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”You ready to die, punk?!” called out the guy. Shibirin had no idea how he had gotten himself into this situation, and if he didn’t do something fast he was surely going to die. Shibirin was surrounded by a swarm of Samurais, all pointing their swords at Shibirin. He had somehow managed to provoke them to an extent where they wanted to take out their anger on him by killing him. All Shibirin had to defend himself was his three katana: Genko, Sai and Noro and nothing more. He didn’t think about using kenjutsu in a case like this: it seemed like there were too many of them for him to use kenjutsu on. He needed a justu that could attack multiple opponents at the same time, or one that protects him from multiple opponents at the same time. The samurais had managed to hold off their attack up to now, but seemed as if they were about to change their minds. ”Samurais, attack!!” yelled out the leader, and within a few seconds, all the samurais began charging towards Shibirin, all with their swords targeting his head. Shibirin had to act fast, but what could he do in a situation like this? Without thinking, he drew out his three katana and spun on the spot for about a minute and a half. When he stopped, he was a little dizzy at first, but when his head had stopped spinning, he saw a blanket of dead bodies, surrounding him, all covered in sword wounds and blood. ”What...what did i do?” he heard himself speak.

Shibirin was indeed confused: he didn’t remember knowing a kenjutsu that could deliver such deadly effects. What was it called, was he the one who did it, or did someone around him do it to save his life? Shibirin wasn’t sure, but then one other question sprung up in his mind: where was he? It didn’t look like Iwagakure and he hadn’t left to any other villages as of yet. He began to look around the place, to see where he was, but his vision started getting blurry and within a few seconds, he could see nothing but pitch black darkness. The next thing he knew, he was in his bed, looking at the ceiling.

Shibirin woke up with a start. He quickly sprung up into a sitting position, whilst in his bed still. He had had the strangest dream that night: killer samurais out to get him, but then he somehow defended himself by spinning around in circles, on the spot with his katana drawn out, like a spinning razor blade. He now knew that, that kenjutsu move he had done in the dream wasn’t one of his own, not yet at least. In the dream, it had proved useful, now he wanted to make it a reality. He quickly jumped out his bed, got dressed, and strapped his three katana: Genko, Sai and Noro by his left hip, left the apartment and made his way towards the Fissure Training grounds to attempt the new jutsu he had dreamt about.

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It didn’t take him any more than 20 minutes before he arrived at the training grounds. He looked around for the best spot to practice at, before doing a little stretch session in preparation for the training. He took off his shirt and threw it to the side, before drawing his Sai no ken blade. In the dream he had about the samurais attacking him, he simply drew out his blades and spun around on the spot for about a minute or less, before coming to a sudden halt. After the technique, he was a bit dizzy for the first few seconds, but his vision returned to normal after that, before completely going pitch black and that was when the dream ended.

Shibirin thought for a while how he could perform this trick in the real world. Firstly, he tried making a full 360 degree rotation on the spot: he tried it and he was able to do it. In the dream, however, he didn’t just do one 360 degree rotation; he did a few rotations on the spot. Shibirin decided to try two 360 degree rotations, one after another, gradually working his way to do at least five or more. Shibirin attempted to do three 360 degree spins, but just as he was about to complete the last spin, he tripped and fell. Shibirin realised that it had been his foot crossing over with the other foot whilst he was spinning on the spot that had caused him to trip and fall. To avoid doing this in battle, he needed some way to spin more than twice on the spot without crossing his feet over each other. He tried doing the three spins on more time, but as usual: after the first two spins, he tripped and fell as he attempted the third spin. He then thought to himself, ’Why not spin on one foot instead of two?’ Shibirin now stood up, dusted himself off and went to try the three spins again, this time he’d make sure to lift one foot off the ground as he did.

Shibirin swayed his arms to the left, smoothly, and then jerked them back around to the right and thus spinning his entire body clockwise. Shibirin took note to remember to lift off one leg off of the ground and that was what he did. After performing the first two 360 degree spins, as he went for the third spin, he shifted his weight onto his left foot and raised his right leg about 5cm off of the ground. Shibirin closed his eyes and waited for the time he would trip and fall over, but instead he continued spinning. He opened his eyes: he was spinning on the spot, but not as fast as he had done in his dream. This was because his spin had lost its propelling force and Shibirin was gradually getting slower and slower, until he came to a stop. He tried the spin one last time, this time he was going to swing his arms harder, he was going to use all three of his swords and he was going to count how many spins he complete before losing momentum.

He now drew his other two katana, Genko and Noro, holding the Genko blade in his mouth between his teeth and holding Noro with his left hand, whilst Sai was in the right hand. He was known as the Santoryu master, because he could control up to three swords at the same time. With all of his three swords drawn out, Shibirin went for the 360 spins again. He swung his arms to the left, then jerked them back towards the left and thus started the spinning motion. He had fixed his eyes on one particular rock on the ground: every time he saw it move past, he’d count one spin. As soon as he started spinning, he only waited for one second before he saw the rock he had been focusing on. He counted one, and continued the pattern. He got up to five, before he felt himself losing momentum, so he came to an immediate halt. He was dizzy, but not as dizzy as when he had done this kenjutsu move in his dreams. He had counted 5 times, he saw the small rock, so that meant he could perform 5 rotational spins before losing momentum. His kenjutsu move, was complete.

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