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1Drastic System Changes. Empty Drastic System Changes. on Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:15 pm



Hello all,

Today I write because we're making a drastic change to how Saga works. For the better part of a decade, the site has known word count. The system this site had in place in order for your character to train. With every system, it has it's pro's and cons and us as staff believes that the system it provides is no longer suitable for our community.

However, it's impossible to rid forum roleplay from a system altogether, there has to be some sort of way to see how far your character can progress. While it's possible to go for a system in which we rate/judge what people have written and handout what people request based on that, I'm sure many of you would agree that that system isn't going to work for us. Because of this, we have decided to make the site entirely dependent on ryo.

This will obviously affect how things are run, seeing as word count can be found everywhere on the site. Below I will try and list the impact it has on the site.

  • Training. Almost everything on-site uses word count at the moment, a simple formula can be used in order to figure out the new price.
    In short; Divide the word count cost by 10. Use the result of this and multiply it by 2.5. The result of that is the new cost.
    Example; It costs 2000 word count to train your Specialization from C-rank to B-rank.
    2000 / 10 = 200. 200 x 2.5 = 500. (Or shorter; 2000 / 10 * 2.5 = 500)
    The new cost to train your Specialization from C-rank to B-rank is now 500 ryo.

  • How to acquire ryo. In order to reward people for writing the things they do, you now get paid ryo for the number of words you wrote, 10 words = 3 ryo.
    In case people have unclaimed word count, you can claim those in at the same rate, 10 words = 3 ryo. (It's favorable to convert all your word count to ryo.)

  • Missions. For the time being, we haven't decided on how to tackle this properly and therefore these will remain as they are.

  • Guidelines, Clans, etc. Basically, any thread that lists how much word count something requires. We will try to have all the guidelines updated as soon as possible, however, any thread that's not within the guidelines section is not our duty to update. Simply use the above conversion rates in order to figure out what the new cost will be. (In case something costs both ryo and word count, you have to add the already existing ryo cost onto the exchanged word count. Example; something costs 1000 ryo and 2000 word count. The new cost will be 1500 ryo.)

Feel free to ask us any questions on discord regarding this change.

We hope you will all enjoy this change and see it as a change for the better.

Note: Until August 18th 2019 you can use EITHER system to pay/train for your stuff, after that it'll be entirely ryo based.

Edit: Missions and threads that want to be used for ranking up will still have a minimum wordcount requirement to count, until alternatives are finalized.


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