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The sun peaked its nose over the horizon. Taking the Village Hidden in the Leaves into its warm embrace of life. Most of the villagers had already taken to their everyday schedules. Shopkeepers swept up their storefront, the postal carriers were in hot pursuit to deliver their loads of parcels and mail, and it would be safe to assume that everyone’s favorite Hokage was hard at work.

The same could be said about his younger cousin Suutei who had taken to his morning routine. The sound of water rushing along the outskirts of the garden. Funneling the miracle substance known as water to the needy foliage that inhabited this young man’s courtyard.
The young Jounin in training rested in the center of this garden. Both legs crossed one over the other, arms resting in his lap. The young man was completely still, as stiff as a board some might say. This was his way of meditating to gain control over his chakra. While most could perform such a simple trick anywhere. For Suutei he found it harder to do many things outside of the confines of his own home.

If not for his need to eat and drink he would possibly live out his days within his own home. Shutting himself out from the rest of the world. Often he considered doing just as such. It seemed he was met with fewer dangers that way. Ever since he moved back to his hometown of Konohagakure, danger seems to follow him around every corner. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t encounter something, and/or someone trying to kill him.

More than likely he felt as if he had it coming ever since his encounter with the new Tsuchikage Maikumaru whom he somehow managed to escape from. He could never forget the admirable angst the man possessed. The man was highly determined to capture him and bring him before the council of Iwagakure. Had it not been for his quick wit and cunning instincts, he could very well be at the mercy of the people of Iwagakure.

Ever since his fateful encounter with Iwagakure’s new Tsuchikage, he felt just an ounce of regret for his past actions. On one hand, the desecration of his dearest best friend over the idea of him stopping an assault on his former home. The night terrors still loomed when he slept at night dreaming of that frightful night. How Pokki must have felt being alone and afraid, being beaten and battered by those whom he called comrades.

With the thought of his friend suffering by the hands of a village, he thought he could call home. The men who served him, the ones he believed to be his brothers on the battlefield. The ones who he would be willing to give his life for, took his compassion for granted. That frightful night where he found his friend scattered about, slaughtered like an animal.

His heart was heavy that night. The storm clouds that covered the Stone Village sky, were no match for the boiling rage that filled the young man. Lelantos, the name Suutei went by during his tenure with the Stone took his revenge. One by one he faced his subordinates striking them down before there own families and burning away all that they held dear. For one hundred days and one hundred nights, he hunted each one of his men that dared betray him.

Today, however, he pondered often unsettled by his unforgivable deeds. The sounds of men and their families being burned alive by the flames of his hand. Was he any better than those who once served him? Who was he to play the role of judge, jury, and executioner? Perhaps the Tsuchikage was right about him before, he couldn’t accept his faults as a man. If he did he would not be within his beautiful courtyard to meld his mind with nature.

Thus was his quest now for power to crush those who should oppose him once again. Should he ever cross paths with the Tsuchikage again, there was only one thing that could ever satisfy this thirst. That only thing would be to remove the man’s dark-skinned white-haired beasts head from his shoulders.




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