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1Ryo changes and what it changes. Empty Ryo changes and what it changes. on Sun Aug 25, 2019 9:37 pm



With the changes that have occurred in which Ryo has completely replaced Word Count as the training method here is a guideline in which it explains what the changes entitle to you as the player. This will cover Ryo, Rank-up changes and Mission changes.

Now that Ryo has taken over as the sole payment method, a couple of changes follow. First of all I'd like to address the method by which it is gained. You gain Ryo by writing. Every 10 words written will result in you being able to claim 3 ryo. However, any leftover words will not result in more ryo. This means that 10 words will result in 3 ryo, 19 words will result in 3 ryo, but 20 words will result in 6 ryo.

For people that were on site before we switched to this system, will most likely have leftover words lying around. These too can be converted into the new system by the same method as above. For every 10 words, you have not claimed yet for training or something else you can convert those to ryo.

How do you actually get your Ryo? This is an extremely simple process. By making a thread here titled something along the lines of "Claim thread (character name)". In there you simply post the links to the threads from which you want to claim your ryo. (For people that have a "Mission registry thread" this can also be used for that, instead of creating a new thread.) Note: Ryo can only be claimed from threads from which you have exited.

This also comes with the additional change that moderators will now be able to manage your Ryo. This means that the next time you are training something or you get ryo added, the moderators will take care of it all, there will no longer be a need to make an extra admin request in order to have your Ryo added or subtracted.

If you have had your Ryo added into the field that's editable by moderators please make an Admin Request to remove it from the Admin only field, so that there aren't two values listed. (I wish there was an easier way, but there isn't.)

The next thing to talk about is missions. Missions are an integral part in the universe of Naruto, however, with the disappearance of word count as a matter of tracking if you have done enough, they're no longer an integral part of Saga. You can still roleplay your threads as if you're doing a mission, but these are no different from what used to be considered a social thread. The countless threads that can be found in the mission section will stay there as an inspiration for writing prompts, but these no longer offer any sort of extra payout.

Which leads us to the final topic to talk about, ranking up. Now that missions threads itself no longer exist the system through which you rank up has been changed as well. It is now no longer required for you as a person to complete a certain amount of threads in order to rank up. You simply have to meet the other requirements + a sum of Ryo in order to rank up. This will be monitored and might change in the future.

ANYWHERE where it says "REDUCTION OF WORD COUNT" is now considered "REDUCTION OF RYO". If you have items or other things that grant you reductions, you are free to swap those words out without having to go through modding approval.

Addition: For clans and other places that might still list word count to train things this is all replaced by Ryo. There is a simple formula for it. Divide the word count number by 10 and then multiply it by 2.5. (You can also just multiply the number by 0.25). This is the Ryo value that replaces the word count aspect of it. If something has a word count and ryo cost, the initial ryo cost is added ontop of the converted word count value.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask in the appropriate Discord text channels or by messaging the staff members on site.


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