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Mission name: Transport the prisoners.
Mission rank: B-rank
Objective: Transport the bandits/rogue ninjas from the holding cells in the capital to the newly build prison.
Location: Mizu no Kuni
Reward: 1 EP + 500 ryo
Mission Description: Grab one of the many C-ranked bandits/rogue ninjas and transport them to the prison. It's important that as many as possible make it to the prison alive, while some casualties over the entire project are expected, getting the prisoners to their new home safely is the priority.
Development References: The bandits that have been captured under order from the previous Mizukage.
Mission Details: The bandit/rogue ninja will at some point during their travels to the prison attempt to escape. They have stats, 2 elements, 2 specializations and library jutsu equal to their rank as well. They will try to do anything in an attempt to escape.

Chiaki had already transported one of the prisoners to safety safely, and she was going to go back for another one, she sighed and pressed herself against the cool wall, thinking of the last mission and giggling a bit to herself. It had been about as smooth as one could expect from a combative person, but once they got to the prison it was all over from there. They had developed a new sealing technique which hampered the use of chakra and she had seen it in action. Scary.

She nodded to herself and kicked off of the wall, running a hand through her hair and started to stretch, bending her body over one of her legs, kicking out the other one as well. She would need to be limber for the next set of prisoners, as she had encountered a fuss with the previous one, and this one was considered more dangerous than the previous one. They had quite the track record, four kills, two armed robberies, and had many more unknown crimes on their list. She would have to bring them in the same way, but first she would have to catch up with the patrol that was already escorting them to the prison.

At least the bandits had been caught under the previous mizukage, and that was a relief. Chiaki sighed once more, bending over the other leg and nodded to herself, it would have made it a pain if she had to track them down, hunt them, capture them, and then drag them back to the prison. Not that it made much difference last time, she had been blind sighted once last mission, and she wouldn't be again. Shaking her head she bent her neck from one side to the other and nodded. She was ready for this.

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The bastard escaped. She couldn't believe it. Between Chiaki and herself, Akaneya had failed to prevent the escape of one of her targets. She almost expected to be savagely beaten, to be denied food for the next two days. But it would not happen. She was not there anymore, she was here. People were lenient here, perhaps too much so. If it had not been for their overcompliance and leniency, the prisoner would've been in no condition to escape or resist at all. His will would've been broken, his self shattered, and the precautions of heavy-duty restraints would've been used regardless.

Whatever the situation may be, with whomever the fault may lie, a new mission was granted. The one they were to be facing was considerably more troublesome, and they'd already failed once. "We shall not fail again," she stated plainly, "We shall not." With this, the two left to find the prisoner. It was a quick walk, sprint, jog, jump, and/or other form of movement away, and in due time they found themselves face-to-face with the bandit. A fearsome man, to be sure.

The bandit stood taller than either of the women tasked to his defense. His face was grotesque and scarred, or perhaps he was just naturally offputting that way. He stood in his cage with a frown, a petty pout. Big bad guy mad-sad that he's in a cagey wagey, boo hoo. Pathetic, truly pathetic. "We should use chains this time," she bluntly offered, "We cannot afford a repeat of the past. We must take preemptive action to ensure success. We don't know if our previous ward has any plans, either, and so utmost caution is advised."


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