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[EP] Weather Worn Foundations [Open | Crime]

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Mission name: Developing a Spy Network [Crime | Repeatable]
Mission rank: B
Objective: Make connections around the village.
Location: Any Village
Reward: 750 Ryo or 500 Ryo for the defender [Non-crime wc req]
Mission Description: Recently many off your clients have been requesting information that you just don't know. Make connections and place moles throughout the area that will report to you, so that you can be the one in the know. You are to even attempt to infiltrate the Kage's administrative offices.
Mission Details: This mission must be either labeled Open or must be contested by at least one other player of that is a member of that village's Anbu, a member of another special ops team, or the Kage themselves. Succeed or Fail, the other party receives full payment for the mission. If the wishes to they can instead play as the Masked Shinobi or Kunoichi below still receiving the benefits of training and completing this mission.

The Ninja must get successfully get a single informant into the area or befriend a possible informant over the course of this mission.

Masked Shinobi:
Name: Masked Shinobi
Age: ???
General Appearance: This shinobi's facial features are obscured by the dense cloak they wear as well as the mask they don upon there face they have a relatively meek build, but the wit to make up for it.
Personality: A dutiful soldier bound to defend their nation that would never flee a fight.
Goals: Protect the village and all its inhabitants
Abilities: This B-Rank ninja has access the appropriate specs to access all library techs that match the land that this mission is located in (i.e. Kumo= Lightning) of A-Rank or lower and the Academy Jutsu. The Masked Shinobi has B-Rank Stats across the board except for his S-Rank Perception.
Items: The Shinobi has the Anbu Mask and Armor from the Anbu guideline.
Masked Kunoichi:
Name: Masked Kunoichi
Age: ???
General Appearance: This kunoichi's's facial features are obscured by the dense cloak they wear as well as the mask they don upon there face they have a very sturdy build and show obvious signs of training.
Personality: A dutiful soldier bound to defend their nation that would never flee a fight.
Goals: Destroy any who would seek to overtly or covertly harm the village.
Abilities: This B-Rank ninja has sufficient medical ninjutsu, kugutsu, taijutsu, and bukijutsu knowledge to use all of her abilities. She has B-2 stats across the board except for her Strength, which is A-Rank. She can spend 10+ jutsu cost to allow her basic strikes with her body or her chosen weapon to interact as an appropriately ranked jutsu, though this gives no bonus to that weapons damage. She only knows the Academy and Anbu jutsu.
Items: The Kunoichi has the Anbu Mask and Armor from the Anbu guideline as well as a plethora of catalogue items. She can have any combination of up to 40 senbon, shuriken, kunai, or pieces of ammunition carefully hidden on her person or in body seals as well as 100 meters of wire. The Kunoichi also has 1 set of A-Rank Large Bandages, 5 explosive Tags, and a single offensive item from the Item catalogue of A-Rank or lower. Instead of the A-Rank item the Masked Kunoichi could have an A-Rank or lower puppet with no mods.

Tidy blonde hair, cut close to the sides sat atop the head of a dark skinned figure, swaying ever so slightly as the tall man shook roughed up the contents of a cocktail shaker. A gentle, warm light fell onto him fro above, placing him and his side of a ten foot long, dark, mahogany bar within its soft orange glow. Rhythmically the jostled ingredients would break down and mingle within the container as the artist prepared his pallet for yet another grand work. More lamp speckled the low wooden ceiling of this place illuminating the empty tables and chairs. Each was hung from one of the dozens of parallel black, iron, support beams that crossed from one side of the room to the other.

A pristine white paired with a black and white checkered vest and matching pants snugly fit the man currently tending the bar. After a few more seconds of drink preparation, the light tapping of the bar tender's foot joined the asynchronous symphony. His eyes would raise from the shadows cast by his brows and quickly glimpse at the clock on the wall. Three seconds. Two seconds. One Second.

The sound of a bell ringing at the entrance took his focus off of the clock just as the minute hand reached the 6. A young man with black hair would step quietly into the room. The room temperature hands would close the door as the bartender would switch from shaking the drink, and he would let a weight off of his shoulders that he hadn't even realized was there. He'd prepared two glasses for this occasion that were just out of sight from the visitor who was currently facing away from the bartender placing a thick cloak onto a coat rack.

Inside of both of the glasses a minuscule amount clear, salt-like particles quickly dissolved as he poured a smooth combination of ice, whiskey, bitters, herbs, and spices into each glass. The mild heat from the light above him caused his forehead to take on the a slight shine, he'd gently raise the two glasses onto the table and subtly pop a pill into his mouth. Moment later the man would walk up to the bar mirroring the bartender as he stood across from him. He would glance down curiously an the two glasses side by side before looking back up at the man he came here to see. He'd quickly choose one of the two glasses and sit in silence.

Slightly relieved, the bartender would swallow the saliva in his mouth and inhale deeply. "It-"

The sitting man would interrupt with a mere gesture. He'd hold up a single finger and effectively cutting off the bartender he'd reach into a pouch on the small of his back. the sound of kunai and shuriken scraping against each other was obvious as he rifled through the bag from three scrolls. He'd sat the one at a time on the bar. They were labeled "Perishables", "Dried Spices", and "Spirits" respectively. He would refocus his attention on the nervous bartender waiting for him to speak.

WC= 525


[EP] Weather Worn Foundations [Open | Crime] Siggy10
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