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Mission name: The Gathering
Mission rank: D-Rank
Objective: gather resources
Location: Kaze no Kuni Wilderness
Reward: 150 Ryo or 225 Ryo
Mission Description: There are various plants and herbs within the desert that the village could use in one way or another, go get some and bring them back.
Mission Details: Food, ingredients for medicine, fresh water. All the basic needs of a village, find some different resources out in the desert, be wary of wild animals (7) of writers choice will be encountered. {750WC} Alternatively the shinobi may chose to attack a settlement out in the desert or sneak in and take what it has, in which they will encounter 10 civilians with E-Rank stats across the board. Stealth or force the choice is yours but nothing can lead back to Sunagakure. {Criminal ~ 938WC}

Hanabi yawned a bit stretching his arms and legs as much as he could before sitting up as he looked outside as the darkness was still entering the window, today he was going to get to spend a bit of time alone with his mom and was really excited about it. Even though he did not show it too well most of the time, he got dressed in a loose white t-shirt with his family's symbol on the back and then a light sandy brown shorts with some white socks to match his sandy brown sneakers, though he heard he might get some new ones later on and was also excited about that too. He went outside running to get to his special morning ritual spot as he ran up the wall more easily now that he finally managed to learn the super natural walking practice.

Hanabi had a habit of hanging out on the walls of the village as he sat on the edge again, swaying his feet like he usually does while stretching out his arms as much as he could before yawning a bit. He looked out across the sandy dunes for that moment when it would appear as the light began to race along the sandy fields of sand that seemed to go on forever without an end. The sun seemed to take its time as the light was just beaming as he turned away and looked a bit down to avoid the direct sunlight hitting his eyes as the wind blew Hanabi's hair against his forehead.

He began to wonder if he would finally be able to graduate this time, he had failed to finish during the fires that still weighed down on him. He also felt a bit upset as he remembered how he was embarrassed in front of his mom, though he did enjoy trying to win for a change instead of running away like he usually did. That other guy had taken him gathering as well the other day and he thought it would be fun to gather resources with his mom, since he might get a chance to talk with her or just spend some time with her as the sun was finished rising.

He made his way towards his home and went inside to his room again so he could wait for breakfast before going out on the mission, he could make his own, but mom's cooking was at least better then his. Though he was a bit biased when he came to his mom, he was not willing to say that the one noodle shop made these great spicy noodles unlike any he had ever tasted before, he also felt those noodles were too spicy and hopes to go eating out with his family since he felt they might know better when it came to eating out. Though his other mom Nova stood out too much, she was the Kazekage after all. He was waiting for breakfast from his mom Izumi as he was not planning to put on any extra clothes or gear, he was just going to gather some water and some berries and a few herbs and fruit so it was no big deal as he waited patiently for her while sitting on his bed. He kept swaying his feet which was starting to become a habit.

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TWC: 565

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Village life in the Hidden Sand had brought a different pace of life to Izumi. At times she felt antsy and wanted to request a combat mission again but she had promised Nova to stay around unless it was absolutely imperative that the mission was one she should undertake personally. No one would dare defy Izumi should she order a different a mission than gathering but she had a feeling she’d never hear the end of it when Hanabi inevitably told them he saw his other mother murder people. Izumi was a different person with blood on her blade, a person she’s not sure she’d want Hanabi to meet. Maybe if I had been less cold to Kirei things could have been different at Shinwato Palace. Izumi dressed and came down the stairs of the tower to find Hanabi already at the table, they were certainly alike in that regard when it came to being the first to rise. “Ready for the mission love?” Calling gathering herbs a mission was almost an insult to her station, how truly mundane her life had become. Sure she was passionate about advancing the future of the Sand through the Genin to be she was molding it just wasn’t the same as the thrill of watching the light fade from the eyes of one who tried to do the same in return.

Izumi looked about the kitchen and noticed that Hanabi likely hadn’t eaten anything or he’d become suspiciously good at hiding the evidence of his actions. In the rational world that was village life she would always pick the likeliest explanation. Izumi knew Hanabi loved when she made noodles so she got to work. Setting the pan on the range she added some oil to it which began to sizzle even though the stove wasn’t on. Izumi was using her innate connection to the fire element to cook the ability to manipulate the temperature at will made her cooking always turn out impeccably cooked every time. Sure she had staff but none of them could match her cooking skills. It was one of the few “housewife” skills she’d picked up in her travels often finding herself dining alone in whatever apartments she was shacked up in on an the given mission. Izumi had seen and recorded much of the world. The world was so large yet so small, so segmented yet so united, everywhere she went saw life was the same only in different orders.

The thoughts of existentialism helped pass the time while she finished the spicy noodle dish for herself and her son. Bringing the steaming dish to the table with a smile Izumi sat across from Hanabi. “You know if you wanted we could just skip the mission and do some training, I’ll sign off on the mission and donate some of my rare herbs to the collection. We could always just do what the mission asks but I wanted to be sure you knew it was option to have some personal lessons from me.” Letting the question air out Izumi would begin he meal.

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Hanabi had been waiting a while and then his mom finally arrived and asked if he was ready for the mission, he nodded even though he was really hungry still. He sat patiently as he just listened to the sizzling sound of the oil upon the pan, the strange thing used to be a cause of excitement the first time she did it he was like a normal boy with his eyes lighting up in amazement, though that only really lasted a day or two and then he was back to being more cold again like usual.

Hanabi did have this habit of showing his shift from excitement to impatience, while his moms were able to figure some of it out over time being around them did not completely mend his broken heart. There were also times he could go into a mild panic seeing anything happen to his family, he really did not want to lose his family again. Even if his mom was the Kazekage, and his other mom was some super Sensei they were still normal, or at least he thought of them as a normal family having gotten over the two moms teasing long time ago.

The steamy dish finally arrived as his eyes had this impatient look in them that seemed to vanish the moment he saw the noodles as he then blushed as a soft faint sound, like the earth was moving which just happened to be his stomach growling as he resisted the urge to say anything about it. He waited patiently as he looked at his food and towards his mom. She mentioned that they could just skip the mission and do some training, but a part of him could not let this go, if he started skipping missions every time his mom wanted to spend time with him, then he would be getting too spoiled.

He thought about it for a bit while stuffing his face with noodles, not noticing how big his cheeks were looking right now. He was a lot less polite when eating in front of his two moms, though at first he did not even eat his full share on certain days though his two moms, especially for some reason it felt like his mom Nova was the stricter mom of the two and her Kage status made her seem so imposing at times too, maybe that was why his mom became the Kazekage, Izumi seemed like the nice mom with some dark secret as he always wondered what his mom did since she had that time when she would be gone for some time only to come back with some look as if she did something really hard like carrying a ton of ores up a mountain. After he was half way through the noodles he finally stopped, gave a few chews then gulped before speaking.

"mom, if I skip my missions like this, how will I ever become strong like mom?" as he tilted his head to the side questioning why she offered to skip the mission, he was really trying to keep mom from spoiling him too much, but Hanabi actually liked her spoiling him as he looked down before saying. "I like spending time with mom...", in a voice so soft you could barely hear it, but it was at the level where Izumi and Nova could always hear it. It was like saying it so soft was like he was keeping it a secret, but they all knew he just wanted to tell them in a way that did not make him seem like too much of a mommy's boy. He also did not want to mention that he was hoping to actually ask that after the mission and began to wonder if his mom used some special mom technique to read his mind sometimes.

He would listen to his mom as he finished the other half of his noodles and would then gulp whatever was left in the bowl before washing his hands and then wiping his mouth. He would then stretch a bit and ask, "mom, are we ready to go?"

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