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1 Record Transport[Konoha D] on Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:38 pm



[align=center]It was an early morning in the village hidden in the leaves. The sun had just barely cracked over the over the tree's, and Kumori was up and ready for his first mission. He smiled a sharp toothy grin as he slipped on his jacket and a pair of pants then out the door he went. Kumori slid his hands into his jacket pocket as he stepped out into the street. A beautiful day although not many people were out and about this early in the morning. It was kind of nice not having people pointing and calling him names for once wich was something he was not use to at all.

Even if someone had decided to confront him he felt as if nothing could get him down on a day like this. He wouldnt let anything go wrong today even if the task was as easy as moving a few boxes from point A to point B. Kumori traveled down the street at a steady pace enjoying himself as he did it was rare that he was in one of these kind of moods. Most generaly he was in a dreary mood , but as of late he had been an emotional roller coaster. It was hard to explain but he had a feeling that things were about to get much better for him.

As Kumori arrived at the administration building he removed his hands from his pockets and began to search for where it was that he was suppose to check in. He didnt see much of anyone around it was still a bit early so he had decided to sit on the stair way into the building and wait for them to show. Before he knew it he had fallen asleep. Before long he felt a sharp pain covering the entire back of his head. As he opened his eyes he realized he had been kicked and is now shooting straight at the wall that surrounds the administration office. He braces himself as the wall connects with his skull. His limp body slides down and finally "Thud" he hits the ground. Kumori looks back at the ninja who now has a giant grin on his face. He rubs his head as a giant knot protrudes from his skull."Ow that really hurt why would you do that"

The ninja just shook his head and approached Kumori helping him up. [color-green]" You must be the ninja the Hokage sent to help with the boxes am I right?[/color] Kumori shook his head as he used the ninja's hand to help himself up. "Well I'm sorry but sleeping on the job is prohibited not to mention your 2 hours late!!!! Kumori paniced and began to rub the back of his head nervously. " I'm uhhh very sorry sir its just i got here and no one was around and well i kinda fell asleep.

The ninja smacked him in the back of the head and motioned for him to come into the administration office. Most of the boxes had already been stacked in a neat cube all that was left to do is move them over to the new storage area.As the day went on Kumori worked harder and harder until he had reached his last box. " finally he thought it was almost lunch time and he had no money for food so the ryo from the mission would really help out. So Kumori picked up the last box and sprinted down the stair way and through the construction site dodging local worker's here and there. At last he had made it back to the storage area and placed his last box down. It was time to make his way back to the administration office for his pay he couldnt wait to see those ryo in his hand.[/center]


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