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For this event instead of getting ryo for your efforts, you gain EP. EP is used as an alternative payment method for various things, some of which are unachievable through ryo. For every 2500 words written in the thread, every participant will get 1 ep, no ryo can be earned in these threads. A maximum of 5 EP may be earned per person participating in a thread. In order to make your thread eligible for EP pay-out, the thread must be tagged with "[EP]". Threads started before the listed time below will not count, nor threads after. When the timeframe for the event is over, there is a week time to wrap up your threads and hand them in, after which point there will be no more payouts.

The event will take place from the 25th of August at 00:00 GMT until the 28th of September 23:59 GMT.

Event is courtesy of Chiaki.

The recent events have divided the villages into factions. War might be brimming on the horizon, but a festival still marches on. In the Land of Rain, there is a festival that lasts for two weeks (in the sagaverse), where there is no rain and clear skies. This is called the Lights festival, wherein the daytime there is sunlight, and at night, there are constant fireworks, games, festival things to do such as carnival rides, light shows, and street performers. Lucky or rich people can either win or buy their way into the opera house for one of the hourly skits during the day, while even luckier people have to win their way into one of the four hourlong performances, featuring opera, ballet, five-act plays, and more!

There is a more sinister lights festival that takes place beneath the Land of Rain’s infrastructure where the less than savory people can hang out, and have their own fun. Illegal gambling, fighting rings, and the like are seen down here, and some guy told me that there’s a guy who knows a guy that wants to completely decimate the festival. Another guy says that he’ll pay big time for picking the pockets of the lights festival-goers. This gal over here says that she’ll pay you for ruining the stall of a past rival of hers in the festival of lights.

If you go even deeper there is a third festival of lights, this one is set up in a natural heated Cenote. For those of you who don’t know what a Cenote is, it is a deposit of water which has hollowed out limestone, giving way to a breathtaking view and ecosystem of aquatic life. The Cenote itself is not heated, but there is a hot spring that tunneled in from the south side of the wall and has formed walls of minerals over several centuries, and now there are at least 12 different soaking pools, along with the main cenote.

Rumor has it that there is a treasure somewhere in the cenote, and rumor has it that if you sacrifice your most prized possession to the cenote, good luck will follow you through the years. Minors must be accompanied by an adult while in the swimming pool, and there is no swimming after dark for ages 16 and below. At night, the Cenote glows with its own algae The caverns that lead up to the surface festival of lights are covered in the same algae. It has different colors based on the different temperatures that the algae are subjected to, so each time that someone enters the cave, the caverns look different.

If you go further spelunking, there is a sacred cave that is rumored to still carry the echoes of the whispers of the people who dare tread down below. It is said that a whisper there will come true, no matter what it is.


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