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1 Can I be unbanned from the chatbox? on Sun 27 Jan - 12:01


Can I be unbanned from the chatbox? I don't know why I was banned in the first place... They said my name had to be the name of my character, then laughed at me for saying I wanted to end up being the strongest on the site and banned me from the CB.

Kenta Inuzuka


Alright; now, I was not here for the chatban in question; but the information I'm receiving from the other moderators that WHERE there at the time tells me you broke at least half a dozen different chat box rules; after being warned several times. That on it's own is enough for a permanent chatban. We'll discuss the possibility of unbanning you once you've made a character and started RPing on the site; if you choose too. Otherwise; the chatban sticks.


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