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Takeshi was part of the once great Uzumaki clan, well it's not like they have all died out. Its just that the blood line has gotten weaker due to breeder with none clan members. As far as Takeshi knew, he was one of the few clan members who has red hair. He might also come from a stronger blood line due to his mother's side of the family. Although he isn't really sure about that, he hasn't encountered many Uzumaki, or many that he could was a Uzumaki. His sliky red hair followed behind him like a ghost or shadow of some sort. He had his hands in his pants pocket, and he was moving a fair pace. He wore a black and blue coat that had a hood attached to it. Black was the primary color and blue just colored the stiching of the coat. The pants he had his hands in was black straight leg jean type pants, which was tucked into his shoes that were a couple of inches above his ankle. He had his forehead protector loosy tied to his neck as he dodged on coming traffic.

The market place was busy around this time, so his mother set him out to pick up a few items. The sun was high in the sky right bove his Takeshi's head, this caused his red hair to shine. Like any other time he caught the stares of multiple people as he walked passed them, but this time was worse than most others. SInce the sun was causing his hair to shine, it made it look like his hair was on fire. He ignored all the stares as he was accustomed to such things. He never really got picked on, a shunned because of his clan, it was just like he was a side show or something. He had to focus at the task at hand as of right now.

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