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Mission name: Construction of Redemption.
Mission rank: C-rank
Objective: Building a good prison.
Location: Mizu no Kuni
Reward: 1 EP + 300 ryo
Mission Description: There are many tasks that can be done. Running supplies to the construction site, building prison cells or hallways or really any other task that occurs whilst things are constructed.
Development References: With the disappearance of the Mizukage Chigetsu, the village was quick to choose a replacement this time, not wanting a relapse of what happened during the disappearance of Ayakashi. Now enlisting Fuyuko Miki as new kage, they quickly ordered the construction of a prison.
Mission Details: Making prison harder to escape from the construction site itself is somewhat unusual. While the entrance to the prison starts above water, the entrance corridor quickly descents, leaving the rest of the prison completely submerged, adding layers of difficulty to its constructions. However, it should also make it harder for prisoners to escape eventually.

Apparently Fuyuko was the mizukage now. That was an interesting turn of events, seeing as she had never had a chance to get to know fuyuko except as a friend and compatriot. She knew that the girl was strong, however, and didn't underestimate her capabilities. Chiaki pumped her fists in front of her and let out a triumphant and set 'hrmph!' as she set her jaw. She was determined to get to be as strong as the mizukage, even stronger if she could help it, and wanted to know whether or not she would ever reach the girl's strength or if it was more a fever dream than anything else.

A little clearing of her throat took her to the building site of the prison, where she saw the workers already bustling about their day in the wee hours of the morning. Chiaki had opted for some pants, which was rare for her, because she liked to wear a skirt or dress all the time, and hadn't washed her hair and opted for a bun. Another rarity that sat atop Chiaki's head was a cap to keep her hair from tangling in anything dangerous. She had removed all her jewelry and was wearing supple and soft leather gloves so that she could do hard manual labor.

Nodding to herself she started to descend into what would be the foundations of the prison. It seemed like they were building quite the basement for the facility, as she went down lower and lower, attempting to find either the foreman or someone that knew her. Or inversely, someone that she knew.

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2Hi Ho! Hi Ho. I'm building a prison-o! Empty Re: Hi Ho! Hi Ho. I'm building a prison-o! on Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:23 am


Akaneya had been toiling for quite some time in a village entirely alien to her. Building new rooms underwater was hardly an easy task, even with the teams of Kiri-nin holding back the water as they built. It was a thoroughly stressful situation for most of the staff, both local and foreign. Akaneya could only scoff at the sheer impracticality of the entire project, all the extra effort spared to make it underwater of all things. She did not understand why she was here, truth be told. Last she heard, she was loyal to Konoha - not Kiri - so why was she building their prison for them? Why would, or should, a village help another, a potential rival, a potential enemy and threat? Surely, letting their criminals run free would be much more beneficial to Konoha. All the same, she had her orders, and so she worked.

Keeping track of time was difficult. There was no real sunlight to show. Had it been minutes? Hours? It was near impossible to say for sure, and the work was monotonous as one would expect. Laying bricks and plaster, setting bars into slots, fixing locks on doors, rinse and repeat ad infinitum. Akaneya was used to monotony, though: she'd known repetition and simple labor all too well from her past years in Otogakure. All the same, it was a difficult thing to appreciate. She followed her orders, as she always did, but this was most certainly one instance where she could not say she personally supported the decision to be sent here.

Footsteps echoed down the hallway. Not surprising, it was a very echosome hallway. In fact, it was designed to echo quite a lot as an easy means of detecting unauthorized movements and communications for prisoners. Not only this, but Akaneya herself was keenly aware of sounds as per her extensive training all throughout her life. There was something familiar to the rhythm of the steps, the gait, and she looked up to see a familiar face. Well, sort of. The iconic blue hair was bundled and capped, dress layered over pants, and she wore work gloves upon her hands. All changes, but this was undoubtedly Chiaki standing before her. A familiar face would improve the experience of the work, at the very least, even if its nature remained as tedious as ever.

Akaneya offered a salute and a salutation to Chiaki, a brief nod of acknowledgement and a wave. Perhaps, just perhaps, this work might not be so tiresome in the end after all. With Chiaki by her side, having never known a better partner, maybe the work might even fly by. Akaneya was never the hopeful type, but the pieces were all laid out before her, and the math was quite simple. A friend made work less like work, quite an easy conclusion indeed.


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