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1 Time to train [Private, No Kill, Training] on Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:07 am



Jutsu Training:

Name: Doton: Dochū Senkō (Earth Release: Subterranean Voyage)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Doton
Range: Short ( 0-5 m)-Long ( 20+ m)
Specialty: Chakra Flow
Duration: 1-2 Posts.
Cooldown: 3 Post
Description: A technique that transforms the ground surrounding the user into a fluid (thin, sparse mud) by concentrating Doton chakra in it, allowing them to close in on the enemy with high speed (twice as fast than if not using the jutsu) by swimming underground, and pushing himself forwards with said mud. Since being under the ground is a blind spot, the target has no warning; allowing the user to launch a surprise attack. The user can travel for maximum of two post before running out of breath. If the user keeps swimming around the same area, it is possible to cause corrosion of the ground above.

Another day in Iwa. Ara was, finally, done with all the stinking paperwork that he was assigned to fill out since Dengen... Passed away. Ara was slowly getting used to the life of a Kage, it wasn't a easy life, but it definitely was a pleasant one. He got a new giant house, and a freaking huge salary... He didn't really know what to do with the ryo, and he doesn't really like gambling either. So, he simply gave it to the people. Divide by the population, and everybody got about 100 ryo. Pretty decent. He could've definitely used it for something better, like new equipment for the shinobi of Iwa, or something that will help them in Ara thought was going to happen, but he, well, just didn't. Ara felt that he needed to do something for the people, as they weren't really happy with having a 14 year old kid who they've never really seen before as their Kage... But it WAS Dengen's dying wish.

As he had some free time, Ara decided to go and train something. He needed a technique to get himself out of sight, a technique that could get him to safety if there's grave danger. He didn't know HOW he would do that, but that part comes later. He stood up from his chair, and closed the drawers as he started walking towards the door, happy that he can finally leave this boring little office. He got out of the room, and spoke to the guard next to it, who was in charge of Ara's visitors.
"I'm leaving. If anybody needs me I'll be at the Fissures, be back in a couple of hours."
The man responded, telling Ara to have a pleasant day. He nodded, as he started walking down the spiral staircase, carved out of hard grey rock like everything else in the Large Tsuchikage Complex. His office was at the highest floor, so there was A LOT of stairs to reach the bottom. Ara usually just jumps out of his window, but it was time for him to start acting like a real Kage. Plus, he had a small fear of heights... The walls were lit by candles, but they were still gloom. After a couple of minutes, Ara finally reached the ground floor, from where he got out of the Complex and finally took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air and the day. Right. Let's do this.

He spun around on his heel, as he stopped in the direction towards the renowned Fissure Training Ground, the most popular place for training in all of Iwa. He set off, running like the wind, being seen as only a blur. Ara jumped from a rooftop to another, sometimes jumping over up to four buildings at once. True, it would be faster if he just ran on the ground, but there were people there, and Ara didn't want to bother them. As he got further and further towards the Bastion around the village, it was obvious how there was less and less people, and less building as well. One day... One day all of Iwa will be as live as a village can get! Ara decided that he would make Iwa a grand village. It was in fact his first decision after Dengen's death, together with him doing his best to keep Iwa on it's feet in the upcoming war Arashi was expecting. That was actually once of the reasons why he was training so much in the last time; he needed to get stronger. Period. He has to, or the village will be reduced to pebbles.

After some more time, he finally reached the no-man's land. It was basically a flat land, where the ground seemed to be more like clay than normal dirt. There were large fissures in the ground, some of them large enough for a person to fall in; and be lost to the universe for all eternity. Ara didn't know if there was something beneath the Fissure Grounds, if the fissures lead to somewhere... But he didn't really care; and it was highly unlikely as well. Ara kept going and going, until he was at least a hundred meters from the beginning of the grounds. Didn't really know what he would do, or how much space he would need. That being done, he sat on the ground and started thinking about his training.





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