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Tiny pebbles churned underneath his feet with every step, their muffled crunching screams serving as the only indication of his presence. A second set of feet rang out behind him, keeping place in almost perfect unison. Turning his head back slightly towards his companion, Hao noted the light swaying of her shoulder length purple hair beneath her hood. The sky was cloudless, and the moon hung high, illuminating the area with it's bright silver rays. The path beneath his feet came to a sudden end, and Hao stopped on the ledge. Looking down, he saw Konoha in all it's splendor. Lights rang out through the night sky, and all seemed peaceful. Everything was just as he had remembered it. Still, this was not a sight seeing trip, the peaceful atmosphere was only superficial. "Tonight's the night. Are you ready?" Hao declared to his shrouded accomplice, keeping his eyes locked on his prize. The Hokage's Office. "Of course." a seemingly warm and kind female's voice replied. The woman could hide the cold and harsh undertones of her voice perfectly - a skill shee had honed after years of observing human interaction. But in any case, it was time to strike.

It wasn't difficult for them to make their way across the rooftops, coming to rest on the balcony of the Hokage's Office. Only a row of ceiling tiles separated them from the leader of the village; Kenta Inuzuka. Hao hung from the roof, dropping down onto the highest floor's balcony, pulling open the window before him. Only five feet separated him and the soon to be former leader of this village. Still, he was no genin, and he turned upon hearing the noise. Before Kenta could react, however, Hao's left eye flared. "Tsukoyomi!" Kenta froze, the genjutsu having already taken place, binding him as his mind began to flood with agony. The shrouded girl swung through the window Hao had opened, withdrawing a syringe. She placed the needle against the corner of Kenta's eye, sliding it gently into it's surface before releasing the contents. She smiled at the sight and let out a soft giggle.

The poison spread quickly throughout his veins, stopping his heart. The Hokage was dead. It was a subtle trick, but the Konoha shinobi would find it. That was what they wanted. Kenta dropped back into his chair, his eyes rolling into the back of her skull. He was dead. Hao and the girl worked quickly, planting small specs of dust, fingerprints, leaving various signs that would surely point any inspectors towards infiltrators from Iwagakure.

Their work complete, they climbed back out the window, shutting it behind them. There was only one thing left for them to do. Abandoning their initial stealthiness, they began to sprint towards Iwagakure, intentionally leaving a trail to follow. The nail in the coffin of their evidence. It wouldn't take long for Konoha to piece this together, and discover Iwagakure had murdered their leader.

Note: Shawn gave us permission to kill her character off for plot reasons.

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