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1Prison transport mission, A dangerous enemy!? Empty Prison transport mission, A dangerous enemy!? on Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:52 pm



Mission name: Transport the prisoners.
Mission rank: A-rank
Objective: Transport the bandits/rogue ninjas from the holding cells in the capital to the newly build prison.
Location: Mizu no Kuni
Reward: 1 EP + 1000 ryo
Mission Description: Grab one of the many C-ranked bandits/rogue ninjas and transport them to the prison. It's important that as many as possible make it to the prison alive, while some casualties over the entire project are expected, getting the prisoners to their new home safely is the priority.
Development References: The bandits that have been captured under order from the previous Mizukage.
Mission Details: The bandit/rogue ninja will at some point during their travels to the prison attempt to escape. They have stats, 2 elements, 2 specializations and library jutsu equal to their rank as well. They will try to do anything in an attempt to escape.

Chiaki felt battered and bruised from the last confrontation, and looked at the man in the red hair glare back at her with hate. She hated to admit it, but he had given her a run for her money in the last little exchange they had, and she had to use a jutsu that she didn't think that she would have had to with him. A sigh as she leaned against the wall and another shinobi ran up, he was looking at her with intense eyes and she groaned, hitting the wall behind her and causing small fractures in the mortar there, holding the stone in place. She glared at the man and snatched the paper away, "I get it, I get it, alright!" She grit her teeth and opened the paper with a short and curt sigh as the other ninja slinked away and she read the note.

"Right, so an A ranked shinobi this time. Wonder what we'll have in store for us this time." Wadding up the scroll she stuffed it unceremoniously into her ninja pouch and groaned, ran a hand through her hair and sighed, curling up into a ball and making a frustrated and muffled squeak before she looked back up, blinked rapidly, dusted off her clothes and nodded to herself more than anything. She had to psyche herself up for this, after all, since it was a mission and for the village that Fuyuko held so dear. She was helping a friend, nothing more. Gritting her teeth, she pushed away from the wall, somersaulting in front of her before standing up, brushed the dirt off the butt of her dress and looked around. "Right, ready to go."

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A rare outburst of exhaustion and frustration from Chiaki came out, and even Akaneya was caught off-guard. She eyed her blue counterpart for a moment and considered this side that she'd never truly seen before. Then again, she was herself not in the best of moods, even relative to her usual state of being, from the troublesome fights that they had to endure in these repetitive and unrewarding tasks. Thankfully, Chiaki seemed to recover quite quickly, and began to list the details of the mission, did a few frustrated motions, and proclaimed herself ready to go.

"No, we're not." Akaneya interjected, in her usual cool demeanor. Her arms were crossed, her eyes closed, "We have suffered thus far under far inferior fighters. Call it what you want: dumb luck, the element of surprise, but we have been barely scraping by. This time, I must insist we take all appropriate precaution. Taking proper measures last time proved effective, had it not been for the return of an old enemy. This time, I do not want to find ourselves shorthanded or outdone in any regard. With a figure of this strength, we should acquire a portable version of the prison's seal to be applied at will. Let us see how he fares with no chakra to aid him, and let us not allow the recklessness of the Mist to hurt our performance any further."


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