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Mission name: Security
Mission rank: C-rank
Objective: Increase the security measurements of the facility.
Location: Mizu no Kuni
Reward: 1 EP + 300 ryo
Mission Description: Validate the security measurements that are in place or help construct / place new measurements around the facility.
Development References: Construction of the prison. Needs to be secure, ya know?
Mission Details: The facility uses a new sealing formula as its primary defensive mechanism. People locked in have a seal placed on them which does two things. First of all it restricts the use of chakra on those that have the seal placed on them. Secondly it triggers the alert system in the facility that someone has left their prison cell without authorization.

Chiaki stared at the paper in her hand and mulled it over in the break room of the prison. She had opted for an apartment that was close by the prison and she didn't regret it, but in her off hours she spent them mainly here, in the prison break room, waiting for commands from the superiours on where to go, what to do, and all that. She had no idea whether she would be told anything today, or given something to do until someone placed this piece of paper in her hand. She was on guard duty. Or rather, security duty.

Her mission was to validate the security measurements that were in place. That was basically it. It was scrawled in a hasty hand, almost like they were writing the note as a side note to anyone interested in working and as an after thought to something that they had forgotten. A sigh and a kneading of her forehead showed that she was less than pleased with this assignment because she knew bupkis about the security of prisons, or whether they were secure or not. Perhaps she should try to escape herself, without the use of jutsu and then she could test their capabilities.

Getting up from her chair, she set her jaw, she would at least, first, communicate with the guards so she wasn't gunned down by their jutsu as she attempted to escape blatantly from the facility.

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The task had been clear, and Akaneya had been formulating her plan ever since she got word of her mission. She had already been sealed, and with her hands crossed and bound she was led by the shoulder to an empty cell. She looked down the rows, seeing many who had likewise undertaken the quest, the mission to test security. It would, after all, be much more realistic with so many people attempting escape all at once. Yes, it was only logical that they'd try to simulate with as much realism as possible the potential outcome, lest they be unprepared for the real situation because they only trained with one or two ninja at a time.

As she was led into the cell, pushed in really, she already had the beginnings of her plan in mind. Hearing the door slide behind her and lock, Akaneya's first move was to test her bonds. Her hands had been hastily tied in front of her, a quick preparation for the prison experience rather than using perhaps more proper restraints. There could be no mistake, though - they were tied quite well, firmly, and rope was indeed very valid. She roamed around the walls of the cell, looking for any jagged edges to cut herself free. Seeing as it had been quite newly built and plastered, though, there was no luck. All the same, there was a reason prisons around the world had various heavy-duty restraints, and she would show them precisely why.

The plan was quite simple. In due time, she would hail the attention of a guard. After a bit of a scuffle, she would procure keys and release many all at once. The ensuing chaos would force guards to divide their attention and all but guarantee her escape. All she had to do was wait for a few more 'prisoners' to shuffle in, and it would be a fairly simple matter to set into motion. All she had to do, was to wait.


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