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Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju


Mikumi Senju

"The life of a shinobi is difficult, A synergy between duty and loyalty is of grave importance."
-Mikumi Senju-"

Jounin Standby Station

"mmmmmm~" Mikumi hummed as she laid back against the comfy couch laid out in a spiral, her right leg over her left as she scanned the content's of the folder in front of her through the frames of her glasses, from across the room the door knob began to turn and the voices of nearly three others causing Mikumi ear's to twitch before a couple of the village's Jounin walked in. Mikumi placed her paper down for a moment onto her lap and turned to face the few that just entered, "Welcome back, glad to see you are well~" Mikumi displaying a smirk trying to be friendly, the few Jounin looked at her carefully before looking at each other whispering to themselves, she understood their confusion but chose not to address it as she went back scanning the content's of the folder, the papers within containing information on some of the few shinobi that had been recently promoted.

"S..So who are you..? Never seen you around here before..." The jonin in front of the group asked as if speaking for the entire group's curiosity. "My name is Mikumi Senju, but I suppose to you I would be you're Jounin Commander" The Jounin in the front looked at her with even more confusion as he immediately started to respond, "Ther?!" before he could finish a word the Jounin behind him muttered that he had heard her name announced at a briefing as the Commander and she was telling the truth. "A..Apologies Commander!" Mikumi waved her hand in the air beckoning the group forward, "Never mind that, you lot actually came at a good time as I could use some help~" The group came forth slowly before sitting to her left and right as she began to hand out papers of the few ninja who got promoted recently, "Please help me spot out the few new promoted shinobi or kunoichi with potential among these documents, I'd be mighty thankful~!" Mikumi left her words open, the Jounin naturally were confused as to rather or not it was an order from their commander of is she was just asking for help, either way without knowing their new Commander to well they did what she ask and the room fell into silence other then the flicking of papers as they looked through the folders.

Time ticked by slowly before and Mikumi put down her 16th paper as she sighed heavily, "You guys founds anything?" she asked somewhat hopeful, "Koi Hishama, promoted to Special Jounin two weeks ago, age 24, specializes in genjutsu but lack proficiency in other area's." One of the men said causing Mikumi to grumble as she mulled over the possibilities before ultimately deciding he wasn't exactly what she was looking for, "Next." but the other two only could nod disappointingly telling they found nothing, "Dammit...keep searching then for another hour then you can go." Mikumi said as she also turned to the next folder beginning to read it, but instantly it caught her eye and unknown to her she even stood up in surprise, "Hina Braveheart, age 18, displays high proficiency in Katon nature jutsu and lesser proficiency in Lightning. Although still a chunin her physical, reaction time and observation skills could easily qualify as chunin" She read out loud to the group as her voice dripped with excitement with every word she spoke.

Mikumi eagerly started heading towards the door with Hina fiile in hand, "Clean up all the papers and then you're excused, that's an order~" Mikumi said excitedly before leaving the group to clean up the mess as she headed towards the roof, when she finally opened the door to the roof after a few moments she was surrounded by the squawking of messenger birds, she didn't stop as she headed down to one of the cages going directly to a cage too a black bird with white stripes taking it out before setting herself down at the old creaky table taking the quell pen and dipping it in black ink, "Hina Braveheart, you are being summoned by the Jounin Commander for evaluation. Please meet them at Senju Park between Hashirama and Tobirama Senju in three hours" She quickly rolled the small paper up before stuffing it into the little carrier attached to the messenger's bird leg and sending them off with a boost. "Hehehe, by the time she gets that she will only have about an hour to prepare herself, I rather how the new leaves will deal with such a sudden demand~" Mikumi said to herself before turning to head to the park herself and meet the young kunoichi there."


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