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Kings of Detritus. D6ehE4O

(Continued from Where the Litterbugs Lie.)

Fields of fire raged on behind the shimmering pools of orange and red, an unwavering, steadfast gaze leveled on the anxious visage of the man subjected to Chiaki's line of questioning. He hadn't meant his countenance to be as intimidating as it was, but intimidating it was regardless.

"Thank you, Miss." Kusinada bowed his head to Chiaki's declaration of generosity. Takao's expression remained unchanged.

"I don't know exactly where the shipments come from-- I buy large quantities in bulk from a vendor in Kasai, and he buys from somebody else... I think they're based out of Teichaku." The details were largely irrelevant, or Takao had thought so. The mystery did not seem institutionalized, but rather opportunistic to him, but this was not his crime to solve, he was merely a net of safety.

"The shipments come by boat, though. They're dropped off at the Miyasato Warehouse. They've sent a few letters explaining the thefts and how they're trying to solve it-- I can get them for you, if you'd like to see them." Kusinada's tone had eased speaking with Chiaki, though he spared a sparse look to the blazing gaze that stared him down like a predator eying its prey.

When Kusinada finished and a bout of silence had overtaken the trio, Takao's eyes closed again and he exhaled, releasing the chakra and strained his onyx pools. They changed back to their natural hues by the time they reopened. Takao no longer saw the need to stare him down with his Eyes of Cinder, he was sure that there would be no lies told. Out of all the victims of the petty crimes, it seemed as though he suffered the most.

"That's the main docks on the Tobirama River. It isn't very far from here." Takao chimed in, adding a nugget of information to make sure that they remained headed in the right direction.

"That's the one! I'm afraid you might not learn much from my supplier, though... I don't think this goes beyond the village-- maybe not even out of this very district." With his doubts voiced that the supplier was of any use to be questioned, much less as easily found as he was, he fell silent, awaiting any further inquiries that she might have had with bated breath. He still felt nervous although the anxiety had faded from his expression, replaced with an expectant visage instead.

Takao fell into a similar silence, his attention shifted to Chiaki, awaiting her next move.


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Chiaki nodded and wrote down the notes in her notepad, regardless of how small and insignificant they sounded. When prompted for the papers, she looked up, her own eyes pools of kindness, "I would very much like to see those, yes, as a matter of fact." She nodded, "And I expect that they have post dates on them as well? Perhaps this has been going on longer than I had anticipated and maybe there is more to this than just one simple house being vandalized." She looked to Takao and shrugged a little, as the trio fell into silence.

It seemed like Takao knew where this dock was and that was a good thing, because even though Chiaki had spent her entire life in the village hidden in the leaves, it was still such a big place that she hadn't had the time to explore the places, all the nooks and crannies of the village. To the hokage, who probably had a map on his desk or in his office, it would be child's play, probably, to name any of the docks in konoha, where it was and who was the owner. Such was his prestige, his knowledge. She tried not to drool outwardly, and instead shook her head to clear it, writing down a couple more notes.

"Is there anyone else that you think could help us out here? Anyone else that you know, or suspect that did this? So far we need more leads, and anything that you can do to help us out would be appreciated." She looked up from her notepad, her pen poised to make some scrawls down on it. She knew that when she asked, he would probably point a finger, but it was only to protect his business. She didn't know him to be a mean-spirited man, nor did she expect him to be.

"I just need to know if there is anyone else involved in all of this, besides you and your son." She paused a moment, thinking for a bit, "And where has your son been in all of this, he isn't in today is he?" She blinked a couple of times. Two people on her side giving notice of what they had seen, what they had heard would be twice as good. Or twice as convoluting, perhaps. Maybe she was better off not asking, but the cat being out of the proverbial bag, she remained silent, expectant, pen poised.

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