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Kuchiri Eiji

Kuchiri Eiji

Kuchiri EoJDgTd

Kuchiri FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Kuchiri
Location: Konoha
Specialization: Genjutsu
Elements: Doton, Suiton (Suggested elements)

Kuchiri HhU72Pp
Clan History: Children of the youngest child, the sole daughter of Orochi Ryu. Clan Kuchiri, the descendants of Kuchiri Rika were once one of three houses within their clan. As it was with their ancestor, the Kuchiri were largely invisible to their brethren.

The Orochi and Hebi spread tales of the Kuchiri being mysterious hidden assassins who utilized illusions to ensnare their targets. In reality, the Kuchiri were simply the impoverished, the abandoned, and for the most part the forgotten members of Clan Ouroboros. While the Orochi and Hebi plotted for power and betrayed their allies, the Kuchiri suffered the consequences for their arrogant cousin's actions.

At least, they used to. Recently, the Orochi and Hebi decided that their "mysterious" clansmen were useless to them. As such, they banished the Kuchiri, the lowest branch on their rotting tree from the clan.

This moment was a blessing and a curse to the Kuchiri. While they no longer had the protection of a prominent clan name to hide behind in the slums of Konoha, they did have opportunity. Something fledgling clan held fast to and began to shape themselves around.

The pressures of life without protection forced rapid change within the Kuchiri. A genetic mutation in their Kekkei Genkai was born from the new stresses of every day life. While at one point the clan had been the premiere users of Genjutsu within the Ouroboros, now their Kekkei Genkai had awoken something entirely new within them.

The Kuchiri found that their eyes held an almost hypnotic property to them. So long as their eyes were the trigger for their Genjutsu, the Kuchiri no longer required handseals. A top, the serpentine clan found that they could detect when they had fallen into the effects of a genjutsu technique.

Upon the discovery of this evolution in their Kekkei Genkai within their children, the Kuchiri closed ranks. They hid this discovery from their former clansmen, fearing what would become of their newly founded identity should the Ouroboros hear of what had evolved in the "unworthy" branch. As such, the Kuchiri clumped together to create one massive community within the slums to better protect and raise their newfound hope, their young, the Kuchiri children.

Kuchiri Rika
Kuchiri Eiji

Kuchiri Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Hebigan - Serpent Eye
Kekkei Genkai Description:

  • Hebigan - Serpent Eye
    The first and foremost detail of the Kuchiri's Kekkei Genkai are the eyes. This doujutsu makes the eyes of the Kuchiri invaluable to their Kekkei Genkai and take on a serpent-like appearance. Kuchiri members channel Yin chakra into their eyes when casting Genjutsu and eliminate the need for handseals to ensnare an opponent in their potent illusions. This only works IF their EYES are the trigger or if the target remains in their line of sight for the Genjutsu. If the target can glimpse the eyes of a Kuchiri regardless if it is peripheral or a conscious glimpse or not, they can be affected by the Genjutsu. Any other trigger WILL require handseals as normal.

  • Internal Awareness
    All Kuchiri are able to easily monitor the Yin chakra in their bodies and quickly identify if there is an influx within them. In other words, Kuchiri shinobi are capable of detecting if they are under the influences of Genjutsu and what sense(s) are affected. This does not mean that Kuchiri are capable of breaking Genjutsu up to a rabk above their own for free. (I.E. A Genin could sense if they are under the effects of a C rank or lower Genjutsu or lower.) In addition, while they are capable of sensing Genjutsu, they are not immune to it's effects and will suffer any drawbacks if they are unable to break free of it.

  • Serpentine Heritage
    All Kuchiri, like the Ouroboros clan show signs of their serpentine heritage. While this is to varying degrees. It typically involves colored scales either above or below their eyes.
    [b]Name:[/b] Serpentine Heritage
    [b]Type:[/b] Kuchiri Clan Trait
    [b]Description: Describe the depths of your character's serpentine heritage.[/b]


  • Fear of the Unknown
    Having been raised in an isolated community, Kuchiri clansmen fear the unknown. They have trouble stepping out of their comfort zones. Kuchiri shinobi must take Hesitant (Element) or Cowardice Negative Special Characteristic to reflect the clans inherent fearful nature and cannot be balanced out.

  • Ocular Fissures
    While the Kuchiri's Kekkei Genkai has evolved, it's rapid evolution was not perfect. The Kuchiri experience immense strain on their bodies when utilizing their Doujutsu and the channeling of Yin chakra isn't perfected yet. This imperfect channeling causes ocular fissures and tears to appear on the Kuchiri's eyes if they utilize their Hebigan too much. While these tears and fissures will typically heal on their own, if the Kuchiri pushes their eyes too far they will end up blinded. This blindness can be reversed should a Medical Shinobi perform a Medical healing technique of A rank or higher on them.Every two times a Kuchiri utilizes their Hebigan to ensnare an opponent in a Genjutsu their Perception and Endurance will be temporarily reduced by 1 until end of current thread. If a Kuchiri attempts to utilize their Hebigan once their Perception and Endurance has been reduced by 4 they will become temporarily blinded. Unlike the stat reduction, this blindness will follow them through any threads after the onset until a Medical Ninja utilizes an A rank or higher Medical healing technique on them.

  • Den Loyalty
    Many serpents create massive dens to ride out the winter-y weather. The Kuchiri have embodied this, with their clan existing in a singular massive community nicknamed "The Den" in the slums. having spent their whole lives as a community, Kuchiri are undyingly loyal to their Den, and thus Konoha. Kuchiri Shinobi must start with Undying Loyalty Negative Special Characteristic to reflect their loyalty to the Den and Konoha, this cannot be balanced out.

    [b]Name:[/b] Undying Devotion (Kuchiri | Konohagakure)
    [b]Type:[/b] Negative
    [b]Description:[/b] This individual has sworn an undying oath of duty to the village of their origin, and boast undying patriotism for their affiliation. The individual is incapable of, and would never consider defecting from the Hidden Leaf. In the event of village destruction, the individual may persist as a Ronin or Refugee, but they cannot join another village so long as they have this Special Characteristic. Additionally, they must rejoin Konohagakure as soon as they are able to. This SC [u]can[/u] be removed with the Negative SC Removal EP prize.

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