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The sky was slightly overcast, a chilled breeze making its way through the village. It wasn't cold, per se, but the air was undoubtedly chilled, giving a nice medium to heat or cold. Leaves blew in the wind, dancing with shadows and figures of people as they made their way around the village, under the watchful eyes of those great stone faces carved into the mountain overlooking the village hidden in the leaves. No one seemed to pay much attention to them anymore, as if the luster of such heroic people being forever immortalized was something that had worn off too quickly in the hearts and minds of the people who inhabited this place. On a small hill not forty meters away from the mountain sat a young white spiky haired male, reading a small black notebook.

Kizashi had spent most of his day on the outskirts of the village, looking for any information that would lead him to where he was going, without much luck. He didn't want to ask any of the villagers where his destination was, in case it was a well guarded secret or simply strange for someone not of the village to ask for. While he was wearing his normal outfit, his hitai-ate replaced with his black headband sporting a red cross. Though he had no symbols or regalia espousing him as an outsider, he could tell people could feel he wasn't one of them. Which caused him to get looks of indignation or wariness. Still, he would continue to read the journal his old mentor kept for hopes of finding some clue he'd missed. The man had often written about the leaf village and his travels here, two locations being talked about the most: The house near the Uchiha compound, and an orphanage where he'd planned to visit after finding out some horrible truth from his daughter.

A sigh escaped Kizashi. It seemed more and more there were things about Syekren he hadn't known. The man had a few houses dotting the known world, most prominently in the villages. And he apparently had a daughter the young man had yet to meet. Where had his mentor gone? For what reason would he go traipsing about without informing Kizashi of when he'd be back or what he was doing? Did he not want help, or for his student to follow him? Was there something more sinister at play? These question and more would continue to plague the young man's mind as he read deeper into the small black journal's neat and swooping handwriting.



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