavenly Garden. But the question still remains... who was she? She looked and sound all too familiar, but there was something strange. Her eyes held the appearance of someone else. Someone far more evil and cold-hearted - as if a negative entity or a negative alter ego was inside of her. And it waited... waited for a long time for to be free. "It has been a while... I see you have grown up." She said. Grown up? How does she know that? Mujin was still confused and silent after the entire process. "How do you know my name? Who are you?" Mujin questioned the female. She rested her left hand on her right elbow as her right hand touched her right cheek. She would think that her own was rude to her. "If you must know. I am...

...your mother.
" ...DevilofIwagakuresaywhat? "...Wait a minute... what?" He was still confused... he thought his mother was dead. But, then he thought about it... he entered into his own conscience to train with Hozanzu. And when training with Hozanzu... Hozanzu was dead, but still in his head. "This is... just like the other day." Hozanzu was here somewhere... enjoying himself while looking at what happened.

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