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YamI Maru

YamI Maru

Along the stretch of road near the heart of Konoha near where both civilians and shinobi's were on their way to the Shushu-ya Pub was a small crowd of people. They gathered around to watch a street performer dance however the crowd was thick so there people usually pushed and shoved to see the performer. Maru wanting to make a little money from his audience got on his hind legs and danced. He danced for the children who have never seen a walking talking cat before, he danced for the more curious adults who were trying to see if this was some trick of Genjustu. He flipped, sometimes falling to get a laugh and even got the crowd engaged to stretch their arms so he could use their arms as a bridge. The Ninneko held up a right paw on the shoulder of a man then gladly declared "Thank you all so much for watching." said the black cat. "With my right paw raised I now bless you all with good economic fortune. If you'd like to make an offering of any kind for my performance please do!"

Hopping down, then black cat took out from his utility belt a bag so he could carry all of his goods and at least most of the crowd had given the feline offerings. Once the offerings were given Maru shut the bag then took it into his mouth then the feline scurried off with the loot. Weaving through legs to figure out a good place to shop at chuckling to himself at the people who really thought that he would give people good luck. Though it was true for some felines, Maru wasn't one of those and his long tail showed as much. Ducking into an alley he threw the bag over his tiny shoulder than began to walk on his hind legs again, strutting his way without a care in the world. "Heh heh. Easy as pie." said the young feline however he was startled when he heard a gruff voice from behind him. "Meh anyone could do that fur-ball. Heck even I could."

Maru turned around, seeing tanuki about the same size as holding itself up on the wall pissed drunk. The raccoon dog with a bottle of sake in its paw stumbled over to his childhood friend Maru, the feline giving the raccoon a smug smile. "Not in the kind of shape you're in. With a gut like that you must be really enjoying your sake and meat." the snarky feline insulted however the raccoon didn't seem to mind being called out so it simply drank it's sake then fired back. "Hey, changing leaves to money works best too. Show them greedy humans where their papers come from!" the tanuki shouted. Not wanting to get in trouble because of the loudmouthed raccoon Maru gestured his hand for the drunk to follow him. "Let's get out of hearing range so none of the apes decided to peak over here." said the feline. The neko along with the drunken raccoon went deeper into the alley, passing a sleeping homeless guy who was near a trash can. The cat and the raccoon both chatted like how was becoming a shinobi coming along. Maru explain he still haven't learned any justu yet much less chakra control, this made the raccoon quirk his eyebrows. "Uhhh…. Like what about transforming, you kinda need to do that if you wanna up the money you get." Maru shrugged, he wanted to get down with this whole shinobi thing but he was pretty lazy. Like he trained once then instantly got bored with it, he had an invitation from the root that he forgot about, just eating and sleeping was main activity he did besides cheating humans. "Meh, hadn't had the right motivation to do anything. Need like motivation yanno." He looked, then saw that his tanuki friend had ran to dig in a dumpster. "Common gotta be something other than empty bottles here, keep a lookout will ya!" the tanuki dug in the trash, Maru keeping a lookout in case any other human or animal shows up since they didn't know if this dumpster had already been claimed by another animal.

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