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"There is no way that this would work." I thought to myself as I waited in the middle of an underground fighting ring. It was abandoned technically, the Shinobi of the leaf having cleared the place a few times, but unofficially people of all types still gathered here occasionally. Sometimes for hedonistic pleasures, a decent place to drink (because somehow in all the raids no one damaged the bar or the barkeep somehow?), or, in this case, to fight. The Rat Ways, as it was called, was a hidden paradise, tamed from the dark roots of crime and converted more into a cheap place for private luxuries. Or so they told you. In my eyes it was still a shady place, but it's services were required. The Rat Ways sported a sizeable twenty meter diameter cage in the middle of the massive done shaped room. The sides held a number of seating areas, a bar, and a few other services that I didn't really care for. Right now I sat silently in the middle. Legs crossed in meditation, umbrella splayed across my lap, as I waited for another opponent.

Recently I've noticed  how my combat skills have been lacking amongst my peers. In long history of Kisei, defeat has been a common part of the track record. Much to my woe. Though as Takao once said, and I hope he's right, I just need more experience. To make it even more of a challenge on me I forbade use of my puppet and pinwheel, as set my umbrella blasts to non-lethal damage. While they were amazing tools, for these matches I needed to return to my roots. Though I knew how dangerous these types were, and how butt hurt they get when they lose. Although this place wasn't known for crime any more, a coalition of cocky people came to fight, looking to prove their dominance. Knowing me as well, if they somehow recognized me and started making trouble in my shop they would be dead faster than they could scream for mercy.

So for their safety I was wearing a rainbow crop top, and leather booty shorts that were more booty than shorts, and word my Root skull shaped mask; also I had my voice changed to that of a slightly feminine sounding Takao. Something the last few challengers found insulting for some reason....

Any way, it seemed that stories of my undefeatable status over the last couple of days have caught some attention around these parts. There were many more challengers this evening, each just as disappointing a challenge as the last. Maybe that would change.


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