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The birds were sleeping as the night was still dark, the cool air tumbling the dead leaves of trees that were forgotten in the sand. Wearing a scarf that seemed to also blow in the wind as Hanabi was wearing some warm clothes for a change, though he was a bit stubborn still wearing a shorts as his legs shivered in his khaki brown shorts and his long sleeve white t-shirt with a maroon short sleeved thick shirt over it. He was swaying his legs a bit faster then usual to try and warm himself up a bit as his feet sometimes kicked the heels of his maroon sneakers against the side of the wall, his white socks were just a bit longer then his normal socks reaching up to at least half of his shin.

Looking across the distance as the light began to make its journey across the land, as he felt something crawl on his leg he slapped it off with his hand knowing it was just something harmless like a poisonous scorpion or a spider. You had many of those in the desert as the light was raging across the lands like a stampede of wild animals, the birds felt the warmth of the sun as they spread their wings and took flight into the warmth of the sky as the dawn was breaking.

The light finally reached the walls rising up at speeds that Hanabi could not keep up with, remembering how he tried to race with the sun the one morning. He looked to the side as the wind blew his hair to the opposite side revealing more of his face. The light of the sun was showing the pinkish hue of his face and his cold legs began to warm up as he slowed down his leg swaying. He began to wonder what new things he would learn today and if he would be able to graduate from the academy and make his moms proud. Today was a new day as Hanabi then leaned back laying on the edge of the wall as his feet still swayed off the side as he used his arms as a pillow the sun would take some time before it would bother him again. He began to wonder if life would always be this peaceful.

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Chiaki was cold. She was irritable and cold and she wanted to be up on top of the wall. She eyed the thing with disdain, having wandered for literally hours trying to find the way up but this damned city. This damned village was all surrounded by nothing but the same things, the same tones of washed out sandy homes, the same sand that bit into her when it was too windy, the same cold at night and the same unbearable heat during the day.

She had gotten sand in every orifice the first day, and the shower had only alleviated it enough for it to be bearable for her to go out and try to buy some undergarments that kept the sand out, rather than collected it. She had emptied at least four pounds of sand into the shower bin from her bra alone and she didn't want to know how to women kept their sanity in a dearth place like this one. She grumbled and spat, her spit hitting a scorpion who raised its pincers and tail in challenge to her. She grimaced and glared at it, it retreated from her, pincers and tail still raised as it crept into the shadows of the buildings. That was one thing she hadn't gotten used to, during the day it was alright to take naps, but at night, the scorpions and spiders would come out and try to- She shuddered- try to cuddle with you.

She had opted for a desert gown, it was light, and mostly trasparent, except a sports bra and pantaloons which were held up by a yellow belt. In the night, it looked like she was wearing black, but as the sun's rays finally crept up over the wall she was pacing around, she looked up, hopeful that she would be able to go up there and greet the day.

She looked around, making sure that there was no one around and raced up to the top of a building, then bounded, leapt without looking, onto the wall in front of her, almost bowling over a kid. She coughed, ran her tongue over her teeth to alleviate the grit that was sticking to it and blinked rapidly to get the sand out of her eyes. She looked the youth up and down and muttered something unintelligible into her sheer scarf that she was wearing around her face, topped by a turban made from the same material. It might be sheer, but it kept most of the dust and dirt from flying into her mouth every time she talked to a merchant.

"Sorry about that kid, I'm just trying to get warm." She saw the scorpion she had spat on scuttle up behind her, or rather felt it with her senjutsu as she talked, and then glared at the little thing. It put its pincers and tail up in defiance before she looked back to the small... er... genin? Academy student? Perhaps just a kid that was warming himself on the wall.

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Hanabi was looking up towards the sky and he turn a slight shade of pink to the face for a moment as he saw some girl in a bra jumping over him as he blinked a few times thinking he was seeing things. He sat up and looked to the side and there she was in her really light desert gown as he began to wonder if he should get some since he noticed some other horrible creatures flying about at night. Then again he was not sure why, but those bugs never came in his room as he looked her up and down he noticed she had a strange yellow belt, why did she not have a more brown color like most of the fashion here. Hanabi noticed she was wearing some strange top that looked like a cross between a bra and an unfinished t-shirt as he could not make sense of it, then again there were girls who wore clothes like this sometimes as he stopped blushing for a bit after calming down a bit too nervous to speak.

The turban seemed to make sense, it was almost as if she had trouble deciding what to wear and just mixed and matched everything. Seems they both had scarfs on though, she then apologized and Hanabi noticed something crawling up behind her. Before anything further could happen he tossed one of his shuriken that landed just in front of the scorpion as the clang sound was heard the scorpion just scuttled away and jumped right off the wall. Not like it would die from that seeing as the sand was soft and the creatures here took advantage of that, though sometimes it caused some strange things like wild animals jump off a roof and go splat when they hit a proper road.

"Be careful, they might be friendly, but they can poison you..." as he spoke rather politely as he brushed himself off before standing up. He looked around nervously as he was not used to being alone with any girl who was not either his mom or his other mom. He was also not sure how safe he was being an academy student he knew that strangers were dangerous and her mix and match fashion made him think she might be a bandit as he felt his other pocket to see if he still had his shuriken in them just in case he needed to use them to run away.

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Chiaki looked the youth up and down once more, it seemed like he was speechless, probably because she almost knocked him over, or perhaps it was because she was so awesome. The second thought in her head fell flat, as she couldn't even bring herself to believe it. She sighed and looked at the small scorpion who angrily clicked its pincers at her, having been spat upon. She was surprised, however, to find that the youth had shuriken on him, and even more surprised that he sank one into the wall next to the scorpion. It jumped off in a huff, and Chiaki giggled a bit, holding her hand over her mouth before she turned back to the youth.

"Alright, so I'll be careful of them, but there's no need to be afraid." She waved her hands in front of her slowly, before reaching up and taking the headband that was around her neck, like a scarf, and twisting it so that he could see her insignia, the village hidden in the leaves, "I am from Konoha, I am a medical ninja." She grinned, "Guanyin, Chiaki, pleased to meet you." All of her body language said that she wasn't scary. She was treating him like an adult, which she was taught to do from a very young age in the medical field, and it helped that she was only five foot nothing, (or 152 centimeters.) She was barely taller than this youth, and so she didn't have to bend down to talk to him, like all of the other adults did. Really, she had her size to thank for a lot of the good interactions she had with kiddos.

Chiaki hoped that it would calm the youth down, as he seemed like a deer caught in headlights, undecided whether to leap from the wall (she hoped not) or stand there and talk to her. Or at least, that's how it seemed to her. She frowned a bit and stretched, "Sorry kid, didn't mean to scare ya like that, but thanks for the save from the scorpion." She nodded as she bent to the side, her hands held high above her head, and then to the other side.

"I was thinking about training today."
She muttered to herself, more than anyone, but was also trying to make sure that the youth was comfortable around her, or as comfortable as he could be.

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Hanabi could not shake the feeling that this girl was checking him out and sizing him up in some way. She had her hand on her mouth for some reason as he kept her eyes on her, but looking down towards his feet every now and then as well. He was not sure how to deal with non-mom girls or girls outside of the academy. It was easier to look at her as just one of those tall girls in class as she then spoke he listened having this rather dead look on his face like he had no care in the world.

She said that she would be careful and that there was no reason to be afraid, even though one sting from a scorpion put you in a lot of pain even if it was not deadly. She waved her hands so slowly as he wondered whether she was trying to say something as he slightly raised his eyebrow, the raising was hard to notice, but did cause some of his hair to slide in front as he had this loose fringe just hanging down the middle over his nose now. She revealed a headband and that was when panic struck deep into his soul, his body tensed up and was ready to run away, while his body was telling him run his mind was telling him to stay. Heart racing as his knowledge of other villages was that people from outside of Suna invaded and burned the entire village to the ground raising hell. Could this friendly looking girl be a monster on the inside, he stood no chance when he thought about it, he was just an academy student and here she was a fully fledged shinobi of unknown rank.

She started saying things like medical shinobi from Guanyin province and that she was pleased to meet him. He was a bit lost on what she said as he was a bit worried, he did not show it other then his eyes having a determined look on his face that made it look like he might be interested in her. When she frowned his eyes focused for a moment, it was just a slight movement to show he was paying attention to her, his fear was there but on the outside he seemed to just look really curious though part of his emotion was mixed in his eyes. That slight flicker as they seemed to be focusing on her every move.

Then as she raised her hands up and then he just completely started losing train of thought since what she was doing just seemed out of place. All he knew is that strange shinobi from outside the village were dangerous. She mentioned training today and then he thought to himself if she wanted to hurt him she could have done that long time ago, she might be dangerous is what he thought, but a bit of training would not hurt anymore then her attacking him right now.

"is it okay if i train with you?" as he finally said a few words, his mind was still struggling to catch up to what was actually going on, but it seemed the teachings of the academy and his two moms was not lost on him as he was maintaining his calm nature. In some way the look on his face made it seem like he found things troublesome.

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Chiaki was hoping that he wouldn’t over react, and when he looked at her head band around her neck and balked, she wondered if she had not made the wrong decision. She also wondered whether he would run, turn in fear, or retaliate with force. As she looked at him and he seemed to be timid, her features would melt to a more compassionate look. She didn’t want to frighten him, and the best way to to that would be to use her tried and true skills that she had developed in the hospital, put on a face for him and all the world to see that she wasn’t a threat. What would happen if he screamed, if he took it the wrong way? The villages teetered on the edge of war at the moment, and Chiaki wanted to make sure that everyone knew that all of Konoha did not share the same bloodlust, the same hatred. She wanted to make sure that the people of Konoha were not seen as monsters. The first step to subjugation and genocide was to treat another peoples like animals, or lesser beings.

She turned on her heel a bit, looking out at the sunrise to his question. Should she train with him, or should she leave him to his own devices, just letting him run off and keep away from her until she had a chance to deal with the diplomats of the village some more. A bite on her lower lip signalled her hesitance as she spoke, “I suppose that it couldn’t hurt to do a bit of training.” She nodded once, “So are you an academy student or are you a genin? You don’t look old enough to be a chuunin or Jounin yet, but then again looks can be deceiving.” She nodded once again, slowly, “I am a chuunin of the hidden leaf.” She looked back at him, “So if that tells you anything…”

She shrugged a bit and nodded, “What would you like to learn?” the question came out, she would be willing to help, no matter the village, the youth of the world. She had a soft spot for the wounded, the young, the sickly, and the infirm. Why should she pretend to be anything other than what she was. She nodded again, turning to him once more and placing her hands on her hips, “We can practice whatever you would like, and I’ll do you one better.” She nodded, “If you manage to land a blow on me, I’ll buy dinner.” A small grin she nodded, “So let’s go somewhere where we won’t hurt someone.” She looked around, “Any place where we can do that here in this village? I have only been here for two nights.”

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As she turned slightly there was still some nervousness in the air as she seemed to be looking to the sunrise as he instinctively also looked to it as well, the fringe on his forehead brushing over his eyes and then falling more to the one side with the middle part still landing on his nose. She finally said something to break the silence between them as she said it could not hurt to do a bit of training, as she nodded he was watching her with eyes that seemed focused on her every word and action.

She asked about his rank in the village as he felt a bit hurt knowing that he was nothing more then a worthless academy student, he was not even the best student and he was already getting really old to still be in the academy. He did not look old enough to be a chuunin or jounin, he definitely took that to heart as he wondered how young he looked in her eyes.

She was also nodding her head a lot as he began to wonder if she was having neck problems or if it was just an old habit of hers. Then she told him she was a chuunin of the hidden leaf village and to be honest even if she was a genin she would be more then a match for someone who still loses spars in the academy. She then shrugged against and gave another nod as he began to wonder if she was nodding to look down towards him even though their heights were similar as he was getting a bit fixated on that habit of hers.

Finally she got to a point of asking what he wanted to learn as he began to wonder if she liked to talk a lot as he was about to answer she put her hands on her hips and nodded again. She then said they could practice anything that he would like and that she could do one better, if he landed a blow on her she would buy him dinner as he started to get a bit confused. Then again he probably needed some target practice for his jutsu, though he doubted he could hit her with the few jutsu he had trained in the first place.

With probably the tenth nod as he stopped keeping track and started thinking she had perpetual nodding syndrome, not that something like that even exists in the first place. She asked to go somewhere where no one would be hurt as he thought to himself for a moment.

"Academy Student, would be nice if you could teach me the clone technique, not sure why i keep failing it..." as he spoke a long line though it was spoken rather slowly compared to how you would normally say it and with his voice sounding very soft, a slight bit scruffy, but mostly clear as it seems his voice was in one of those in between phases. The wind began to blow his hair all over his forehead as he looked to her his eyes now stood out more then ever, his right eye was clearly a darker turquoise as his left eye was a light more regular turquoise as his hairs mixed shades of brown became more apparent in the light of the sun that was rising even higher then before. He also looked a bit more clueless on his expression and the mixed feelings were still there as he was not sure if he could land a hit on such a beautiful girl as the light began to show how beautiful she was more then earlier, he had not had a chance to look at her that well with how the sun was shining earlier, but the angle was changing as he thought to himself.

"We can just go down there by the sandy dunes, it will be safe even if we fall"
As he had this vacant positive expression on his face with clear view from his eyes, he seemed less scared now as he felt like she was not a threat anymore. He would point his small hand out towards the sand dunes not too far from there and then would wait for her reply as he felt he could get some good warm ups and exercise today.

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Tilting her head to the side she pondered that for a moment. An academy student. She had never interacted with an academy student before. Perhaps this would be a good first for her? "I could teach you the clone technique," She agreed to it and looked out over the desert, before looking back at him, "But wouldn't you rather learn it from your teacher or something? I mean... I haven't ever taught anyone anything before." She was quick to cover that up with a - "But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't be willing to teach you, it's just, I am not sure I am suited to the task you know? I am more of a..." She kneaded her hands together in front of her and thought up a response, "I am more of a doer rather than a teacher. Though, someday, I hope to train the next generation in medical ninjutsu." She looked the boy over once, twice, and blinked in confusion.

"Do you have two different eye colors?" She asked, doing a sort of double take to each eye, "ki-" She stopped, put her hands on her hips and sighed, "I ah, I guess I also don't have your name, I never asked. How rude of me." She then looked out over the dunes, where he was pointing and nodded once.

"That should be a good place, I suppose." It was, after all, safe, secluded, and best of all, it wasn't in the city walls. "I think it would be safe over there. Let's go and see what you can do, and afterwards we'll work on training up your body so that you won't have anything to worry about from all your friends." She used the term, because he had, no doubt, friends in the academy right?

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Her head tilting was a bit different to the nodding that Hanabi was starting to get used to. She told him she could teach him the clone technique and seems she had this look in her eyes as if looking for something in the desert expansion, though the village was in a location far from the ruins of its old village lands. A part of Hanabi actually wished to explore the ruins one day.

She asked it he would not rather learn from the teacher and that she never taught anyone before, a part of him began to wonder if she was really chuunin and not just an experienced genin. Quite a few academy instructors were at least at the rank of chuunin, while there were the occasional jounin ranked instructor for more specialized courses at the academy. Jounin were too important to be kept training new recruits and a genin teaching was normally only good for basic classes.

She then seemed to switch moods as he felt she had a really interesting personality, as she now said she was willing to teach him and that she might not be suited to the task as she mentioned being more of something else. His perception of threat from her was just going down by the second of every word that was rolling off her tongue and out of her mouth, it was as if she did not even finishing thinking about what she was saying. She then said she was more of a doer then a teacher which made a lot more sense since it seemed like if she stuck to talking she would leave a bunch of academy students lost. Even as observant and a good listener as Hanabi was, he was struggling to keep up with the sporadic nature of this girl Chiaki.

She also mentioned medical jutsu that just made his eyes seem to fade as it almost looked as if he was going pale, but he still seemed the same as usual. He was a nightmare for most medical shinobi, he was not that good at receiving healing and he was also rather frail having had a lot of accidents back when he was younger.

Then as things seemed normal she asked if he had different eye colors as he began looking down as his eyes were now barely visible as his hair started covering the view as he had his head angled down slightly, he could still see just that his eyes were no longer that visible, the hair was also hiding the blush and insecurities on his face. She finally seemed to stop talking as she put her hips on her side and apologized for being rude and not asking for his name earlier. He did whisper an audible shy reply in a really soft voice.

"ha.. na.. bi..."

She finally seemed ready to go as she said that would be a good place she supposed, she then mentioned training up his body as he got a bit nervous now. He was not sure why, but the way she said it gave him slight chills as he also got a bit nervous when she mentioned friends as he did not really have any. The friends he had either became genin and never show up anymore, or the other academy students were too busy talking about their families. Not like he could talk about his old family who had passed away, or his mom that runs the academy either, not counting his other mom the Kazekage of the entire village as this just made him more nervous.

He would move along to the sandy area as he did a soft slide then jumped off the wall with a double somersault, though he over did it when he landed in the sand he still had some momentum as he crashed face first in the sand as it made a puffy soft sound, the sand was really soft in this area, though not the same could be said for inside the walls. He would get up from the sand shaking the sand off and then stretching his arms as wide as he can as he would then speak.

"uh... let me warm up first please"

As he said this he began with a ankle loosening as he twirled them around for several seconds, and then did the same with the other foot as well. Being a bit careful not to sink into the sand as well, he then stretched his calves out a bit starting with the left and then proceeding with the right. Hanabi then did arm stretches to the left side pulling his right arm straight to his left, and then reversing this to the other side. Then he started reaching as far as both hands could go one side and then to the other side and then bent forward touching the ground showing his flexibility, and then twirling his neck a bit to loosen it up and then he stepped with each foot a few times judging his footing in the sand and then skipping a little bit.

"sorry I took so long, is it okay to start?"

As Hanabi tilted his head to the side his hair falling to one side as the wind seemed to blow it back over his face as his eyes stood out once more, though the lifeless look in the eyes mixed with a look of wonder as if amazed by something as he was not sure what to do first.

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Her head tilted to the side once more, trying to see around the hair that he placed deliberately in front of his eyes in an almost cute abashed manner. It was so adorable when teenagers were a bit skittish, but she didn't know whether or not it was because she was an outsider, or whether it was because she was a girl. Shrugging a bit, she smiled and said, "It's nice to meet you Hanabi-kun, I hope to help you progress from here a bit more." She jumped off of the wall and landed in the dunes with a sandy 'piff' noise. She had sunken in a good foot and a half and blinked the sand out of her eyes, making an audible spitting and grunting noise as she pulled herself out of the hole she had literally just dug. How embarrassing. She watched as the kid slid off the wall somersaulted and landed on his face. Well, at least he was as graceful as her.

Trying to stifle her laughter as she dusted herself off, she wore a rather stupid looking grin as she crested the hilltop and sat down.

"Warm ups are good." She nodded slowly before she watched him warm up. She didn't need to, as it would hardly be fair for her to do so and then ask him to come after her. No, her muscles, being cold and not loosened up would be a more fair match for him. And besides, he looked like he could use some sort of an ego booster.

She watched his elaborate phases of stretching before he stopped and apologized for taking up her time. Well, time was on her side, and she had much too much of it for her taste.

She sat there, on the ground in front of him and smiled up before springing up to stand on the ground. She rolled her shoulders and looked at him, then at the dune, "So you want to learn the cloning technique huh?" She asked, before looking back to him, "Or did you want to spar first, I suppose that I didn't ask that and it's unfair of me to assume you wanted to start with the cloning. After all, it might tire you out and then you might not get a free supper."

She teased gently and grinned his way, wondering if that bit of egging on would bring him about to face her, perhaps even launch an attack. He would need to surprise her in order to get the drop on her, and she didn't care how he did it, but landing a hit on her wouldn't be so easy.

"I am ready to do whatever whenever, I should say."

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Hanabi paid close attention to her and then the wind blew through his hair as it cascaded on his forehead like crashing waves and waving curtains like his eyes were the windows to the outside world. His gaze was fixated on her more then ever as she asked if he wanted to learn the cloning technique as he gave a determined look on his face as he nodded to reply with an honest and silent yes.

Then she asked if he wanted to spar first, he was thinking of training and now that she mentioned the sparring it became clear what she meant about him touching her earlier. He felt a bit embarrassed deep down inside that he did not piece this together a bit sooner, but he was caught a bit off guard today by this new girl who invaded his morning sunrise ritual on the wall.

She began to speak more as he listened to her, inside his head he began to wonder why she spoke so much as his eyes began to lock onto her lip movements as well as he was losing his train of thought for a moment. She then mentioned tiring out and losing a free meal, he did not really care about the free meal, but he was hungry and it is not like he can expect his busy moms to cook for him everyday.

His one mom was busy doing some patrolling or mission work, and his other mom was busy running the entire village as he felt sad they did not have more time for him. Hanabi was not a baby so he had to look after himself so his parents will not worry about him. He also could not waste this chance to see the difference between him and a chuunin ranked shinobi, even though he was not even sure how much stronger they were to begin with.

Then she grinned in a way that made him a bit startled since she seemed to sneak it in as he was about to come to a decision. She was throwing him off as she said those words he became confused as she said she was ready to do whatever whenever as he tried to understand, what was this whatever she spoke of, and is whenever anytime as he began to blush a bit as too many options began flooding his head as blinked two or four times, as he just slapped both the cheeks on his face with his hands as it made a light smacking sound as he then took a deep breathe in and then out.

"I will do my best"

He then moved his hands a bit slowly, he was still really weak as it was though he was not sure what handicap she was going to give him so he decided to start out with something he did not have a chance to practice. If she really was a chuunin then she should be safe from this attack.

He began with the hand seals of snake slithering to a raging ram then a mischievous monkey followed finally by the terrifying tiger hand seals, as he took an even larger breathe then earlier.
The technique he used was Katon Kasumi Enbu, a colorless, but visible gas escaped his lips as the air would have this strange smell as he wondered if she would make some distance or give him some time to follow up his attack.

"This might take a while", as he was warmed up he just did not try using this combination yet so he was a bit hesitant as he made a bit of distance and then formed the original ox hand seal and then the troublesome tiger hand seal before inhaling again and then he exhaled a really small fire ball, then as it came into contact with the gas from earlier it lit up in a fire like explosion of gas and flames burning brilliantly bright as he was sure she would be able to avoid that technique, but he wanted to see what her opinion on it would be as some of the sand would be singed by this flame technique that was probably no problem for her to avoid.

Taijutsu was not his strong point and while he had some talent for genjutsu he had not learned any yet. He also had some talent for fuuinjutsu, but was still in need of training to master those techniques for use in combat. He hoped that this display of fire would at least impress the lady from the fire country with the village hidden in lustrous leaves as he knew he was no match for anyone as he was now, he still had to dream as he knew one day he would need to pay back Yamato for beating him in front of his mom.

PWC:   812
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Name: Fire Style: Misty Flame Dance (Katon: Kasumi Enbu ~ 火遁・霞炎舞)
Origin: Library
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: Fire
Range: 9m Radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Hand Seals: Hand Seal (Snake → Ram → Monkey → Tiger)
Description: The user inhales a large breath, filling their mouth and lungs with chakra, then convert this chakra into a gaseous substance. This gas, while partially invisible to the naked eye, does distort light slightly, and permeates a distint, noxious odor. When exhaled, this gas spreads at speeds of 10m/s to cover its 9-meter radius. When exposed to another fire nature technique, the gas adds its radius to the paired fire nature technique, and uses the paired technique's damage value, which is spread across the radius at 10m/s.

Name: Fire Release: Flame of Ignition (火遁・炎の点火 - Katon: Honō no tenka )
Origin: Original
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon
Range: 15m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Hand Seals: Ox - Tiger
Description: After performing the necessary hand seals as the user molds their chakra in their lungs they inhale and then exhale a small 0.2m radius fireball towards a target in a straight line. The fireball travels at 10m/s for up to 15m. The technique can cause minor 1st degrees burns on impact and explodes over a 2m radius for minor 1st degree burns. When used with the misty flame dance it ignites gaining 9m radius to reach an 11m radius and damage is increased to major 1st degree burns.

Chakra: 230/250

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Chiaki watched as the youth was a bit startled at her grin, perhaps he would take into consideration that she had a lot more experience than him. She nodded along as he started out with using hand seals. She had only been in battles where the enemy was able to weave them as fast or faster than she was able to, so to see someone who was an academy student after all this time was a bit... well it was a bit disappointing, if she was being honest with herself. He exhaled a bit of gas and she jumped back to the edge of it in a fluid motion, almost otter-like in its cadence, playful but also graceful.

Chiaki wove her own hand seals as she found the gas to be some sort of accelerant, and didn't know how to proceed, but then Hanabi, the boy in front of her, started to weave some other hand seals. Knowing that she would be unscathed by the boy's fire, she walked right in and wove her own hand seals, a blurred movement dashing between her fingers as she walked right into the middle and he breathed fire.

Snake snuck into ox, which plowed into a tiger, which pounced on another snake. She was done with her hand seals and a barrier of lightning lit her skin like a bolt of lightning as he breathed out the fireball and she felt the impact of the fire all around her, felt the waves of heat in an already hot desert threaten to burn her, but the plasma barrier held true and as its function was expended it left her there, along with two footprints in the singed sand, completely unscathed.

"A combination attack. I don't think that I have one of those." She nodded with approval. "It seems to me that you know more than you let on." She walked forward, patting off her dress, which had some dust and ash settling on it from the explosion, "It will be a good weapon in your arsenal, once you get to be a genin, but perhaps you are too focused on the difficult and not enough on the simple jutsu that you could be using."

She wove another quick set of hand seals, ones that he would know, but at a pace that he should be able to see. Five identical versions of Chiaki appeared beside her and started to weave in and out in a dizzying effect, she touched each on the shoulder as she stayed still then, she started to move with them before they all encircled the young boy.

What she had been doing, however, when she touched each on the shoulder, was she had kept a hand behind her back, and because of her natural talent, had been weaving hand seals the entire time, sticking each with a substitution technique. Now things would get interesting.

"I won't move from this spot." all of the clones and she said all at once, then they all smiled and made a 'come get me' gesture.

WC: 2716

Jutsu used:

Name: Lightning Release: Plasma Barrier (雷遁・荷電障壁殻 ~ Raiton: Purazuma Bōru)
Origin: Library
Rank: A-rank
Type: Defensive
Element: Raiton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Hand Seals: Snake > Ox > Tiger > Snake
Description: After weaving the required seals the user exudes raiton chakra. This chakra exudes to a maximum of 1 meter away from the user and is capable of defending against a single technique of up to a rank higher.

Name: Doppelganger Technique (分身の術­ - Bunshin no Jutsu)
Origin: Library.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Clones can travel 15m from the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu / External Genjutsu
Duration: 3 posts.
Cooldown: N/A.
Hand Seals: Dog → Boar → Ram.
Description: Using this technique, the user can create up to five visually identical, intangible clones that appear physically identical to the user; these are created within 3 meters of the caster. The clones do not disturb the area around them even if they move, don't have shadows or body heat, and as such, in applicable situations, ninja can pick them out with varying difficulty. The clone has no physical form, and as such cannot cause physical harm. When any foreign presence passes through the clone, be it physical (a fist, a rock, a sword) or an offensive jutsu, the clone will dissipate.

Name: Substitution Technique (変わり身の術 - Kawarimi no Jutsu)
Origin: Library.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Clear line of sight (or other sensory means of detecting the decoy)
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: Indefinite postponement → 1 post.
Cooldown: Once per thread.
Hand Seals: Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake
Description: An age-old skill that requires some forethought, it allows the user to swap places with a prepared object in the surroundings at untraceable speed. An item for use with this technique must either be a clone, an object the size of the user's torso, or a willing living being of similar size; by infusing the decoy with chakra before or after making the hand seals, the user can activate this technique later without any indication, but only when they are about to sustain a blow from an oncoming attack

When they do so, the decoy and the user move to switch positions with each other, both at speeds not even the keenest Perception can detect. An afterimage is often formed in the process of the decoy taking the hit, making it seem as if the user was hit; skilled ninja can even manipulate their chakra to make it seem as if the afterimage is bleeding. After a short time, a brief cloud of smoke issues from the decoy, revealing its true nature; the user also audibly reappears in the location they hid their decoy before it moved.

As the user is moving at speeds untraceable to human perception even they cannot detect what is going on around them, or even activate any other jutsu. They cannot prepare or coordinate during this extreme movement, but can reorient themselves and attack after they have come to a stop.

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Hanabi was not sure as he was mainly focused on performing his technique he did not even see what she did and for some reason he felt like she moved even though she was back where she started as it was a bit confusing. He also did not even see when she performed hand seals as she did not even get hurt by his fire technique, Hanabi began to think that maybe she was actually some really strong taijutsu user or had a really healthy body since she did mention medical ninjutsu.

When he thought about it he decided to take note of it after the battle was over, even though it was not much of a battle if he could not even see what movements she did, since her clothes took some minor damage it meant that she had to have done something is what he thought.

She was really kind giving him time to make a plan as he felt a bit happy to be praised for his combination technique, while it was the strongest technique he had right now he did not want to lose track of her again even though she may dodge his next technique. She mentioned how he should focus a bit on effective jutsu rather then learning the difficult and more powerful jutsu, he was just able to keep up this time as she performed her hand seals at a more normal pace and then he wondered if she even needed them in the first place since he did not see any earlier.

She encircled him and told him to come for the many of her that was, the clone technique was definitely a lot tougher when someone could do a good five of them, he was still having trouble trying to make one though it was more a confidence issue and a trauma that prevented this. Hanabi took a few breathes looking around him and since she was waiting for him he might as well perform another one of his techniques, having her know his two elements was not really a problem. Hiding them served no purpose against someone who could handle your strongest technique head on, and throwing his shuriken at all of them at once was out of the picture with how much faster she clearly was.

Hanabi took out a small vial of special water and then performed the dog hand seal in a most loyal and proper fashion, soon followed by a hopping hare as he focused his chakra. After performing this a very shallow near flat amount of water left from him and spread out over an area of over forty meters in all directions and since she said she would not be moving this was his best shot at dealing with her. Now he stretched a bit and then threw one shuriken at each of the Chiaki's, they would have to move and then when the real one moves he would throw all three his kunai at her to try and hit her even though he was definitely too slow to get her he figured she had some kind of handicap so all he could do was try his best.

He would watch to see how successful he was and at the very least his sensory technique would not fall for the academy clone technique, though he was not going to tell the other students that since he needed something to beat them with if they ever spar after graduation.

PWC: 585
TWC: 4420



Name: Water Release: Puddle (水遁・水たまり - Suiton: Mizutamari)
Origin: Original
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary Sensory
Element: Suiton
Range: 40m Sensory
Specialty: Ninjutsu Sensory
Duration: 3 Post
Hand Seals: Dog - Hare
Description: After performing the necessary hand seals the user molds their chakra beneath their feet creating a nearly flat pool of water that covers a forty meter distance around the user, when someone other then the user steps on or moves on the water it creates visible and audible splashes of the locations. Does not react to the user.

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Chiaki watched as the youth took out a vial, she could have snatched it from him, probably, but she wondered what he had up his sleeve. The liquid pooled at his feet, creating a glasslike surface and Chiaki wondered whether this was some sort of restraint or not, but she also was curious as to why he would go to those lengths to see if she was going to move. She wasn't.

She didn't move, neither did her clones, until he took out shuriken and popped one of her clones, the next one dodged, but didn't make a splash, and then the shuriken at her. She moved to dodge, easily, and it made a huge audible splash. She sighed and knew the jig was up, she still had four clones, and when he threw the Kunai at her, she released the substitution jutsu and ended up behind him. He dispersed her other clones before she caught the kunai coming at her, "Resourceful. But you still need to make me move." She shrugged a bit, then tapped the ground where she stood, it splashed high, loud and audible enough to make a racket. "This is an interesting jutsu."

Looking up at him from her foot where she had tapped, she felt his presence within her senjutsu, she was close enough, only five meters away from him to feel his every move. She wondered what else he had up his sleeve, or if he was getting tired. Perhaps she could show him how to be vigilant at all times.

She took out three senbon and tossed them into the air, harmlessly overshooting the youth as they drifted into the water below, they made their own audible splashes, and prepared for when he started to weave hand seals or move again. The case being, if he did so, she would yank on the strings she had surruptitiously attached to the three senbon and plunge them into his back. Or that was the intent. Not to kill him, nor to maim him, but to teach him a little bit of a painful lesson. Always be vigilant. If he found her strings, he could cut them easily with a technique or even with shuriken.

She tried to hide her intent behind more words, "You have quite the talent, I still have no idea why your clones aren't working. I mean, this is an impressive jutsu for tracking who is the real person. But I am guessing it only works in close combat, not so much if I were to stand at the edge of the jutsu. About..." She peered over his shoulder, "Twenty meters radius from yourself?"

WC:  3162

Jutsu used:

Puppet technique, (E rank):
Name: Puppet Technique (傀儡の術 - Kugutsu no Jutsu)
Origin: Library.
Rank: E-A.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 15/30/55/80/120m.
Specialty: Kugutsu.
Duration: 2 posts.
Cooldown: N/A.
Hand Seals: None.
Description: This jutsu generates long, fibrous, malleable chakra strings from each of the user's fingers. They are partially intangible to prevent tangling; this jutsu cannot be used to bind people. The condensed chakra takes a hue of variable color depending on the user. Any ninja can attach chakra strings to manipulate them as if a normal ninja wire, changing their path in midair or even whipping them around like a flail. Unless durability is enhanced by a separate technique, these chakra strings can be broken by techniques of 1 rank higher that cause blunt-force, slashing, or piercing damage. If the technique's cost is paid again on the post after its Duration elapses, the strings do not dissipate, and the user can continue manipulating the item as normal.

Only a ninja with the Kugutsu specialization can use this technique at any rank above E. When used by a ninja with the Kugutsu specialization, this technique takes on additional properties, able to manipulate puppets, corpses, or Human Puppets currently in the user's locker. (Corpses used from the surroundings are E-rank.) A ninja can manipulate puppets according to their ninja rank: 2 as a D-rank ninja, 4 as a C-rank, 6 as a B-rank, 8 as an A-rank, and 10 as an S-rank.

The puppets use their Strength and Speed as normal, and the puppeteer's Dexterity is applied to the puppets as if it were their own stats. These are capped to 1 rank higher than the rank of this jutsu being used. So, a puppet with A-0 stats manipulated using the D-rank Puppet Technique would only have access to B-0 stats.

When you manipulate more than 4 puppets with this technique at once, the cap becomes equal to the rank of this jutsu. (Thus, 5 or more puppets with A-rank stats manipulated using the D-rank Puppet Technique would only have access to D-0 stats.)

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Hanabi gave her more attention then he would have normally given, as he began to feel the heat of determination as he wanted to win. The wind blew through his hair as he watched the water and listened as best he could, she did not seem to want to dodge as the one clone vanished and then some of them moved, but only one would catch his attention as he fired off his kunai towards the original as it seemed like he had won.

For some odd reason as the target was hit he felt good for only a moment when the classical poof sound came it was a real bother as he began to look around and listen as she managed to use a replacement and even managed to catch the kunai flying at her. She called his jutsu interesting even though some people would complain about him making the floor wet, not that it was important right now on these sandy dunes.

He kept his eyes on her as he was trying to think of a new way to get hold of her, he had a new pair of shuriken he wanted to test out, though he was not planning to show anyone in the academy his secret weapon not that it was much of a secret. She took out three senbon as he was a bit worried that she would attack now as soon as she tossed them into the air he panicked slightly raising his guard using both arms to block any potential torrent of senbon from above, it was maybe just a second or two that passed and nothing came back down as he wondered if she through them infinitely into the sky or if she just missed on purpose as he just looked slightly behind him while still keeping an eye on her, his watery sensory technique was not perfect so he could not rely on just listening to her alone.

He kept an eye on the senbon as he moved to try to face her she did a movement as he turned as fast as he could raising up a cross arm block to cover potential vitals. He did not know all the vitals, but he was covering the chest and neck area with the one arm while the other arm was covering the abdomen area to block for liver or kidney shots, he did not know it perfectly as he just knew it was the basics to cover weak points like this as the one needles seemed a bit low and centralized they did hit him in the arm as he fell back not making a sound, even though he splashed in the water which showed his sensory technique only revealed his opponent and did not hinder the original user of the technique.

He was a bit confused about how she pulled off the technique, she could not be using strings since they would have been blocked by him being in the way. His mind was now running in overdrive though there was some water in his eyes and he did make a light yelp kind of sound when the senbon needles struck. As he laid on his back he pulled the senbon out one by one while flinching in pain with each pull as he was in pain, thinking of how to touch her as he felt she was willing to hit back if he did not show more resolve or pay better attention. Even though he paid attention the gap between them was just scary to say the least as his heart was beating faster.

Hanabi rolled onto his front crouched forward in a kind of orz position while looking towards her. Hiding his actions as he got hold of his secret weapon and aimed not to waste any time. He made it look like he was holding his gut or arm in pain as he listened to her talk, she was taking him really lightly and it was a bit of a bother to him. She was not even seriously examining his jutsu as she mentioned only twenty meters, it was at least twice that though maybe she was just not focusing on him as he got to his feet having gotten ten in the left and ten in his right in a cross arm kind of shuriken toss towards her in a kind of wave as he formed the clone hand seal. This was Hanabi's secret shuriken split technique which was a variation of the clone technique, for some reason it was just harder to clone himself then it was to do with a special shuriken. The twenty shuriken that hurdled towards Chiaki split and became close to a hundred shuriken as he dreamed of one day creating an even greater technique that this one in the future.

After releasing that technique he would slip slightly dropping to one knee as the shock hit him, he had used a few D-rank techinques before when training having managed to learn a handful of techniques in the library, this sensory technique he developed himself and was thanks to his talent in sensory ability. However this split shuriken technique was on a level that far exceeded what he could handle and the strain of over shooting his current abilities made the pain from earlier even worse. He even had sweat dripping from his forehead as his hair had this wet look to it as he did not even do too much, but the strain of focusing on her while using multiple techniques in a spar. Even the combination technique was a bit taxing as he never tried it out against someone before, while he did practice it on a log in the sand dunes he was not in battle and also had time to slowly perform the techniques. Even at his fastest he was probably no match for her, but he at least hoped this last attack was enough to get her attention.

Hanabi wanted to do more, but he would need some time to recover and making her wait for him when she was giving him some of her precious time made him feel bad. He would do his best to catch his breathe and focus on defending himself if she should attack him again.

PWC: 1057
TWC: 5477

Item Jutsu:

Name: Hanabi Split Shuriken
Classification: Offensive
Rank: C-rank
Elemental Alignment: N/A
Quantity: 20
Primary function: Able to cut or pierce 3.5 cm.
Ability slot: Ninjutsu Art:Shuriken Split C-Rank Offensive Supplementary
The user infuses 15 chakra into the shuriken and then after throwing them after the clone hand seal is performed the shuriken split up into five shuriken per shuriken, no additional costs for extra shuriken being used. Shuriken are protected from one jutsu of equal or lower

Appearance: This four pointed star spans 8 cm from tip to opposing tip, with a small hole in the center that has a diameter of 3 cm. Smaller then the regular shuriken
History: Hanabi trying to improve on his shuriken

Chakra = 155/200

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Chaiki pulled the strings, which had fallen to the side of the genin and the senbon sank about a good centimeter into his skin as she sighed and let go of the strings, letting him pull them out. Perhaps she was a bit to harsh on him, but if this was a real battle, if he was going to be a genin he had to have more up his sleeve than this.

"Come, again." And he did, he got up, rolled to the side and tried to hide something from her. Perhaps it was seals, but she knew what to do in order to get away from those. She looked to her side, wondering if this would be some sort of attack. She was surprised, then, when he drew out shuriken.

The world moved slower, or seemed to as she switched into full defensive mode, activating her Sage mode she looked through the eyes it gave her, felt through the feelings it gave her. Ten shuriken in each hand. That was too many to dodge all at once, she jumped back, the Shuriken flew at her and she made hand seals at the same time. She had thought of the only thing that could punch through the twenty shuriken and not hurt the kid on the other end of them, the only thing that would be safe. Tiger, boar, bird, serpent and dragon were made before one could even blink, and the sage technique's tail flitted to the side, keeping her out of bounds of three of the shuriken, the rest would be taken care of by the otter that came out of her lips, or so she thought.

the technique indeed punched through 60 of the hundred projectiles that were coming at her now, pushing them towards the youth, barraging him in a hail of metal before moving towards him at 120 m/s. Should it have hit him, it would knock him off of his feet, before completely healing him of any wounds he should have sustained.

Chiaki's hands were lightning, her fingers were the twitches of a bird's head looking for a worm in the mid-morning dew, but they weren't fast enough, and four of the one hundred shuriken ended up digging themselves into her.

She swung her tail to bat away some of the other shuriken and dive through the hole, but she landed in the sand, flicking the shuriken that had penetrated her out of her and glared at the little man. He had managed to get her, and her heightened state of awareness told her she was dangerously close to losing her temper. Breathing a sigh, she calmed herself down and wove a dizzying display of hand seals and she started to exude a dark teal colored chakra, which encompassed an area just ouside of her body, her blue tinted eyeshadow, blue lipstick, and tail were all tinted by the teal chakra, as was her hair, and she looked the true part of an otter sage. She wanted to play, but... but this boy wouldn't provide much fun, at least not anymore. He probably had already expended a lot of what he was capable of.

"Sorry." She said simply, standing there, the teal chakra rippling off of her skin like some sort of water-like effect. "I lost myself there for a second, are you alright? You also, to my surprise, landed a hit, or should I say, five hits simultaneously." She hadn't expected the hundred shuriken, and would need to add that to her experiences that she learned from. She would have to have a technique, a non-deadly one, for spars just in case that happened again.

WC: 3777

Jutsu used:

Affinity: Otter Sage art, otter sage mode.
Stats: +2 dexterity
Ability: Otter’s wiggle: カワウソの気晴らし Kawauso no kibarashi:
Otter’s wiggle uses the ability to dodge attacks at the very last second by using their passive range for their sage mode as a first alert system and twisting their body in inhuman ways, almost otter-like ways; essentially granting the user the reflexes characteristic.
Description: The user gains a dark blue hue eyeshadow around their eyes, blue lipstick, and sprouts a tail of blue tinted suiton chakra, which enhances their dexterity to previously unachievable levels. They are able to swing this back and forth with enough force to avoid projectiles and jutsu as per the reflexes characteristic.

Name: Otter’s indisputable romp
Origin: Personal Creation
Rank: A rank
Type: Defensive
Element: N/A
Range: 80 meters
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu, Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post (instantaneous)
Cooldown: 0
Hand Seals: Tiger, boar, bird, serpent, dragon.
Description: After weaving the appropriate hand seals and paying 35 chakra puts the dragon symbol to their lips, out of their mouth then comes an otter, roughly the size of a real giant otter, or 2 meters long, which zips in a straight line, punching through one jutsu of equal rank that stands in its way on the way to the target at a speed of 120 m/s up to 80 meters away. It hits the target, engulfing them in an ‘otter like’ aura, healing at least one rank higher than this technique before dispersing. Should this technique not hit any ninja it snickers and points at the user before dispersing in an aggravating manner.

Name:Medical Guanyin Jutsu: Otter's indisputable reign. 医療:カワウソの紛れもない統治。Iryō: Kawauso no magire mo nai tōchi.
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Defensive
Element: N/A
Range: Personal or touch
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Activation: Hand Seals (Bird → Snake → Dog → Snake → Dog → Snake → Dog → Snake → Dog → Snake → Dog → Bird)
Description | 30 Chakra
Ability: The user molds chakra into their skin, the guanyin stem cell chakra, and expels it out of every pore, this jutsu is a reactionary jutsu and will activate when anything happens to the user up to and including 2 jutsu of the same rank; two jutsu of one rank lower count as one jutsu of equal rank. (thereby stopping up to 4 A ranked jutsu) This is done by instantaneously replacing any missing or destroyed cells using the guanyin’s stem cell chakra. This effect lasts up to 3 posts or until it is expended. This jutsu can be transferred to another person via touch.

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Hanabi just looked in awe as he could not even keep up with her movements, even when he was sensing her the noisy splashes and her rapid punches as he was not even sure what she did. Some of the metal flew back at him as some shuriken seemed to embed themselves in as he blocked with his arms everything hurt all over as he felt like he was finished. Then some weird animal appeared as he began to wonder if he was seeing things, was it a cat, was it a dog, was it some weird aquatic mammal as his mind was not quite keeping up.

Hanabi would later look it up and find it to be an otter and her magical powers seemed strange, was she even a shinobi anymore as Hanabi was healed of all his wounds and for some reason he felt better then when they started though the healing must have been really impressive as he began to wonder if she was not a jonin in reality. His body was a bit unusual and most medics always got headaches when he came for healing, he was also frail too which just made things worse. Was Chiaki some kind of legendary medical shinobi who was only chuunin for her abilities in combat, it was hard to tell as he took deep breathes and felt his breathing was easier now as he looked at his hands. After a while Hanabi looked at his arms and he did get a bit upset that he got a lot of holes in his t-shirt.

As she apologized he felt a bit better, and then she said she went a bit overboard and that he landed a hit. He began thinking about it and then his stomach growled like a wild tiger as he did not change too much as he moved more casually. The healing really felt nice as he moved closer to her, stopping roughly a meter away. "Is it okay if we go eat now"

He was really hungry and he felt like he might have made a friend, though the look on his face seemed a bit expressionless, though with a hint of some confusion in his eyes.

PWC: 372
TWC: 5849

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Chiaki smirked as he looked himself over, and then frowned a bit as his clothing was ruined, "Sorry about that. At least it didn't hurt hmm?" She asked, after he asked to eat.

She nodded, a short movement, "Yep, as I said, dinner, or... er... Breakfast? Is on me. I-" She looked around and the frown returned, though it was a confused one, "I can't tell the time here, sorry, and I don't know what time it really is. But if you're hungry we can go to wherever you'd like."

She was good for it, after all, she had a Chuunin's salary that backed up her words.

WC: 3890

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She apologized for ruining his clothes as he felt a bit good that she was not going to bother him too much about it, he was glad he was not wearing a long pants all those tears and having to get a new one. It did hurt that mostly his top was in tatters as he sighed again slightly, it was somewhere between breakfast and lunch time when you thought about it. The fact she mentioned dinner made him wonder if she stayed up all night and forgot to eat dinner at all. Then again maybe he was the only hungry one here as she said they could go wherever he would like to go.

"okay, then..." as he seemed to go deep into thought as he moved closer towards Chiaki, he was not as worried anymore and in the back of his mind he kept mentioning to himself, she is so strong running away or defending yourself was useless. He reached for her hand, then stopped and pulled it away as he scratched his head with a light smile.

"Is it okay if we also get me a new top first"
as he realized you could see parts of his chest and stomach exposed and for some odd reason part of his back was also exposed as well. Her combo technique must be really scary as he began wondering what special technique it was that she used. He was a bit worried since his mom and his other mom were so into going full mom mode, he did not want to cause trouble by eating in a food place with his top like this. "Unless Chiaki has somewhere she has to be" as he realized that she might also be busy as well

PWC: 294
TWC: 6143

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Indeed, she had stayed up all night, with the scorpions, the sands, and the unfamiliar noises and creatures all around, she had hardly slept at all. She found that sleeping during a day, something the locals called a 'siesta?' was really something that she enjoyed doing. Doing this, it was about dinner time, or really brunch?

"As for the confusion with the time, I usually have the kage mountain in the backdrop, a huge cliff where when the sun is facing the kage's it is morning, if it is behind the kages it is the evening and well. Time gets all wonky out here in the desert." She explained to his confused look.

"As for a new top." She shrugged, "I suppose I owe you that as well, as I did kindof kill it." A small smirk, along with a couple of steps in the direction of town, punctuated that she would be going, but that she expected him to lead from her pace.

"Do you all go up and over the walls like in Konoha, or do we have to use the front gate?
" She didn't know the customs, the place, the people... well... anything. Culture shock was a bother.

WC: 4105

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Hanabi listened to her talk about confusion with time, how the kage mountain helped them tell the time. She seemed to have been still adjusting to life in the desert, as he mentioned she shrugged and said she owed him for that as well. As she followed him he was heading towards the wall as she mentioned going up the walls and using the front gates as he thought about it for a bit.

"The wall is faster..." as he focused chakra into his feet, he took a while and then started walking up the wall carefully. He always felt weird when using this ability and it was good they were moving at a slower pace now, he would just look back every now and then at her as he made his way over back on top of the wall. It was then that he dropped down on the inside to an open alley way as he looked around to make sure she was still there.

"Okay, let's go to Sandy's shop" as he made his way to a shop with a lot of sandy looking colors and went inside as he waved to the lady who immediately went to go fetch some tops from the back.

"So is Chiaki visiting?"
as he looked through the clothing in the store.

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Shrugging, she focused chakra to the bottom of her feet easily, almost like breathing to her, and started to climb the wall behind him. When Hanabi looked back, she offered him a smile, "The wall is certainly faster, you're right." She just didn't know what the customs were, that was all. The Sage mode that she had used earlier left her with some blue eye shadow and lipstick. She didn't really care, as it meant she didn't show the dark circles under her eyes from staying up all night.

"Sandy's shop?" She asked, as they made their way through the crowd. She certainly did stand out, the color of aqua in the sea of sand and grey in the city. As the sun reached ever higher, pointing out it was almost time for lunch, she ducked in and out of the people. She had a particular way of moving through a crowd. Like an otter that swam in the river, she was carried by the current of people, not hindered by it, and, like that self same otter, she moved around any obstructions, be they buildings, carts, people, or animals, like she was swimming in a big river. The people around her in stark contrast, were moving like sand, whipping in and out, moving where there was barely room to move, and all the while just inundating the place.

As they neared the shop, she looked up and down the street. The building looked like any of the other buildings, rounded from the sand that whipped through the streets, billowing around it and shaping it, if it weren't already round, into a roundish shape. What a weird place. The place itself was the same sandy color as the other buildings and she wondered how the kid knew where he was going all the time. She, herself, had gotten lost at least four times, with the help of a map, and had to go to the rooftops in order to get a birds eye view and right herself and her sense of direction. He went into the shop and she raised her eyebrows and sighed.

Well, if he knew where they were, at least they wouldn't get lost.

As he waved to a lady, she went to go fetch some clothing for him. Almost as if he had talked telepathically. Then again, people in the village hidden in the sand seemed to not talk as much as people from Konoha. Something she would have to get used to, perhaps, and something that she would have to keep her eye out for in the future.

Hanabi asked her a question and Chiaki raised an eyebrow to the youth. "Is it customary for people to use the third person when they're speaking here?" She tilted her head slightly, confused, "If that is the case, yes I am visiting, and I assume that Hanabi is a resident of the village hidden in the sand, and not one of the..." She thought, and shook her head, "Never mind, there aren't any neighboring villages, or towns. That is a silly question. What a change from Konoha." She sighed, deflated a little bit and looked all out of sorts for a split second, before sighing again, this one was a dismissive one and looked back up at the youth's face, "Yep, basically I am here on holiday, checking out the Village because one of your shinobi, a man named Myrddin told me that the village had been recently rebuilt. I was only a child when the previous village was glassed, and it was right when I had exited the academy, so I wanted to see what a village, restored to its former glory, looked like."

Crap, she had just spoken too much again. Well, whatever, she was who she was. She wasn't from Suna, couldn't hold a conversation without words, and if that made her weird: Whatever.

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Hanabi looked at her as she asked him about the shop, he just gave a reassuring look on his face, even though it lacked a smile. Also his torn top had attracted some minor attention as in the shadows someone kept a sharp vigil, staring daggers into the back of Hanabi as he looked to his side. He noticed nothing and kept heading on towards their destination at the time.

Hanabi also thought that Chiaki's strange method of walking seemed similar to a fish in a school that just went with the flow, but at the same time there was some animal like feeling he got from her. He was not sure what it was, but it did make him feel something he did not quite understand. As they arrived the lady went to get some tops and to outsiders this sandy backdrop might have seemed like a maze, sandy colors everywhere and in truth this was mainly because camouflage and the colors not making you too hot either in this deserted land.

Finally when he asked her why she was visiting she raised her eyebrow and almost as if to match the timing he tilted his head slightly to the side, his bangs falling further down his ear and his fringe for a moment brushing over the top of his forehead. She started speaking strangely as he felt a bit worried, then she sighed as he began to feel a bit insecure as he did not know what it was that he did wrong.

He listened to her speak and then she mentioned Myrrdin, that name sounded so familiar to him and then it dawned on him. She was a friend of float man, or at least that was the nick name he had for that guy inside his head. She mentioned the glassing, for only a moment his eyes seemed to turn glistening with water in them, as he blinked the bubbly waters out of his eyes and looked down as his hand was clasped to his chest as his breathing increased just a bit.

Memories of that day rushing to him, they were gone, his mom and dad were both gone as he seemed to be losing himself to his emotions. Then a boy appeared a bit taller and older then Hanabi and just tapped him against the shoulder with a fist bump startling him only slightly.

"Hey, Hanabi who is this hot girl you with?" as he got a bit confused for a moment before the boy looked around and ruffled his hair and walked off after checking out the hot girl Chiaki as he went away. He finally came back to his senses as he replied to Chiaki.

"Oh, that boy is from my academy class, uh... Yamato" as he looked to her his expression seeming more clearer and less sad like earlier. "Sorry, I sometimes get a bit weird when you talk about the village being destroyed, I was really useless back then, all i could do back then was get carried to safety."

After a while the lady arrived with several sandy colored tops with slightly different shades, he picked the one that matched his previous top and started to change right there raising his torn top as the lady stopped him. She simply pushed him to the changing area and he changed his top as the lady sighed and went back to work, after checking the size he changed into a few of the other sandy tops before coming out after a few minutes as he stood in front of Chiaki with a top that looked nearly identical to the previous one. "How does it look?" as he tilted his head to the side expecting her to say something, the top had a minor difference, but sadly it was not a difference easily noticeable. The main difference was the material had a bit of cotton mixed in with the silk, unlike the more pure top he had before, it still looked the same though.

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