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Mission name: Stop the prisoner and assailant from escaping
Mission rank: A
Objective: Defend the prison.
Location: Mizu no Kuni.
Reward: 1 EP + 1000 / 2000 ryo.
Mission Description: Do your best to thwart the plans of the aggressor and prevent them from escaping.
Development References: Someone is trying to break free, or break a prisoner out of prison.
Mission Details: Do cool shit or something, have fun. NPC's that partake have all the stuff equal to their rank and are capable of using jutsu's that correspond with those ranks.

Chiaki arrived at the Shokan prison with a bleary eye and no bushy tail to speak of. A long and drawn out yawn and stretch came from her before she attempted to blink away the sleepy once, twice, three times, and gave up with another loud yawn.

Scratching herself in a very unladylike manner in a very unladylike place. Stopping, she turned to the prisoners who were in the yard and looking at her and gave them a glare. They all returned to their duties as she limped into the compound, having slept wrong on her leg. She had no idea what she was going to be up to that day, but she did know what was going on in the prison. They were trying to reform the prisoners and all, and she didn't want to get in the way of that. Moreover, a new life for some of these prisoners would be healthy, and she felt like the ones that showed true remorse, remorse when no one else was looking or they thought they were alone, would actually benefit the Kirigakure society.

She looked up at the gates and sighed, wondering what her day would hold in store for her.

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2The great attempted escape Empty Re: The great attempted escape on Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:20 am


"Chiaki." Akaneya gave, a simple recognition of her partner. The two had been through much in quite a short time together here in the Mist, and it had clearly taken its toll on the blue one. She conducted herself in such a weary manner without the usual refined elegance she tried to pass off. Akaneya, meanwhile, reported dutifully at each occasion, well used to a relative lack of sleep as well as inconsistent hours. She'd spent much of her life in a cell, but unlike this place, so rigid and structured, Otogakure was frequently chaotic and unpredictable. All the same, the cold stone walls provided all too many memories for her. It was so strangely familiar, though she remained on the other side of the bars, that she couldn't help but think endlessly about her past. Chiaki's presence was the one distraction she had from this, the one thing to pull her back to reality.

And, in some way, she appreciated it. As much as she appreciated anything, at any rate.


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