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Mission name: The Gathering
Mission rank: D-Rank
Objective: gather resources
Location: Kaze no Kuni Wilderness
Reward: 150 Ryo or 225 Ryo
Mission Description: There are various plants and herbs within the desert that the village could use in one way or another, go get some and bring them back.
Mission Details: Food, ingredients for medicine, fresh water. All the basic needs of a village, find some different resources out in the desert, be wary of wild animals (7) of writers choice will be encountered. {750WC} Alternatively the shinobi may chose to attack a settlement out in the desert or sneak in and take what it has, in which they will encounter 10 civilians with E-Rank stats across the board. Stealth or force the choice is yours but nothing can lead back to Sunagakure. {Criminal ~ 938WC}

Myrddin awoke with the rising sun as he did every day, but today was not the same as every other day. Normally the male would spend his morning after his shower doing Tai Chi and meditating until around noon where he would go about his patrols through the village, however last night he received word that his assistance was required with a mission. It had been too long since the male had done any real shinobi work, as life in the village has been peaceful and quiet. He was itching to get back in the field once more and get his hands dirty as it were, he did not know what the mission would entail as he did not bother to ask the messenger, though in all honesty he really did not care what the mission was as he was just happy to have something to do in the service to his village. Stepping from the shower the male toweled off and adorned his typical attire, everyone used to find his attire as a shinobi odd, however most the people of the village has grown accustomed to his appearance and no longer question his attire as they realized he was still as efficient as the other shinobi no matter what he wore. His attire almost completely white save for the black undershirt he wears beneath the white form fitting coat, and the black cuffs and trim of the coat itself and his pants, his boots also black rising halfway up his shin though covered by the pants. He secured Ikari horizontally across the back of his belt, the small Tantō should be the only weapon the male really needed though he still would have Devorakos with him even if it was currently sealed away he could access it with ease if need be. Tying his Sunagakure Hitai-ate to his forehead the male would grab his cloak in head out the door, the white cloak flowed past his knees fully covering his form as well as the Tantō strapped to his back though he chose not to use cover his head with the hood as it seemed unnecessary for the time being.

As he exited the Kozai mansion he took in a deep breath, the fresh morning air always seemed to soothe the male. His first stop would be the administration tower as even though he did not care what the mission was about he still needed to know what he was suppose to do, the male would chuckle slightly as the thought crossed his mind before forming a single handseal and taking to the air. Normally the male would enjoy a nice stroll through the village, however today he felt some importance returning to his life. Arriving at the Administration Tower the male would lower himself back down, though not completely on the ground maintaining his jutsu to keep himself a few inches above the ground. The blonde would hover over the ground as he entered the tower, heading straight to the front desk to recieve his assignment. After a brief conversation with the clerk, the male discovered that this was not so much of a mission than it was merely a chaperone detail, though to the male it was just as important as a normal mission for himself. The Kazekage was asking the higher ranks to escort academy students out into the desert around the village for some field training in gathering the various resources that surround the village, it would be good for the younger villagers to learn about the things in which the village needed in order to maintain it. Despite the fact that the village had greenhouses for a wide variety of plants and food, it was still in it's infant stage where they were not yet ready to harvest, so gathering the needed resources from the already established plant life that the desert holds.

Myrddin would tell the clerk that he would wait for the student to arrive out in front of the building so that she could tell the kid when they arrived. Hovering back outside the male would take a spot off to the side of the entrance so that he would not be in the way of the foot traffic, the male would cross his legs sitting in the lotus position while still hovering in the air as he awaited the arrival of the student he was to chaperone.


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Hanabi was busy sitting on the walls of Sunagakure waiting for the sun to rise, he waited there swaying his feet like he usually does and feeling a lot better now that he managed to learn a few of the academy techniques. Hanabi touched gently on his nose remembering the beating he took as he felt embarrassed that his mom had to witness how pathetic he was, though she seemed to praise him he did not feel too great about it either way. He was also used to assist his mom with a mission to help teach the class by being the first example for the spars that would follow. On one end he felt a bit used, but in another way he felt happy to be useful to his mom. He also managed to get some extra pocket money from it and after asking to go on an easy mission, as an academy student he needed someone to go with him.

Hanabi began to wonder if he should change his top since he was not really liking this yellow top he got and was thinking of getting a gray or white t-shirt to wear as he headed back home. Hanabi passed by the tower and went upstairs to his room, it always looked strange to those who did not know he was adopted by the Kazekage. He was not in the habit of spreading the news and did not want too much attention about it, mainly so he would not be a nuisance to his busy moms. When he came back down in a white t-shirt and some brown shorts since he expected to get a bit dirty and some sandals so he would not make his new shoes dirty he went to the counter.

A part of him was also feeling strange since he thought he saw someone floating in front of the entrance earlier, but he thought it was either his imagination or some really elite shinobi. After stretching for a bit and getting a small bag to carry all the items he needed to gather he went to the mission admin clerk and asked who his escort would be. The clerk told him that the guy at the entrance was his escort and chaperon for the day as he got a bit nervous, though he kept it well hidden as he went outside exiting the entrance the wind blew as it always did in wind country, his hair flowing into his face as he looked down with a sad looking expression.

"Hi, can we go please?"

As he gave off this really weak impression, though when he raised his head a bit the wind blowing the hair so that one side of his face was visible, he had this calm look in his eyes that seemed nearly void of emotion as he was being really polite and hoped that the mission would be a great success.

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The arrival of the boy was notices before he spoke though the blonde male would not open his eyes, at the boy's words the male began to question what exactly they were teaching in terms of manners at the academy. When the male attended the academy he was taught to always respect those above his rank, as well as the proper way to introduce himself. Although now that he was thinking about it, it was probably more of his mother that taught him those qualities rather than the academy, a quality that he would have to teach this boy a lesson in manners as well as what to look for within the desert. Slowly rising in height and then stretching his legs out from his sitting the male stood while still hovering within the air, "well hello there...." Myrddin would state in a sarcastic tone, purposefully letting the silence linger to help emphasize the fact that the male did not know the boy's name. Whether the boy picked up on that fact would tell the male exactly how perceptive the boy was, which was an important skill of any shinobi. "My name is Myrddin, I've been assigned to guide you to the desert and gather some resources that we are in need of." The male would state as he looked down the road towards the village gates, seeing that as per usual that the roadway was packed with other villagers and tourist coming to view the new village he would look back to the boy before him.

"I'm not really keen on walking, though I suppose we can if you want to. Or you can take my hand and we can fly over the village, get yourself a bird's eye view of the village that you can only get from the air." His tone when he spoke this time much kinder than that of the sarcastic tone he had moments ago, if the boy accepted his offer Myrddin would take his hand extending his jutsu out to the boy and take off into the air heading out to the desert that surrounded the village. Of course if the boy preferred to remain on solid ground Myrddin would respect his wishes and simply hover along next to the boy as they moved through the crowd towards the gate. No matter the course in which the pair took the male would make an attempt to make some kind of small talk with the boy, "so why don't you tell me a little about yourself?" If the boy did not pick up on the male's earlier inquiry as to his name now would be the perfect time for the boy to give it.


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Hanabi heard the greeting from the guy saying hello there in a way that seemed really weird. There was a moment of silence as there was a rather dead fish like stare in his eyes that looked almost lifeless. Hanabi and the floating man were starting to stand out as one lady pulled her son away and whispered for him not to stare at those two.

The floating man then introduced himself as Myrddin and said he was assigned the guide for the desert for the resource gathering mission. For a moment Hanabi seemed to pause as he tilted his head slightly, then his eyes seemed to flicker for a moment as he bowed his head forward slightly, "I am Hanabi..." as he was a bit out of it with the weight of the past events at the academy still weighing heavily on him.

The guy then spoke on and said he was not keen on walking and suggested they could if he wanted to. He then said something rather strange as Hanabi's eyes seemed to light up for a moment before turning a bit dead again as he thought about it for a bit. Hanabi felt a bit excited at the thought of being able to fly around even if it would be for a short while as he reached with both hands to hold on. He looked around and got a bit scared when they took off into the air. He closed his eyes and then opened them for a moment then his eyes looked like they were in awe and wonder at the beautiful scenery from above. Though this only lasted for a short while as it seemed Hanabi had a habit of shutting off his visual emotions as soon as he picked up on them.

Myrddin asked to know a bit about him as he thought about it for a while, "I am an academy student..." as he looked a bit nervous and confused. He was not really good at talking about himself or making long conversation as he tried to think of what else to say as they headed out towards the target location. The wind began to blow his hair all over the place as it disrupted him a bit as he looked around again. "is this safe?" as he began to wonder if it was a good idea to be flying around.

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Myrddin would smile as the boy took his hand despite the fear that seemed to radiate from him, the blonde decided that it would be best to take it slow as not everyone was like him and enjoyed the air as much as he did. Rising himself and the boy to just over ten meters high, the male began moving across the air holding only one of the boys hands in his own. When the boy answered his question of telling him a little about the boy was answered with just the fact that he was just an academy student the male did his best to hide his annoyance, of course the boy was an academy student why else would the man be here. However the male would not push the issue if the boy did not want to talk then that was the boy's choice to make after all Myrddin did not need the boy to talk to learn about him, he was a very observant individual all he really need to do is watch the boy. When the boy asked about this being safe Myrddin would let out a small chuckle, "it is completely safe so long as I have ahold of you, you have nothing to worry about." Myrddin would take a route around the village giving the boy a bird's eye view of the entire village before going out into the desert, Myrddin would not try to make the boy talk again as he did not seem to like it the last time he would allow the silence to linger and the boy to take in the view. Once they were out there Myrddin would find a spot that looked to hold a variety of different resources that the boy would be an to gather, setting them both down in the center of a small clearing the male would look around to ensure there was no danger before releasing the boys hand allowing him to touch the ground.

Pulling out a few bags Myrddin would hand them to the boy, "gather as much as you can and put them in the bags, but watch out for the small black berries. They are poisonous, make sure they go in their own bag or else they can contaminate the others and where these gloves when you handle those too." He would then watch over the boy as he did so ensuring that he listened to his instructions when handling the different types of plants, as well as ensuring no harm came to the young academy student.


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Asking about the safety it seemed the guy was laughing a bit, he nearly forgot the guys name thinking for a bit as he remembered it was myrddin. The laugh was making him worry, but his face did not show any emotion as he had this expression that made it look like he was just half dead on the inside. Though his hands were just a bit shaky, the movement was not visible but it could be felt a bit.

Hanabi was worried about putting his life in this guys hands, he felt some regret, then before he even knew it he looked around and realized he was high up in the sky. The first thing as he looked down was this image of him crashing into the sand and exploding into a pile of dust, while imagining being instantly burried in the sand he nearly wanted to laugh. All in all, the only emotion that showed was the twinkle in his eyes as this was such an awesome view and made the village look so much different from what it usually looked. He began to wonder if this is what the world looks like as he never ventured beyond the village full of sand, even when they abandoned their village they still lived in the sand.

As they went through the sky he felt he was seeing the world as the sun seemed to shimmer and shine on some of the rocks in a way that looked so different from up above. He opened his eyes more as they were overflowing with awe and wonder and the beautiful place that was his home, this felt like a whole new world and was such a fantastic point of view as he wished he could fly as well. He was in a good mood, his look still had that deadpan expression as if he was tired, but as soon as they landed he blinked a few times as he seemed a lot more awake then he was a moment ago.

Hanabi was thinking about it, he was about to say he forgot about the bag and then Myrrdin gave a few bags and he then bowed his head slightly as he put his hands a bit nervously to his side, his hair fell forward for a moment as he said, "Thank you, Myrrdin..." as he began to think about it for a moment. "Is it okay to call you Myrrdin?" as he was a bit worried about the honorifics since he was not really sure on how this guy viewed things.

Just as it looked like Myrrdin might answer he seemed to dart off to the side and began gathering this green herb had five leaves, two small ones at a hundred an eighty degree angle, two leaves between those at a ninety degree angle and then one bigger leaf heading straight up from there. The leaf had serrated edges and it was listed as an important medicinal herb as he carefully began to pick them putting them in the bag like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Hanabi seemed to forget about his surroundings just a bit wondering off to some berries noticing they were black, he moved to go fetch the gloves then came back and then put the black berries in another bag. Meanwhile there was something prowling through the area, with the desert normally not having as many locations with trees, herbs and resources being very minimal most animals who needed these resources as well were near here. Hanabi was a bit too careless as he wondered towards the sound of the river, the river was a source of fresh water as an extra water is a good idea, but at the same time they needed the river to keep this gathering spot the way it was. He got out his flask and filled it up with some fresh water as two wild animals then appeared from nearby trees approaching the small Hanabi who began drinking some of the water as well.

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Myrddin would let out a chuckle at the boy's question, just as he was about to say that it was fine that the boy called him Myrddin the boy ran off to complete his task. Myrddin would smile as he watch the young boy, just from watching the boy Myrddin could see that the boy was a bright individual even if he did not exactly show it. The boy hid behind a mask, like most of those traumatized by the destruction of their village years ago, but Myrddin believed that this boy along with the rest of the new generation would lead  the village to the future and past the stains pf the villages past. The male's thought however would be interrupted by the rustling of the bushes, it would seem that the pair were not as alone in this little grove as the male originally thought they were in the beginning. His feet still not touching the ground the male was set upon by five rhinoceroses which surrounded the male from all sides, though his attention was drawn to the immediate threat around him his thoughts were still on that of the young boy that had accompanied the male on this little trip. As luck would have it however the boy was not in the center of the grove like the male was and was instead in the brush no doubt having found the river to gather water, unfortunately it seemed as though there were two more creeping up on the boy.

Myrddin had tangled with rhinoceroses before, though never quite this many at once, he knew better than to call out to the boy as the loud noise would be sure to set the rhinoceroses off. He knew he would have to get to the young boy before the rhinoceroses did, but first he was going to have to deal with the situation at hand. Inhaling a deep breath and clasping his hands in front of his body as if he were praying the male would allow his chakra to flow freely through his body, creating a gyro of spinning Fūton around the very core of his body. While it would do nothing to the rhinoceroses themselves it would allow the male more freedom with dealing with them, becoming one with the wind so to speak. With this technique active however he had full control over the balance and weight of his body, it would allow the male to do things that would otherwise be impossible.

The five rhinoceroses circled the male in a way that caused the male to think of a pack of wolves as they circles their prey, and yet the fact that they had not attacked him yet was slightly troubling for the male and caused him to think that there was more to this than it seemed. The occasional stomping of hooves and the snarl of the beast's was enough to keep the male's attention on them, but his extrasensory was still upon that of the boy and the two rhinoceroses that were approaching him. It was then that it hit the male, like a ton of bricks falling down on him, the five that circled him were no more than a distraction separating the pair so that they can strike the weaker of the two of them. The male wasted no time in his next action charging towards the rhino that was directly between him and the boy, all of the rhinoceroses seemed surprised by the male's action as they all stopped their circling of the male. The rhino the male charged turned to face the male head on lowering its head and readying it's horn to strike when the male got close however as the horn moved so did the male, leaping over the rhino in a single jump and landing on the other side of it and out of the circle of the rhinoceroses. With a quick release of a burst of Chakra from his core the male would propel himself forward arriving next to the boy seconds before the two rhinoceroses that moved against him could reach the boy, with an inhale of his breath the male's body became covered in chakra turning his outer appearance as black as night as he caught both rhinoceroses by the horns. The rhinoceroses were able to push the male backwards, but with the chakra that coated his body their horns could not hurt him.

Pushing back with all of his strength the male sent the two rhinoceroses back five meters away from himself and the boy as the other five rhinoceroses came into view, "Hanabi, I need you to listen very carefully. Stay close to the river I will deal with these beasts, but I need to ensure that you stay out of harm's way. Is that understood?"


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Hanabi was drinking the water so peacefully, he wished he was more alert and that he was more skillful. He also wished for a bit of action since he was bored, but at the same time he was terrified of being in an actual fight for his life. After getting a good drink something happened as he got a bit startled and looked to see a Black Myrrdin, he was more in awe then fear of what he saw and was a bit lost in the moment as the man finally spoke.

He listened with a partially dumb look on his face as if he was not even sure where he was, though he did manage to give a slight nod in reply when told to listen very carefully. He was told to stay near the river and then he blinked a few times and noticed there were several horned beasts. It seemed a bit strange and why would those beasts be attacking, he was not that smart but didn't Rhinoceratops or what ever the actual name was eat plants. Why would they be attacking as some strange thoughts started to cloud his mind, he was still remaining cool and calm as he was told to stay out of harms way.

When he thought about it, he got the bag with the loot and then focused chakra into his feet, this took a while and he only took the time to do all this since he believed in Myrrdin. He also felt deep down inside that Black Myrrdin looked really really cool, like a super Shinobi from some old folk tale. He took steps over the river as the rhinoceratops could probably not swim too well with those weird stubby legs of theirs. Though he was being a bit careful not to get hit by a wave as he crossed over to the other side, he definitely could not swim across this river and keeping the focus on his feet was a bit tough as he finally made it to the other side safely.

Hanabi would put the goods down and then watch to see if Myrrdin needed any help as he got out a few shuriken and tried to think of whether there were any weak points as all seven rhinos surrounded the great black Myrrdin. He also took a quick look around to see if the last items he needed to gather were around since he needed to get some mushrooms as well. He waited to see what Myrrdin would do as he wished he had brought a snack or something to eat while watching a pro in action.

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