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1Saving the Kid [Misson/Falemai] Empty Saving the Kid [Misson/Falemai] on Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:06 pm




Mission name: Trapped
Mission rank: D
Objective: Obviously, You need to get the boy out of the well. One Genin is needed at least, up to two teams is capable of taking this mission.
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: A young boy has fallen into a well. People tried to get in to get him out, but their bodies were too large. Without food and such, he'll die if he doesn't get help soon.
Mission details: Minimum 600 Words of how you rescue the boy.

Ragna got up from bed as she poured herself a glass of scotch. It wasn’t good for her to be drinking so early, but that’s what she was going to do. She looked back at her bad as it lay empty. The stranger had already left. She couldn’t remember who they were. If they were a male or female, she didn’t know. She did know that she enjoyed whatever happened. It doesn’t always happen this way. Though, she could no longer seem to be able to maintain a relationship. A brief grunt could be heard from her throat as she threw back the glass. Ragna poured another and threw that one back as well. She would put the glass down and start getting herself ready to go out on the town. The shower was long, but comfortable. She washed her hair before exiting and drying herself. The clothes she put on were her usual black pants and tank top. Opening up her makeshift armory. She glanced around at her weapons before picking up her usual sword. She sighed as she decided to make her way outside of the village.

It had been awhile since she had participated in a mission. She figured that it would be time for her to go on one. Ragna would bring herself to the Kazekage’s office and request an available mission of her rank. She waited around to see what would be available. There couldn’t have been too many that would fit her skills. Waiting around really wasn’t her thing. Impatience started to rule her. It was easy for her to begin demanding the administrator to hurry up. The assistant only smiled and beg her to continue to wait awhile longer. Ragna remembered the woman. It was some relief to see that she made it out alive from the aftermath of the destruction of the last village. A brief sigh would come from her as she walked away for a moment and continued to bide her time. She pulled out a cigar from her cigar case and placed one in her mouth. The assistant fake coughed a bit as Ragna would turn around to see her expression. The woman’s eyes were cold and almost snake like. A stroke of fear would run down her spine as she put the cigar away.

About 15 minutes in total had passed. Ragna stood with her arms crossed as she leaned against the desk. A younger administrator ran up to the desk and presented her peer with a stack of scrolls. The older administrator quickly went through the scrolls and handed Ragna one. Ragna raised an eyebrow and looked at. Anger began to swell within her as she slammed fist on the counter. “D-Rank!!! Is that all you have? The very least it should be a C-rank, but a D? You must have lost your mind. I could barely buy a carton of smokes for this!” The woman just stared at her and rested her chin on her interlocked fingers. Ragna’s fist was literally shaking. The woman would respond professionally with, “You’re still registered as a genin within the village. We must respect village policy and ordinance. Have a good day Lady Ragna.”

Ragna stormed out of the building and waited at the front. She went through the scroll again and realized that it was rescuing a boy from a well. There was nothing wrong with that. Ragna had nothing against helping those who needed it. It made her question how the boy even ended up down there to begin with. Whatever the reasoning, she still will need to wait for her mission partner. Why she needed a partner, she knew not. Ragna had spent a great deal of waiting and she didn’t want to wait any more. As she leaned up against the building, she grabbed a cigar and lit it. There she would wait for her would be associate to join her on their mission to save a boy.


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Falemai had succeeded in completing all of her training as an Academy Student - The only thing left for her now, was to complete 2 missions. They needed to be D-Rank missions. She was thankful for this though, as missions of a higher rank were substantially more difficult and came with a considerably higher risk. It's not that she didn't believe in her capabilities or the training that her village had given her; she merely knew the extent of her strength and deemed that a mission of considerable danger was probably not worth dying for - Especially when she had so much left to achieve.

Knowing what came next, Mai made her way towards the most prestigious building in the village - The Kazekage's Office. Maybe one day she'd be called here in an official or professional capacity, but for now, she could simply marvel at the strength and solitude of those who protected their very way of life. Mai approached an assistant and requested a D-Ranked mission. The assistant seemed a little taken aback by the notion that a young shinobi had not come barging through the doors to 'test themselves' and complain when they didn't receive with a sufficient ranking or one with considerable danger.

The assistant took a few moments to gaze at the young lady before her, casually sliding over a small folder. Mai flushed red with embarrassment at this notion. She couldn't actually read. It's not that she was dyslexic or incapable - She was blind. Her sense and perception as a shinobi enabled her 'vision' but it wouldn't help with the small and rather mundane day to day things... like reading. She exited the building and noticed someone leaning against the wall. Of course, the smell made her presence evident before anyone would actually see her. But alas, her body - her rules.

Mai smiled and walked towards her, the folder still clutched in her arms.
"Excuse me, can you please help me? she asked ever so politely with a soft and gentle smile on her face. Respect is one of the most important things you can give someone. Her arm slowly stretched outward with the folder in hand. I've just been given a D-Ranked mission but I can't read what it says. Unfortunately I lost my vision in a terrible accident. she finished... hoping the lady in front of her smoking the cigar would be so kind as to help her.


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Ragna continued to stand outside trying to mind her own business. A young woman with red hair would approach her with a folder asking her for help. The story she told as she mentioned the reason why she was blind almost made her heart skip a beat. Ragna sighed as she took the folder from the woman. The Shinkai would stare into her eyes trying to give a quick look over. Ragna could eventually tell that there was nothing that she could do for her medically. Maybe if she continued to further her research, there may have been a way to return the shinobi’s eyesight to her. It bothered her that there was nothing that she could do. Ragna would take the folder from the girl and open it up. She sighed as she shut the folder and attempted to hand the girl the folder back. Ragna wasn’t a bit surprised that they would assign her an academy student to assist with this mission. It made Ragna want to take another drink of scotch or even something heavier. This sort of thing just soured her day a bit further than it already was. She figured that she would go ahead and explain the mission. Ragna would just tell the administration lady of a bit later about being insensitive to “disabled” shinobi.

“Falemai, right? You’re with me. The mission is to rescue some brat from a well. Should be simple enough. Also sorry about your eyesight. I’ll just lead you toward the mission’s location. That’s if you don’t mind. Oh yeah. I’m Ragna Shinkai. Nice to meet you I guess. Let’s get a move one.”

Ragna would attempt to lock arms with the girl and lead her to the location of their current objective. She wasn’t much for small talk and wouldn’t attempt to engage in the act. Ragna was curious about this accident that caused her mission partner to go blind. She thought that if she knew more it was probably possible that she could probably help her out in the long run. Though, she didn’t want to be too rude and ask. The question was pestering her too much as she decided to go for it.

“How did you lose your eyesight? I am a medical shinobi and I was quite curious if there was anyway that I could help? Your eyes don’t seem like I can help you at my current level unfortunately.”

There it was. The question was asked. It felt like it hurt a little on the inside for her to ask that question. The question came out a bit cold, but she truly wanted to find a way to help her. If they were to team up in the future, Ragna wanted her teammates in the best shape possible. She figured that the young woman had become adjusted to the condition or hoped she did. Ragna could imagine what she would do if she didn’t have her vision. She herself was a very visual person. Losing her sight would send her down a path that she didn’t want to experience. The thought made her slump her shoulders a bit. Ragna tried to adjust her thinking back toward the mission. It seemed like there was too much going on for her mentally. She was definitely going to continue drinking after this.


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