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1 Calling the Summit [Closed] on Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:45 am



It had been about a week since the incident with Kenta's passing. The ANBU operatives that worked in the investigation and analytical squad had been hard at work gathering evidence and examining the body. Takao sat silently in his desk as one of the operatives, dressed in the traditional Konohagakure ANBU garbs, set a thick folder on the desk in front of him. He looked up at the situation and details were explained.

The clean up squad found a large number of incriminating evidence that would suggest an Iwagakure Shinobi or Assassin was behind the infiltration and murder of Kenta Inuzuka. Samples of soil only found in Iwagakure were located on Kenta's body. the operative explained. Takao opened the file in front of him and was greeted with papers filled from border to border with information.
The cause of death was an implausibly potent poison injected through the eye. It's assumed that by the time this had happened, Kenta had been restrained somehow. With no damage to the room and no other abrasions, bruises, or marks lead us to believe that he was not forcefully restrained. We believe it was accomplished using either a special Ninjutsu technique, or a paralysis genjutsu. the operative said. His hands returned to his sides as he concluded his report, which earned him a nod and dismissal from Takao. The jet-black haired male narrowed his eyes as he stared down at the report in his hands with a uncommunicative expression. Through the eye..? That's some fucked up shit. the male said as he released a sigh and sat back in the chair. His fingers lightly tapped against the heavy oak desk he sat in front of, eyes moving towards the large set of open windows as he thought.

First the Tsuchikage... Then Kenta? Maybe this is just Iwagakure's means of getting even. Takao said aloud as he thought. As he looked across the room to the dress stand that held the traditional Hokage garb and hat, a shiver ran down his spine. He looked back down at the file for only a brief second and stood up from his desk. Looks like I don't have much of a choice then. Takao said as he stepped onto the balcony. He lifted a hand to his mouth and whistled sharply a single time. In a matter of seconds, a brilliantly colored Peregrine Falcon landed on the balcony ledge. The male loaded a total of four messages onto the harness of the Falcon. Sorry that I have to ask so much of you, but I need you to fly to each of the great villages and deliver these messages. It's urgent, so be quick about it. Takao explained. After receiving only a screech in response, the Falcon raised its wings and took flight, headed off to each of the villages as it was instructed to.

I'll finally get to travel after all. Takao mumbled to himself as he stretched his arms and walked back into the office.

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