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Clouds had flooded the dark sky, thunder broke the dead quiet and bolts of lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating the storming night. The silent tapping of a certain dark-haired male's soaked shinobi sandals across wooden floors sounded throughout the empty mansion. The standing Hokage, Kenta Inuzuka, had requested the male's presence in the tower on this night. He remembered something about arranging for the gate security to be tightened to be mentioned, but it was a very rare occasion for him to pay attention. He exhaled uneasily as he sluggishly made his way around the bending hallway, mindlessly passing office after office. It was just a routine visit to Kenta's office, so why did he have such a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach? Kenta was his mentor after all, or was at one point anyhow. He just couldn't shake that feeling.

Takao stopped at the Hokage's office door, a heavy decorated oak door that was shut. He sighed, trying his best to shake the feeling he had in his stomach, and knocked twice on the door.

..No response.

He knocked again, this time thrice. Kenta? It's Takao. he said as he pressed his hand against the handle and pushed it down. He cracked the door open just enough to peek inside, though he couldn't see much of anything in the dimly lit office. The male pushed the door open the rest of the way and stepped inside. It was dead quiet, save for the thunder that boomed in the distance. Lightning flashed across the sky again, enlightening the office for just a brief second. That's all the more time it took for Takao to finally see.

Kenta laid on the cold wooden floor of the office, half his body on the decorative rug that rested under the large desk. Kenta?! Takao exclaimed as he hastily approached Kenta's side. He knelt down onto one knee and reached out. He felt how cold Kenta's body felt and grit his teeth. Either this was one hell of a joke, or Kenta had been done in some time ago. Takao made a single hand seal and held out his hand. He exhaled a glowing orange and red orb that illuminated the office like fire. Takao checked his pulse first, with the results being what he had feared. He should have known that feeling in his stomach was just foreshadowing for this.

Fuck... Takao said as he began to grind his teeth together. Of all the times for his to happen, why now? He retracted his free hand and noticed a bit of rocky dirt on his hand. The hell is going on? the raven-haired boy mumbled as he looked down at the stiff and lifeless body that rested at his feet.

Takao shook his hand and released the chakra in the orb, allowing it to dissipate from his grip like a flame being smothered. He formed another string of hand seals and inhaled heavily. As he exhaled, a gust of wind blew through the room and a cloud of smoke appeared in front of him. Two clones, both exact replicas of Takao, appeared beside him. He gave nothing more than a nod and the clones disappeared into thin air. The damn things were fast, though it was just about the only thing they were good for.

In only moments later, two cloaked ANBU operatives appeared behind Takao. He turned his head slightly to meet the eyes of their masks, then returned his gaze to the body.

What's the meaning of this? the first operative said. He was wearing a white cloak to indicate his position as the squad captain. Takao turned as the second operative, wearing a standard black cloak, appeared at Kenta's side to examine the body. The Hokage's dead. Organize your squad for an investigation. I've called for an emergency council meeting, which I'll be leaving to attend now. Takao said. He barked orders around, just like he had been taught to by Kenta. Though he hadn't received much training from the late Hokage, but his position on the squad had earned him some level of respect from the elder who nodded once to him.

Takao traveled with haste, there was no time to spare now. The first clone had gathered the available squads of ANBU to begin the investigation, while the second collected the village officials and acquirable shinobi council for the emergency meeting the male spoke of moments ago.
He exited out the back of the mansion and proceeded up the mountain, towards the concealed entrance of the meeting house. Takao made his way through the mountainous corridors, and stopped at the large metal doors that separated the meeting room.

He pushed them open and glanced at those who had arrived. The two elders were there, as well as a few Jounin and other representatives of the villager's council.

Shinobi! Why have you called us here? What is this emergency you spoke of? the male elder spoke. Takao silently moved to the end of the table and glanced at the group through the damp hair that hung over his eyes.
Kenta Inuzuka has been murdered. Takao said simply and bluntly. His voice was clear and calm, and silence fell over the room. I've gathered the ANBU to conduct an investigation while we sort out the matter of no longer having a standing Hokage. The perpetrator could still be within the walls. he said. Some mindless chatter began to cloud the room as the listeners absorbed the information.

The Inuzuka is.. dead? By whose hand?! the male elder exclaimed, his eyes wide. He looked like he was about to have a damn heart attack. Calm yourself, Takashi... said the female elder, finally chiming in to calm her husband. Takao considered to stare blankly at the group under his damp bangs. Right, right.. My apologies. Council! Settle yourselves and hear me! We must elect a new Hokage immediately. There is a threat that has left Konohagakure exposed, and we cannot leave ourselves open for a second strike. Do we have any volunteers or nominations from either council? said the elderly male.

Silence fell over the room once more. They were smart. Somebody had managed to not only infiltrate the village completely without warning, but also dispose of the Hokage and escape before and commotion had been made. As some silent mumbling began once more, a single distinct voice rose from the ground.

I volunteer. Takao said. He glanced around the room, catching the glances and looks of everybody present. Some kid who had only began to take his shinobi career seriously for a few months had volunteered himself for the position of Hokage? He must have been mad, surely, but he had heard not a single other volunteer make themselves present. Kenta trained me, if only for a short while. If nobody here wishes to volunteer, I nominate myself for the position. Takao said, still speaking in that calm and smooth tone of voice.

Very well, young man. All opposed to this, speak now. said the female elder. Some mumbles circulated around the table, but nobody spoke up. Hmh. All those in favor? he said again. Three of the villagers and two of the Jounin rose their hands in favor of Takao. His eyes stayed barely open, and his expression stayed lacking.

Well, there we have it. Takao Kimura, you have been elected as the new Hokage by majority vote. the woman said. Takao nodded once and bowed his head in both thanks and respect to the group.

Thank you all. This council is dismissed. I have business to tend to. Takao said as he turned. He left the meeting room, and then the mountain. The ANBU had taken Kenta's body deep within the mountain's interior for further investigation, but Takao had stopped at Kenta's office again. He stood in front of the windows with his arms as his side, staring at the village as the sun slowly rose in the distant. Kenta had left the village in a pair of hands that would do everything they could for it. Takao had work to do.

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