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1 Records Transport [Konoha, D-Rank] on Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:17 pm



"Hnnn... boredom.", she muttered to herself as she walked into the administrative building. She needed something, anything really, to do. She didn't care if it didn't involve whooping someones ass or not; she just needed anything to keep her mind from her boredom. Her brother was off busy somewhere, so she needed something to occupy her time. Taking on a mission? Perfect distraction, and it looked good, too, for her to be helping out her village.

So, she was more than pleased to be handed the mission she was; she was to transport some records from the old storage facility in the administration building to the new storage facility in the construction areas. Excellent. Heavy lifting. That always came in handy, and was good exercise; she had to keep in shape and up to par if she was going to keep up with her twin, after all.

So, without bothering to waste any time she went ahead and wandered down the hall, heading in the direction of the storage area, with the key to the door handing off of the loop ring, twirling around her finger at random. Thankfully, it wasn't that hard to find; seeing that the directions she was given were rather accurate. After unlocking the door she opened it, reaching over and searching the wall for a light switch. It took a few seconds of running her hand along the wall before she found what she was looking for and flicked the lights on. She flinched at the sudden brightness as the lights adjusted to having not been turned on for a while.

With the room filled with the bright florescent lightning she looked at the exact task before her. There were boxes stacked to near the ceiling in some places; far above her head, and other small stacks nearby. "Hmm... I think I'll start on the higher up ones.. get the hard stuff out of the way, first.", she muttered to herself as she moved forward to one of the higher stacks. Using the nearby boxes she climbed up, grabbing a hold of several boxes and dropping them to the ground below to make it easier to pick them up; safer, too.

After doing this to several stacks to even things out more she began the moving process. If the boxes were larger than she moved them one or two at a time; making sure that she could see over them so she didn't end up falling flat on her face; that wouldn't have been a good thing after all. For the boxes that were smaller she stacked them sometimes as high as three or four, once again making sure she could see over them so she knew where she was going.

The whole process took several long hours of going back and forth between the administrative building and the new storage facility in the construction area. In fact, it took her nearly four hours to complete her task, and a good thirty or so trips within that time; having spent at least an hour itself unstacking all of the high stacks of boxes.

After she had completely moved the boxes over to the new facility she began to sort them by the letters on the boxes: A through Z. She also made sure she didn't stack them higher than herself, and stacked them neatly. "I doubt they'll stay this way for long, but I don't half ass anything.", she muttered to herself as she lifted the last box onto the final stack she had been working on.

She took a few steps back, wanting to stand back as she double checked her work. Seeing that everything was in as good of an order as it was going to get she stepped out of the room, flicked the light switch off, and shut and locked the door behind her. She walked her way back up to the administrative building, checking the door to the old storage facility to ensure that it, too, was locked up tight. Satisfied she walked up the hallway, heading back to the room in which she had started to turn in.... then, it was time for a nice delicious bit of ramen, and perhaps a nice long run in the forest.

Word Count: 709 / 600


Mission(s) Completed: D:5 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0

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