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Chiaki smiled as the guards let her through. Who knew that knowing Myrddin's name and title here would allow her access. She said that she was a foreign diplomat, and her kunoichi headband that she had snugly tied around her neck, the actual forehead protector protecting the nape of her neck, showed that she was from the village hidden in the leaves. She didn't really know what she was doing here, but was curious to see the city, at least, and see what it was all about. She had not really had the chance to get to see Suna before it had been destroyed, and wanted to make sure that she got to see it before the world was thrown into turmoil. If only she was one of the five Kage's... she would make this world better, more human, less of a war struggle and more of a friendly place. She knew that she would never have enough power to make that happen, but she wanted for all the world, to make sure that no one suffered.

She wouldn't go to any lengths to do that, but she had taken that on as her mantle when she decided to be a Medical Kunoichi. Chiaki, first thing, went to a shoppe and bought herself a mantle to go over her hair. They called it something.... something she couldn't quite pronounce but she wrapped it around her head, like instructed at least 4 times before the shop keeper reached up and did it for her. She smiled and gratefully paid for the head wrapping. Her hair was dark, and in the harsh environment that Suna was in, it was not a great thing to have on the top of your head. She had dressed cutely, which also didn't suit what she needed. She was hot, and sweating. She had dressed in black leggings tucked into brown shoes. A brown Skirt was accented by a pink blouse which she had loosened the top button on and had taken off the smaller lace vest that she normally would wear over it. She used her hand to fan herself as she looked from shop to shop.

Finally she found what she was looking for and went inside the shop, it was mercifully cool and dark in the shop and it took a couple of minutes for her eyes to fully adjust.

Chiaki picked her way through the styles there, all in stark contrast to the one that she was wearing, a lot of them were of a sheer fabric or at least breathable and Chiaki couldn't understand them. Thankfully she had a guide that came out and walked her through the styles that were available to her, explaining how to wear them and let her try on a couple outfits before she decided on a sheer outfit, complete with sleeves and all, with an opaque set of breathable pantaloons and vest. She felt more comfortable than she had with the clothing that wasn't breathable, but was fashionable, and looked at herself in the mirror. Besides the headband that branded her a shinobi of the hidden leaf, she looked almost like she had lived here the entire time. The head-covering, however, didn't match the dress she had bought and as she chewed her bottom lip, she set her jaw and walked back over to the head covering store.

After a bit of haggling she bought another head covering that matched and decided to stroll around the city a bit, drinking in the sites of the newly built city. It was all about the same color, which struck her as odd, but perhaps that had something to do with how intense the sun was. Her water-colored eyes and hair felt out of place in a sea of brown haired individuals. There were some that stood out, stark contrast from the rest, but mostly there were muted colors. She felt like she stuck out like a sore thumb, and chewed her own thumb to reassure herself that it was only her imagination.

She was a diplomat, after all, the hokage's assistant. Perhaps... perhaps she should try to find someone of importance? Looking back at the gates she gulped and wavered between leaving immediately, or seeing the rest of the city first.

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Nova Makato

Nova Makato

While the majority of Nova's duties kept her close the marble tower in the epicenter of the city, this was here home and her people and more than anything she was glad to live among them once more. Those that held the kage title were often far to busy with both internal and external affairs, but for now Nova's focus was entirely upon her own village. Trade and foreign diplomacy would come soon enough, though if she could Nova would avoid it altogether entirely. Fortunately she had enough common sense, as well as good advisers, that had talked sense through the paranoid barrier her mind was beginning to form. Resentments and grudges were something that were buried deep in her heart, faint but lasting. Still she would remember all the various attempts at claiming or desecrating her land from all directions, and in her mind not a single village was innocent. Informants had kept her aware enough of the happenings across the world that her paranoia had begun to recede. A war between Kumogakure and Konoha would at least keep them occupied, and perhaps it would draw the other villages attention as well. Even more so than the other happenings across the continents, she hoped that the pure distance she had put between them and her would lend to the secrecy. With the chance of the marble city being merely stumbled across being relatively low, the only other thing that would impede on Nova's sense of safety for herself and her village was the risk of loose lips. Those close to her she had not felt much need to advise against such actions, perhaps incorrectly that they too felt the paranoia surrounding the foreign villages. And those droves of new residents seemed so content here that they were neither leaving nor seemed to want to undermine the safe haven that they had been invited to. All of these things, combined with a number of weeks having past in peace, would begin to put Nova at ease and allow her to once more take up the things she had once done.

It was nearing noon, and despite the blazing sun and baking heat the market was bustling. Though advisors would recommend she send an assistant to do her shopping, Nova loved the opportunity to mingle with the people of her homeland as well as being able to shop for exactly what she desired rather than leaving choices up to others. Vibrant lavender hair would make her easy to pick out in the crowds, and having spoken publicly in front of nearly everyone that had relocated themselves here, she was often recognized and approached by grateful people. People spoke to her with respect and admiration, and though it still gave her butterflies in her stomach she was glad that her dream was nearly realized. Though her wardrobe was overflowing with silks and cottons that she likely would never make it around to wearing and then some, old habits would lead her to the line of stalls with womens attire. It was always something that she had enjoyed, walking through to see the styles and colors that the seamstresses would come up with. It was at one of these stalls that she would pause, her eye caught by a sundress hanging on the front of the rack besides the entrance. The bodice was simple, ivory with olive vines with small roses and thorns delicately embroidered on the thin straps and around the waist. Below was a slightly flared knee length material patterned with deep red roses over olive leaves. It was certainly an eyecatching garb, and interesting enough to Nova that she would dip into the stall and greet the merchant before asking if she could take a closer look. Nodding and smiling, the woman would welcome her to do so and gesture to the mirror on the other side of the stall so she could see how it might look. Her current attire was a simple black dress, falling just above her kneecaps while the neckline was a deep V. Holding the floral dress against her body, she would turn in the mirror slightly, though to any watching it was far less graceful than it might be if such a poise would be struck by another. Shifting her weight off the clumsy, though finely crafted prosthetic, Nova would sigh and twist to see different angles in the mirror. Upon the knee of her wooden limb, what was originally the faceplate upon a Sunagakure headbad was instead mounted where her kneecap might. Unlike the fine state the leg and the rest of her was in, that faceplate was dinged, heavily scratched, and perhaps even permanently singed. Wrinkling her nose slightly upon the observation that the bust of this dress had not a hope of fitting. Though she would let a slight sigh of disappointment out, she would thank the merchant and hang the dress back where it was when she saw it.

Limping out into the center of the market and stepping onto the platform upon which a giant statue of a jackal stood, Nova would look around and smile. All around she could see people scurrying about as people did their shopping, heads of brown, blond, and black hair bobbing about. Hair such as hers was not all that common, and for that very same reason, a slightly obscured mane of blue hair would draw in her eyes. Having a strange hue of hair was not cause for suspicion, but the color did draw Nova's eyes and curiosity enough that she would let her attention fall on what appeared to be a young woman perhaps just slightly older than herself. It would seem the woman was preoccupied, expression perhaps of stress upon her face? Nova could not quote decipher her mood, but would watch with interest as the cerulean locks of hair would bob through the crowd, bound to pass right by where Nova stood maybe a meter off the ground on the statue's pedestal. Nova wasn't quite sure what it was, but she had an odd feeling about the way in which the woman hesistated on the direction to walk. There was nothing to indicate that she did not belong other than the hair color that made her stand out, but that strange pang of paranoia would strike again. Still smiling in case any should look upon her, which many did as her lavender hair gleamed in the sunlight in her elevated position, her own green eyes would not leave the woman making her way through the crowds.

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Chiaki looked around the market once more, spinning on her heels before coming to rest in the direction of Nova, who she did not know. There was a woman with a lilac colored hair and green eyes who met her gaze and she shrugged. There had better be someone that knew her way around, and this woman also seemed to be as comfortable as anyone here, so why not make a new friend.

Dipping and weaving through the crowd, she excused herself more than once before she popped up within range to wave at the woman, “One moment please!” she called out, before she bobbed through the crowd again. She was a piece of foam on the ocean of people here in the village hidden in the sand, and the time that she had chosen seemed to be popular for a shopping district. As soon as she got through the thick of the people, she made it to the woman and sighed contentedly, giving an apolgetic and polite smile.

“Sorry about that, it is a bit harder to get around here than in my village.” She said as she caught her breath and stretched in the hot and sandy air. It was quite different than the clime she had come from and her skin felt scratchy and irritated. Looking the woman up, she noticed that the woman was about a half foot taller than her and she frowned a bit, looking at herself and shrugged once more. “Sorry to bother you, and thanks for waiting for me, but I was wondering if you knew of a place that I could stay the night? I just only got here this morning and I was trying to plan my day out and see the sights a bit. I was only just told about this village and was wondering if there was anything to see and you just cant see it all in one day, you know?” She chuckled, “not that you could with any other major city I suppose.”

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