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1 Paint the Walls! [Konoha, D-Rank] on Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:33 pm



Another day, another mission; or well, that was the way it felt to Nanalie. She was on a roll since she had a set goal in her mind. She wanted to have as many as little as five missions under her belt; not because she wanted to use them to show off or look tough, but because doing missions meant you gained experience; and she would take all of the experience she could get her hands on. Besides, it would have to do until she was assigned a squad. She hoped she would be soon, but she'd take doing missions alone or with her brother until then, or maybe the random person she happened to be assigned with. She was not a picky person, nor one to complain so long as the task got completed the way it should.

So, like she had several times before, she entered the administrative building; heading towards the proper room to get her newest mission from. She walked in with soft footsteps, going up to the desk and waiting for her arrival to be acknowledged.

"Here for another mission, Nanalie?"

She nodded and smiled to the man sitting before her. "Yes, sir."

The male sifted through a stack of papers for a moment before pulling one free and holding it out for her to take. She took it without question or hesitation and gave a bow of her head. "Thank you. I'll get it done right away!" With that said she turned on her heel and walked out, waiting until she was in the hallway to look to see what sort of mission had been set for her this time; Paint the Walls. Apparently the administrative building needed a fresh coat of paint; that shouldn't take too long.

She headed to the maintenance room, digging around for a moment until she found what she was looking for; several cans of paint, a stirrer, some paint brushes, rollers, and roller pans. According to the paper she had received the ladders were already waiting outside; since they took several people to carry due to their height and weight. With her supplies in hand she turned, walking out of the building and heading outside, noticing someone had also gone so far as to lay down some canvas so she didn't risk dripping paint all over the green lawn.

She placed her supplies down, opened up a can of paint and gave it a good stir while looking up at the walls before her. It was going to be a few hour task, that much she could tell. The hardest part being how to keep those birds from landing on the edges of the balconies after she got them painted. As she went to stand, having finished with her stirring, she noticed several small rocks lying nearby. 'Those will work perfectly for keeping the birds away while I paint elsewhere.', she thought to herself as she picked them up and slipped them into one of the many pockets of her shorts.

She poured some paint into the roller pan and got to work. She started from the top and worked her way down. Using the roller for the larger areas and attempting to keep as even a painting job as she could do. For the smaller more detailed areas - such as the designs on the balconies - she stuck with the smaller brushes, trying to keep as many paint bubbles from forming as possible, and once again, doing her best to try and make it all look nice.

As she began to work further down she noticed some of the birds flying around nearby, preparing to land. Grasping a rung of the ladder she was using she slipped a hand into her pocket, pulling free one of the many stones she had picked up. She gave it a throw, aiming near the bird and not at it; she wanted to startle them away, not killing them, after all. Happy that they seemed to have been diverted for the time being she returned to painting.

She worked her way down until, finally, she no longer needed the ladders. She stopped again, from time to time, to throw another rock nearby the birds to keep them from landing. Even after she finished with the painting she stuck around for a good hour or so; going over random fighting moves in her head as she kept her eye on the nearby birds; not wanting anything to disturb the painting job she had just preformed.

Once satisfied that the paint was dry she headed back in, first to put away the supplies she hadn't used and to throw away the ones that were all used up, and then to go turn in on her mission completed...

Word Count: 796 / 600


Mission(s) Completed: D:5 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0

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