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Mission name: Marauding Wolf
Mission rank: B
Objective: Wolf has been attacking people leaving on the outskirts of the village. Kill it.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 500
Mission description: There is a wolf that has tasted human blood and has become crazy with bloodlust. He has killed and eaten two people already and has been attacking the members of the small villages outside the main Village. You've been tasked with hunting and killing it.
Mission details: Kill the beast and return with either it's head, or it's pelt as proof. Bury any dead that remain.The wolf has the equivalent of B3 STR and PER, B2 SPD, REA, and END.

Chiaki stormed out the door, crumpled paper in hand. She had asked for a medical mission a ‘Medical Mission’ and what did she get? Growling and seething at the paper that she had in her hand she exuded a blood red aura about her that, should anyone bump into her, would probably mess with their whole day. A shinobi like her was out to do what, wolf duty? Was the whole village crying wolf? There was a war going on and she couldn’t believe that the only mission, the only stinking mission on the board that she could take, which didn’t even have anything to do remotely with medical ninjutsu was this stupid mission.

Uncrumpling the paper she read through its contents again, the usual blue placid pools of her eyes darting over the paper, more of a roiling storm on the ocean than akin to anything else. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was probably the only one in the village that they could spare at a time like this, and it burned her to think that she was being given hunting duty when she could offer the village so much more.

The paper read, “There is a wolf on the loose in the outer villages that has attacked, killed, and eaten at least two people. It is your duty to go and destroy this wolf, bury what remains of the villagers and collect a trophy suited to the occasion wherein you will be paid 500 ryo.” She growled, a gutteral noise and a young boy, about ten waddled past, fear and confusion in his eyes. She stared him down with a steely gaze, not meant for him until he turned his head and ran down the street a good couple of meters.

Jumping onto a nearby ledge, she jetted up to the rooftops with ease and tore across their shingled tops. They were made for shinobi traffic now, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t slick when wet and Chiaki, in her haste and blind anger didn’t see that the morning dew still clung to the porcelain of the shingles. One false move later and Chiaki slipped, fell, and cascaded down into the crowd, bowling over a good half dozen people and landing her and the bystanders a good lump or two.

“Itetete” Chiaki intoned, raising her torso from the ground, her clothes and hair in disarray. That was what carelessness would do, and it made a fool of her. The people she bowled over were in much the same manner, except it seemed like the anger that she was feeling at being given this mission seemed to have seeped into them by touch. They shouted some rude words at her and there was many ‘watch where you’re going!’ with a couple of slurs and curse words thrown in as she sat on the ground, letting her hair shield her face from the people that she had mistakenly run over.

Chiaki didn’t know whether to cry or to be angry anymore, her anger was all but deflated so she picked her small frame off of the street and started her slow way towards the gate, this time through the crowd. There was no rush in getting to this wolf. The wolf would probably have already eaten its fill by now, and would be just settling down for a nap. It was getting to be dark, and Chiaki didn’t want to hunt it in the dark but something told her that if she didn’t get to the wolf tonight, that there would be blood by the morning.

Stuffing the balled up sheet of paper into her pouch on her left upper thigh, she made her slow way all the way to the gate, humbled by the rooftop experience.

The guards there stopped her, asked to see her official mission papers and her Hitae-ate, which she provided. Things were getting more and more strict around here since Takao had run loose in the village hidden in the clouds. There would be retribution and she had yet to see the other foot fall. Grumbling, Chiaki made her way towards the forest and leapt into the trees, disappearing into the dying light as the gates of Konoha creaked shut behind her.

Chiaki ran through the forest, the golden hints of the dying of the day dazzling through the leaves, blinding her temporarily every once in a while when a stray sunbeam hit her square in the pupil. She shook her head to alleviate the spots and tracers that they left, all the while heading to the north. North there was a wolf, north she could release some of the frustration. Why didn’t they give her a medical mission? She wasn’t good enough for a medical mission!? Her frustration burned and her guanyin chakra flowed out from around her. Where her hand touched the forest, the forest died, one branch, one leaf at a time.

Chiaki wove her way through the trees. That wasn’t it, she more of blasted her way through the trees, jumping from branch to branch with the wolf’s visage in her mind's eye.

She came upon a trail of blood that ran perpendicular to her route and stared at it. Something was definitely dragged from the east, settling in the west. Chiaki hoped that this was her quarry. A simple in and out mission would be the best for her, so she could go back and give that quest giver a piece of her mind. How dare they give a medical kunoichi a kill mission? She laughed, a high pitched bark escaping her throat at the mental image of the person who would have to answer to the hokage’s assistant. She should have just put her foot down when she was there. She should have just told that bi-.

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by a massive blow to her side, sending a shockwave throughout her entire body and sending her reeling through a large branch and into a nearby tree. All that she had seen was fur, a dark bluish fur that covered everything. All that she had felt was the pelt and a body many times bigger and stronger than hers. She hadn’t heard anything, stupid stupid stupid!

Shaking herself she stood up, bringing out a kunai as she looked down, at the base of the tree that she had been body slammed out of was a massive wolf, who turned its great snout up to her and snarled, its lips peeling back, bloody spittle and sharp fangs revealed therein.

It had yellow eyes, bluish gray fur and a deep gash on the left side of its face was still fresh. Probably from its last victim. It was a good thing that wolves had a hard time staying in trees, as they were more terrestrial than she. Rolling her arm, she checked to be sure that it hadn’t broken it with the impact. There would be considerable bruising, but she could still use it and she nodded. So this was the beast that she had been called to kill. Well, now it made sense. This thing, to be able to sneak up on a ninja like it had, it was a genin-killer.

Twirling her Kunai idly, she wondered how she was going to stop it. Chiaki nodded to herself as it leapt into the air she started to weave hand seals. Its maw opened and it snapped down on her leg, making her wince, but it was part of her plan. Teeth tore at her flesh and it whipped its head about in a wild dog-like manner while they were still in the air. Chiaki ducked out of the way of one branch, then another as she wove more hand seals and then pressed her fingers to the wolf’s snout, yelping, its jaw muscles were severed and it let her go, she kicked off of a branch and touched her other hand to its torso, this would level the playing field. More than level it, it might actually end the battle then and there. She thought of its front legs and the legs went limp in the middle of the air.

Chiaki let herself fall, trying to seek a branch to land on, or to grab with her hands as the world rushed past her, leaves and debris falling with her. The wolf fell with her, snarling all the while, the new wound on its mouth didn’t keep it from opening and closing it experimentally once, twice, then baring its fangs at her it waited for their eventual landing on the soft forest floor, where it would have the advantage.

That was where it was wrong.

As it dropped its head flopped to the forest floor and it whimpered, a confused look on its face as it wiggled its torso and sniffed at its front legs. Chiaki, for all her skill, wasn’t able to land right side up either, so she landed on her back, knocking the wind out of her and she gasped for breath for a couple of panicked and quick gasps. The wolf, finding that its legs were useless, looked up at her as she righted herself into a standing position, bloodlust in her eyes and blood staining the ground where the wolf had bitten deep into her leg. She would deal with that later. Now was the time for action.

The wolf snarled as she leapt at it, and for its offense, it kicked off in her direction front paws flailing wildly, numb to the world as it opened its jaws. It was quicker than her and even though her hands were already making the seal, it bit hard into her shoulder, not a mortal blow, but enough pain for one of her jutsu to be interrupted, the other hand was working on a seperate jutsu though, and she made a chakra scalpel in her right arm. She used it to rake a wound in the wolf’s side and it yelped again. She would get this damned thing to die soon, She swore.

It bit harder into her shoulder and she felt a pop, a bit of panic spread to her. She hadn’t really done much damage to it as of yet. Whipping her hand around, she drove her fingers into its eye and it finally yelped and let her go. It tried to back away, yelping all the while as she stalked towards it. Up against the tree it whimpered and chiaki brought her hand down into its other eye. Blinded the wolf cried, three high pitched panicked barks before chiaki knelt down beside it and, using her medical expertise, drove her kunai deep into its carotid artery and windpipe. The high pitched squeals coming from the wolf were drowned out in a bubbling choking noise as the wolf started to gag on its own blood.

Finally, since it was dying it lowered its head enough for her to take aim at the base of its skull and drive her kunai deep into the tissue there. She felt the bone, twisted her wrist and slammed her open palm into the ring on the top of the kunai, hammering it into the brainstem.

All of a sudden, the wolf stopped moving like a rag doll, its massive body slumped against the tree and chiaki yanked out the knife, gasped for air and tossed her kunai aside. She lay against the floor of the forest, but had more to do. She still had to behead the damned thing and then she had to bury what was left of the bodies. And then there was the wound in her leg. Groaning she understood why she was set on this task, and wondered why she hadn’t been accompanied.

Groaning and weaving a couple of hand seals, she placed a finger to her chest and felt the jolt of chakra wind its way through her, winding all the way down to her leg, and up through her shoulder. The threads, now a deep teal color, called cyprus, wove their way through her and into her wounds, quickly making work of her wounds up to that point. A gasp, a cough and a chuckle later and she was on her feet.

Looking down, her own eyes glossed over, she looked at the head of the wolf that she had killed. She had put out its eyes and stabbed it in many places, it was grisly. Wiping her mouth on the back of her hand she sneered at the corpse.

Many cuts later with her kunai, she had the head in tow. She had stored it in a sack that she had been given with a seal on it which meant ‘proof’ in kanji. She grumbled and walked towards where she had been attacked by the wolf. Judging by the tracks, she had to walk at least a couple of miles to where the wolf had dragged the bodies.

What she found was mostly bones, cracked and licked clean by the wolf. As for the undesirable parts of the body, or at least what she assumed were them, she buried their remains and set stones in a pyramid pattern for their headstones. She would tell the villagers where they were when she returned.

Walking back to the village was a chore, she was sweaty, the blood stuck to her and made her clothes adhere like they had adhesive on them. She stank, she was tired, and she was hungry. She had half a mind to stop at the wolf and eat it out of spite. That thought, however, turned her stomach once, twice, and she shook her head. Something in the forest would feast on it instead.

Dragging herself into the village she dropped the head in the middle of town and leaned against the well in a sitting position. She waited for the early rays of the sun to peek out over the trees, and as it did so, people started to peep their heads out of their windows, doors, and started muttering amongst themselves. Chiaki was pensive, and waited for someone to engage her in conversation. There wasn’t much to say, she told them where the bodies were, that this was the wolf’s head, yes she was fine, pay the village, you’re welcome, good bye.

With the necessary pleasantries given, she slumped out of the village and decided to walk the way home, rather than taking the shinobi and kunoichi route of jumping through the forest. She was bone tired, she was tired in her marrow.

When she reached the village, the guards saluted her and when she reached the office for missions, she gave a half glare half yawn at the receptionist, who seemed to have had her morning coffee.

“I see that you’re well miss Guanyin?” The receptionist tilted her head, “No problems on this mission?”

A throaty growl that turned into a cough and a sigh emanated from the small girl before she shook her head in defeat, “Nothin’ out of the ordinary. No. Just killed the wolf. Give me a medical mission next time.” She said her piece, but it lacked the luster, the fire, the burning passion she had just that previous night.

The receptionist closed her eyes, picked up a stack of papers and nodded while tapping their end against the desk to right them. When she looked back up, Chiaki was gone, no trace of her having been there remained.

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