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Lady Kazekage,

Please forgive me for my delay, and for not coming to you in person. I have begun arrangements for the support I have promised to you, and wish for you to join me at the Kozai Estate at your earliest convenience. I humbly await for your arrival.

~your loyal subject,

An owl would fly in through the window of the tallest tower within the walls of the new village, a small letter attached to it's leg. Once the Kazekage removes the letter the owl would fly off returning to it's home with it's job done, upon the back of the letter the Lady Kazekage would find a small crudely drawn map indicating where she would need to travel to from where she was.

It had been several weeks since the male had first met Nova the woman who he believed could change this land and return it to it's former glory, she had the trust of the people, but more over she had the male's respect. It did not matter which she believed held more value to her, it was her choice, however his respect for her brought forth an oath upon which he swore to her and he would hold that oath until the day he died. Myrddin would await for word of the Kazekage's arrival, at which point he would stand with his sister in front of the mansion as Nova would be escorted to them. Though he would have liked to have met Nova at the gate so that he could give the Kazekage the grand tour, his sister reminded him that his position was not that of a tour guide but of a key member of this clan and as such she would not have him demeaning the importance of the main branch in front of the rest of the clan by playing a guide to some guest. This guest of course more important than any other to have entered the estate in many years, but as his sister was the clan leader he would respect her wishes, yet he wished he could see the Kazekage's face the first time she saw the Estate.

The Kozai Estate rests in the southern reaches of Kaze no Kuni, where the Great Sea of Sand meets the White Sea. Perched atop the bluffs that tower over the White Sea spanning one and a half kilometers from its center in all directions, and surrounded by a twenty-five meter tall wall with only one entrance, a twenty meter tall ten meters wide gate, on the North side of the estate. Surrounded by the open desert on three sides and the sea on the other, approaching this compound does not go unnoticed. Stepping through the gate of the compound is like stepping through a veil into another world, the arid heat of the desert becoming nothing more than a cool summer morning. A pathway large enough for two full size carts to travel side by side runs through the center of the compound made of cobble and marble that is mixed so eloquently together that it casts it's own essence upon the sky above, trees that were planted generations ago throughout the compound now stand as large shade producing giants. Street lamps bearing flags that display the Kozai Clan sigil and small gardens run along the pathway filling the compound with beauty, and even from the main gate the Main Branches Mansion can be seen, seemingly standing over and looking out across the entire estate. A dozen or more smaller pathways branch off from the main, each of them lined with two-story houses made of light red bricks, though they all look they same each holds it's own slightly unique difference from the others that are often unnoticeable. Following the main pathway from the gate leads to the center of the estate where the Shrine of Raava resides, upon a pedestal sits a depiction of a large Owl surrounded by four pillars which holds the roof over the statue, here the pathway widens further in a resemblance to a large courtyard or marketplace equivalent. The shrine is well maintained considering the importance it holds for the clan, with not a single speck of dust or damage from the many generations in which it stood. It is not until one would walk past the shrine that they would notice that there was more than one face upon the owl, four faces each looking along the four pathways away from it so that no matter which way you approach it the eyes of the deity are upon you. To the left side of the shrine a small pathway leads down to a peaceful meadow with a small lake in it's center, a wooden bridge leads out to the center of the lake for children and adults alike to jump off of into the refreshing cool water. In the surround meadow there are swings and slides and monkeybars anything a young child could want and often the hang out for most mothers as they let their children play together. To the right of the shrine lies another small pathway which leads to the cemetery for the fallen clan members. Stone tablets and adorned wooden ones rest in perfect harmony around a large mausoleum that sits in the center. Inside the mausoleum rests three giant stone coffins which rests the three sons of Hitotsu, many of the Kozai visit this sacred ground to pay their rests to their forefathers or fallen comrades. Behind the shrine and directly opposite of the pathway from the gate sits an equally wide pathway, unlike the pathway to the shrine however there were no side paths that branched off, just the single wide pathway which lead to a large stair path up towards the Kozai Mansion. As one climbs the stairs more is revealed about the Mansion, a lot more different than the common houses near the gates. The elegance of the Mansion is the crown jewel of the Kozai Estate, the masterpiece of Kozai craftsmanship. The mansion made of pure marble with crystal glass windows reflecting the beauty of the sun's light across the estate. Once at the top of the stairs a large elegant and elaborate garden can be seen surrounding the rest of the pathway to the Mansion. No outsider is allowed within the mansion, save for honored guests of the clan leader. Though not visible from the front of the mansion, the land behind the mansion is the farmland which holds the fertile soil in which the Kozai grow various crops, and house various livestock.

As beautiful as the estate compound was there was something more that the male wished for the Kazekage to see, something that had him jittery with anticipation for her arrival. There was so much to be discussed.


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Nova Makato

Nova Makato

Nova stood in the uppermost room of the marble tower that was the epicenter of the new village. Arching windows looked out in all direction, pale sand in one direction and a calm sea in the other. Simple, but beautiful and full of all of Nova's favorite things about her homeland. Warmth from the sun seemed to seep into the building itself, but not an oppressing heat. Just the type of warmth that she had missed so dearly in her longer-than-intended stay in Kirigakure. From her perch high above the rest of the stone city Nova had a view of everything that happened in its walls, though the elevation left the details indistinguishable. This particular room in the tower was not frequented by many others, despite both its view and utility. Not only did this room offer the spectacular view that Nova was taking advantage of, it also served as an aviary. Loud and somewhat odious, it was only visited by those who had business there. More often than not, Nova and the kind old man she had employed to care for the magnificent creatures that roosted here would be the only ones to visit this portion of the tower for weeks at a time. Communication via messenger hawks was not the most convenient nor reliable method, but it did give a greater sense of importance and respect for those on the receiving end. A gesture of respect only bested by the actual travel to meet the intended recipient by oneself, though sending the message was far more convienent.

It was convenient that this was the time of day Nova had decided to ascend to this peak, as it just so happened that she was leaning against the windowsill as a bird would come into view. Flying fast and easily on the air current, a tawny out would glide through the air just above her head and perch upon a gnarled branch of a tree placed for that exact purpose. It would make a soft cooing noise as it would ruffle its feathers and begin to preen itself. Limping from the window to the perch, Nova would spot a piece of parchment tied neatly to its left leg. It was not so often an owl would fly through the window, more common were the hawks that were residents of this rookery. Extending a hand gingerly forward, Nova would wait as the owl would dip its head then gently caress the soft feathers between its eyes. Closing its eyes and leaning forward for a moment, the owl would the straighten up and ruffle its down once before before extending the leg that bore the  small scroll. A soft pull would unravel the string that bound it and drop the letter into Nova's hand. Having accomplished the mission it was sent on, the owl would stretch it's wings for a moment, before alighting and gliding out the window as silent as the arrival. Watching as the owl would leave, Nova would look down and unfurl the parchment the bird had left.
Lady Kazekage,

Please forgive me for my delay, and for not coming to you in person. I have begun arrangements for the support I have promised to you, and wish for you to join me at the Kozai Estate at your earliest convenience. I humbly await for your arrival.
~your loyal subject,

Nova could feel her cheeks flush as they did nearly every time she was addressed by her new title, though she were not sure still if it was one that she had self appointed or was given to her. That flush would only deepen upon the words “loyal subject”. This man, one whom she saw power in and respected deeply, considered himself a loyal subject to her. She, who was nothing more than an extended branch of the Chikamatsu family tree but did not even bear the family name, now was at the head of the village she had once been an orphan in. Not only that, but it was Myrddin who bore the name of one of the most notable clans in the land of wind that treated her with such respect. Reading the body of the letter once more, now that the rush of how it was addressed could be pushed back down, she would see that her presence was being requested at the Kozai estate. “at your earliest convenience” implied that he thought it would take her a while to find time for this, though to Nova this was a matter of utmost importance and she felt compelled to treat this man with the same respect as he showed to her. Flipping the parchment over, it would reveal a hastily scrawled map with the directions to the place she was being invited.

The issue now was not so much when she would go, as she would be leaving the moment she was prepared to do so and would begin those preparations immediately, but was more that she had no idea exactly how she ought to be prepared and even more so what attire would befit her new title. Now in a state of near panic as she was not sure she was entirely prepared to deserve such respect, Nova would walk to the wall beside the archway to the stairs. Touching her fingers to the smooth marble, an opening perfectly sized for her to walk through would form as the marble would seem to fold away into itself. Stepping into what seemed to be a small empty room just large enough for her to stand within, she would run her fingers over the marble once within and the wall would unfold from itself and leave her encapsulated within darkness. Gesturing downwards with her index finger, the chakra she possessed would easily cause the platform of marble she stood upon to glide directly downwards. What would easily take her hours to travel by stairs, perhaps more with her handicap, would take only seconds as she lowered herself several flights of stairs before stopping at the level her personal residence was located upon.

In a similar gesture as she had performed just before, a gentle touch to the marble would open it once more for her to exit, before closing and hiding itself once more. Opulent but spartan, her room featured only a few furnishings. A large and simple looking bed took up a large portion of the space, plain looking but luxuriously plush upon touch. Most of the necessities and amenities here were hidden away and only to be revealed should Nova desire such. Occupying the space across the room from the bed was a simple platform of a deep black marble would rise, seeming of little importance until she desired to reveal the large tub upon which the marble would melt away at her commands. What she sought at the moment however, was the wardrobe that hid behind the marble wall as well. Less of a wardrobe but perhaps more of an entire closet, drawers and hooks for clothes with one entire wall taken up by a pristine mirror. Some of what here was hers, some belonged to Izumi, and a large portion had yet gone unworn but were gifts from the skilled craftwomen who had come to the village and given as thanks for the return of a home. Often the elaborate silks and fine cloth felt like it was too much, she did not wish for this position for wealth. Today however, these fine gifts would be of great use. Nova wanted to properly express the respect she felt for the people she were going to meet, and one of the most important parts of leaving an impression was appearance. Perhaps simple would be the best option. One of the finest items was also one that she had felt held the most importance. one of the eldest of the craftwomen who had visited her had given her a simple silk robe that was white as snow and sash to match, with a simple  green dress of soft cotton to wear beneath. It did not seem like an outfit of much importance, but the words that came with it meant more; “these are the traditional clothes of the Kazekage, though I am not skilled enough to replicate the hat that ought to go with it”. Though it was a plain garb, it felt as though it were the appropriate choice, even without the essential part of the “uniform”

Nova would don the robes quickly, then run her fingers through her hair several times to separate the strands of curls from eachother. One foot would slide into a black flat, asymmetric from the wooden foot that capped the other leg. Looking at herself in the mirror once more, she would wonder if perhaps it was too plain. Nearly gasping, Nova realized what it was that her outfit was missing. Walking to the section of the wardrobe dedicated to accessories that went often unworn, she would grab the single most worn item she owned. A glimmering necklace chain of white gold and opal, one that bore great importance to her. It was the gift that her beloved had given her, an item that brought her great comfort in times of unease. That was the item her appearance needed, the glimmering gems bringing the spark to her appearance that the plain attire needed.

If she had more time she would have made a gift of some sort to bring with her. First thought would go to her special recipe for red bean mochi, but thinking deeper she wondered if it was perhaps silly of her to bring such a small and insignificant gift at all. Perhaps it was best that she did not have time to linger on such thoughts, and would step back into that secret earth-elevator she had designed for herself and descend to ground level. She would open a portal directly out into a courtyard besides the tower, striding into the center of the clearing with purpose. Nova would glance up and the peak of the tower, where Hikō kyōfu remained perched with glimmering wings outspread. It would be far quicker to travel in the air, but there it would stay as the symbol above the city. For now she would use Doku Tsuki as she often had. For a while she had tried to hide it for fear of the repercussions of that long past battle, but now she needed to show that she had no fear. Holding her hand in front of her and twitching her hand in a very deliberate fashion, the sand before her would writhe and ripple for a moment, before the spined shell of Doku Tsuki would shuffle itself to the surface. Heavy tail laying to the side, the hull would swing open revealing the cushioned and comfortable spot in which she would lay. Clumsily laying upon the platform, twitching fingers would close the hull and she would be prepared to leave.

Doku Tsuki had the advantage of not having to navigate the busy city paths, instead it would easily traverse the earth beneath it. Though the lack of vision would make following the map impossible, Doku Tsuki's innate ability to “visualize” the layout of the landscape would make it easy for Nova to navigate with nothing more than the general direction she ought to travel. Secrecy of her travels was no longer a requirement as it had been for so long, but it was a hard habit to break. For the purpose of notoriety and making herself known, the metal beast atop the tower make for the most showy of entrances. While a showy entrance was warranted here, Nova had no need to make a display of her power and wanted to let those hosting her shine. Traveling fast beneath the earth, Nova would close in on the estate well within an hour. Even without the visual grandeur she was certain would be revealed upon her emergence from the sands, Nova was more than impressed by even just the size of the estate. The Kozai family name was one that even she had known of as a girl, always spoken highly of but they were of a much higher class than she. As a youth she would never have dreamed of gazing upon these gates, but now she were here, a welcomed guest.

From beneath the sands the spined form would emerge, and those not aware would be easily taken off guard by a less than welcoming visage. A mechanical beast formed in the likeness of one of the most common denizens of the desert, but several thousand times the size its real life counterpart. The heavily spined and armored scorpion puppet would creak open, revealing a suprisingly plush and elegent interior. Dramatically different than its rough exterior, the inside was coated with plush cushions and delicately sewn seams. Upon that long cushion, Nova layed facedown with her chin propped up on her hand. What Nova had not thought of when quickly planning her travels, was how a rather stealthy approacher with a somewhat unwelcoming took at her aid would be welcomed. Walls and sea were fortification enough for most unwelcome visitors, leaving only a pair of armed guards standing on either side of the only entrance to the estated surrounded by towering walls. One held a finely crafted sword in one hand, with the poise that indicated he knew what he was doing with it. The other grasped a spear, one so finely crafted to actually fight with it would seem a waste. Despite the gaudy appearance of the guards, Nova had no desire to test them in any way and would quickly scramble to her feet and raise her hands in a gesture of peace. “Hello, I apologize for my sudden appearance”, from within the drooping sleeves of her robes she would pull the tightly wound parchment she had received only hours before, “My name is Nova, the newly appointed Kazekage. I have received an invitation from Myrddin to come meet him here.” Nova would limp over the man with the sword, who had slid the weapon back into its sheath upon hearing the name 'Myrddin', with the aforementioned scroll in her extended hand.

It would seem the names and intent of her visit was all that was needed, as the guard would not even bother to unfurl the parchment to confirm the information Nova would assume that he was informed of her anticipated arrival. “May I... leave this here?”, Nova would ask tentatively gesturing at the hulking form of her puppet. It was an odd question, not one they seemed to expect either. Nodding a little unsure of what the answer ought to be, they would tell her that she could leave it within the gates and they would ensure that it were safe. Thanking them with a smile, Nova would have to restrain a slight giggle at the idea of someone trying to walk off with the several ton piece of metal that she could control with gentle movements of her fingers. Now the man with the spear would speak, offering to accompany her to where she ought to meet her host. Thanking him graciously, Nova would politely decline on the basis of both her slow pace and desire to take in the view as much as she could. A view quite worthy of being appreicated too, even just within the gates it seemed to be a different world. Cool air that carried the scent of flowers and other foliage would gently ruffle the grass as well as her own hair. Structures here were familiar to her without having seen them before, made of beautiful marble and elegantly constructed. Her path was a rather obvious one, the neat cobblestone road that let through the center would guide her straight to the building that was clearly the family home itself. If the size and elegance did not make it clear, the flags with the sigils would make it blindingly obvious.

Nova was relieved that any stairs the estate had were not as steep as they could have been, though her puppet would have made the walk a far easier and quicker one, she felt as though arriving on foot would better show the respect she held for her host. So many beautiful views and sights lined the path, and she would make mental notes to come and visit and appreciate each one. But now, there was a more important matter at hand. Limping as quickly as her prosthetic would allow, Nova would make her way to the from on the mansion that was her destination. Though the travels had calmed her, the vision before her was one of such grandeur that she felt her breath caught in throat. Nova was not here as a stareyed girl however, she was here as Kazekage and ought to behave as such. Taking a deep breath and smoothing her clothes and hair to make sure her appearance was in order, Nova would raise her left hand and knock upon the mansion's door.

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Myrddin would have been alerted instantly to the sudden arrival of the large scorpion creature rising from the sand in front of the Estate, though he had stepped down from head of the clan his younger sister insisted that he remain on as captain of the Kozai guard. Though the male did not really consider one for giving orders, he would never the less respect his sister's wishes. The two guards at the front gate would radio in to him as soon as the shifting of the sand before them began, he was just about to move to the gate when they claimed the creature opened revealing a beautiful woman with violet hair inside of it. The male only knew of one woman with violet hair that would have any reason to be all the way out here in the middle of no where much less have been able to find it without prior knowledge of it's location, the Kazekage had arrived and it could not have come at a more perfect time. Telling the guards who it was they were standing in front of and of her importance to this land before he radioed Kensi to inform his sister of the Kage's arrival, and beginning his descent from the fifth floor of the mansion.

The Kozai mansion stands five stories tall made of elegant marble with crystal glass windows, the main door is actually double doors which each standing ten feet high on the sides reaching in a steady arch that reaches nearly fifteen feet in the center where the two doors meet. The doors themselves are made of hard lacquered wood that is just as finely polished as the marble of the walls, orient gold designs cover the doors in the center where the doors meet the design flows perfectly creating a seamless symbol of the Kozai clan designed on to the two doors. The knock upon the door would see it promptly opened by Yukinari, a Butler that had been with the Kozai main family longer than Myrddin had even been alive. Despite his old age Yukinari was a very capable fighter and has often helped in Myrddin's training having become an impromptu mentor of sorts to the young male, he is respected by the male far beyond his post that he "would not give up for the world" as the man put it when Myrddin had offered to let the man retire. Of course Yukinari also held a wireless radio and knew of who he greeted at the door, "Hello Lady Kazekage, your arrival has been highly anticipated." Offering Nova a sightly bow Yukinari would motion for the Kazekage to enter into the mansion.

The Grand Foyer which stands twenty meters wide, it's ceiling reaching to what appears to be three stories high. The Foyer runs the entire length of the mansion from the main doors to the back of the mansion, the entire back wall of the foyer is made entirely of crystal glass that reaches from floor to ceiling, a set of double doors made of the same crystal glass as the rest of the wall leads out into the back of the mansion. Through the window wall of the foyer one can see the garden of the estate where the various farmland and animals as well as various buildings, in front of the large glass wall stands a balcony on the third level of the mansion, elaborately decorated staircases line both sides of the balcony along the wall leading down to the main floor in the same manor of the steps that lead up to the mansion itself. The walls on either side of the foyer are lined with various doorways though much smaller than the main door they are still very elaborate in design and size, meshing seamlessly with the wall itself with is decorative design of marble and gold. Various paintings adorns the walls of the foyer depicting different figures of power within the Kozai main family as well as places most of which would be of no importance save to the Kozai, one rather large painting however which covered a majority of the left wall between two doors depicted a rendering of the former village Hidden in the Sand.

Myrddin would arrive upon the balcony of the third floor shortly as the Kazekage entered into the mansion, seeing her in his ancestral home brought a wide smile to his face and the joy of her arrival was clear in the tone of his voice. "My Lady Kazekage, I am so pleased to see you again," Myrddin would descend down the staircase on the right side slowly allowing the Kazekage to take in the grandeur of the mansion itself, "I will take the Kazekage from here, thank you Yukinari." The butler would simply bow before exiting the foyer through the first door on the right from the main entrance, once on the ground floor Myrddin would approach Nova and bow to her the same as he had bowed to her in the desert all those weeks ago. Standing with a smile on his face, Myrddin would look to the new Kazekage. Her outfit was certainly fitting of her role, almost like the clothing that the previous Kage's had worn of the past with only a single object missing from her attire. The male wore the same uniform like outfit that he wore when he had first met her, more than just a regal standing of the Kozai clan it held it's own specialness to him in the fact it was made for him by his mother. "Your timing could not have been any better, Lady Kazekage. There is much to discuss.." the male would pause as if a thought had just occurred to him, "rather than trying to explain why don't I show you." Myrddin would step back and motion toward the back wall of the foyer, "if you would be so kind as to follow me, Lady Kazekage."

Moving towards the elegant window wall at the far end of the foyer, once past the stairs revealed the fact that on either side of the large window wall stood hallways that lead further into the mansion itself. Myrddin would lead the Kazekage to the hallway on the right side, though not as nearly elegant as the foyer the hallway stood two stories high and approximately seven meters wide. The right wall of the hallway bore the same elegant mixture of marble and gold as the walls of the foyer as well as lined with paintings and doorways, while the left wall held the same crystal glass as the back wall of the foyer from floor to ceiling allowing the light from outside to cause the gold of the wall to glisten brightly as well as giving them full view of the back of the estate and all it held. As they began their journey down the long hall Myrddin would begin to explain what all had happened since they last saw each other, "I am pleased to report that my work in spreading the word of Sunagakure's return was successful, I travelled to many of the surrounding minor countries ensuring their contribution in our aid as we need it. As we speak there are supply lines underway with various goods and necessities which the village will be able to use until we are once again self sufficient. I have sent out a team to the remains of the former village to inspect and test the glass and what would be able to be accomplished with it, though I am still awaiting results on that matter. My sister is still wary of the entire situation, however she agreed to my council to meet with you." Their walk down the hallway would lead the pair to a set of doors that were as wide as the hall itself with two guards stationed in front of it, Myrddin however would stop before a portrait of a man a few feet away from the door looking up at the man's face in the portrait. The man was much older looking than Myrddin by many years yet his appearance was almost identical to the male, beneath the portrait sat a small plaque which read,

Lucian Kozai
Died in Service to Sunagakure

"My father was a loyal Shinobi of the village hidden in the sands, as was my grandfather before him. Though I never got the chance to meet my father my mother always spoke very highly of him and his dedicated service to the village. My grandfather," he motioned to the portrait next to the one of his father, "advanced through the ranks of the shinobi in his youth and was a member of the Kazekage's council before I was even born. He was unfortunately lost in the destruction of the village as was the rest of the previous Kazekage's council, today I hope to help you in your rebuilding of not only the village but of your own council as well." The male did his best to maintain his composure, not just because of the fact that he was standing in front of the new Kazekage but also due to the room which they were about to enter. "I hope that I may serve you as well as they served the Kages of the past, and honor their memory in doing so." Myrddin would continue on the path down the hall to the large double doors, as they nearly reached the doors the guards would instinctively open both doors for the pair to walk through.

The rabble of conversation could be heard from the other side of the doors, "I forgot to mention my sister called for a meeting of the heads of the remaining clans of Sunagakure as well as the delegation of the surrounding countries to speak with them of your status, as well as confirm their assistance and see what else would need to be done." The male added with a slight chuckle out of nervousness as he was unsure how Nova would feel about the situation. Myrddin would step into the room first to be greeted by his younger sisters stern authoritative voice calling out to him, "Myrddin what is the meaning of this!" It was more of an exclamation than a question, as when the male looked to the man standing next to his sister Kensi silently acknowledge that he had told his sister what was going on. "Forgive the interruption Aurora, delegates." Myrddin stated with a bow, "May I present Nova Makato, Hero of the People, Builder of Villages, Savior of the Sands and the Sixteenth Kazekage of the Village Hidden in the Sand." As he motioned behind him for Nova to step forward, Myrddin caught a glimpse of glare his sister was giving him. No doubt she had expected the Kazekage to wait until her meeting was completed before meeting with her privately, Myrddin preferred his approach to the sister's as it showed everyone the importance of the woman before them rather than just his sister.

The room was large at least thirty meters in every direction and it's ceiling stood as high as the one from the hallway, his sister sat in an elegant chair behind a large desk almost like a judge in a courtroom wearing similar military like clothing to her brother only in the form of a dress. A single man stood behind and to the right of the male's sister, Kensi, Myrddin's second in command and the only one the male would trust with his sister's safety. While his clothing was similar to Myrddin in design, the coloration of it was black like the rest of the Kozai guards symbolizing that he was more than a normal guard among the Kozai. The walls on both side of the room were lined with the various delegation that had made the travel at the Kozai's request, leaving a wide opening in the center of the room where Nova would be able to stand and be seen by all within the room. Murmurs would fill the room as Nova would walk in, everyone of importance within the land of wind and it's surrounding countries sat within this room, everyone that Nova needed to speak too. She had already earned the love and respect of her people, however now was the time for her to get the actual support the village needed to become what it once was. It was the ones in power that she needed to convince of her claim to the title of Kage, and Myrddin had no doubt that she would have no trouble at all in convincing them.


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