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1 A drop in the bucket (training, private) on Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:03 am

Kage No Akira


Sitting on the edge of the pool of water with his bare legs dangling in the water, Bonreu was lost in thought about how he wanted to approach his training. For today he had two jutsu he wanted to perfect the uses of; the first jutsu would be a basic water creation jutsu called archer fish. By molding chakra in the proper method water could be expelled from the user's mouth. At least that is what his teachers at the academy told the class when they showed every one the hand signs needed. That was why Bonreu sat nearly nude, in only swimming shorts, at the pool; more water wouldn't be a problem here, everywhere ells already had to much water from the constant rains. The second jutsu was a bit harder to get sense no one had taught him the principle or practice of it. As far as he knew it would be a completely new jutsu. Using a seal to hold chakra that would slowly burn to act as a beacon for him to follow could be very useful in combat when other means of keeping track of his target is impossible. If it worked another jutsu could very well be feasible, a longer range and duration for tracking.

With the idea reinforced in his mind, and the picture of the hand signs laid out in his thoughts; Bonreu brings his hands together in the tiger form to help focus and draw his chakra to his mouth. Deliberately and slowly to ensure that each sign molds the chakra correctly he completes the jutsu, only for for his still closed mouth to be filled with more water than expected. Coughing out the water causes the jutsu to break ceasing the torrent of water. Berating himself for not relishing that he would need to be ready for the huge rush of water that would come forth.

Wiping off his mouth from the water clinging to his lips, a smile crept onto his face; he still remembered the forms even after all this time. This part of the training would be easy, but that is to be exspected sense this was one of the jutsu that was often taught to academy students. A real ninja like himself wouldn't have a problem with a tried and tested jutsu. With another try or two the jutsu would be defiantly be mastered to the point where he could use it even in pitched combat. He could already imagine several uses for it; launching water at a close range enemy might not causes damage or even hurt a lot, it will disrupt and slow them down. At the very least he would be able to use it as a source of water for other jutsu, and as a form of protection agents fire style.

Planting his feet near the edge of the pool for another try at properly using the jutsu, Bonreu braces himself both physically for the kick back, and mentally for having the rush of water spew forth from his mouth. Weaving the hand signs once again, the tug of his chakra diminishing again to fuel the water torrent that swelled up inside of him. Completing the last hand sign, forcing the water to flood his' mouth once again. Aiming into the middle of the pool in front of him, he parts his lips to let the torrent of liquid collide into the pool, spraying water droplets on to everything in the room and making the water of the pool a white frothing foam around the water.
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2 Re: A drop in the bucket (training, private) on Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:18 am

Kage No Akira


The jet of water spraying from his mouth lasted only for a few moments. In total perhaps a couple of gallons of water were added to the pool thanks to the jutsu. With more practice and more personal power, the amount of water that could be created at one time could defiantly fill the entire room as well as the pool. Just imagine how helpful that would be! With some manipulation of the field with earth jutsu or barriers, he could make the field into a lake. That would easily give an advantage to any water ninja like himself, or many Kiri ninja.

As the full effects of the chakra usage hit him, he stumbled, directing himself into the pool to catch himself. That was the second reason why he was in this particular location. A nice swim to relax and catch him if he fell has sounded wonderful this morning when he was deciding where to train at. The Third and final reason why this particular place was a good choice was for the second jutsu he planed to work on. Chakra tag. The plan was to activate it on one of the many smooth rocks he had collected from the stream on his way here, infusing some chakra onto it and then toss the rock into the moving waters of the pool. After waiting a moment for the stone to settle at the bottom of the pool, out of sight, he can then try to sense the chakra the rock emanates. If the everything works as planed all that would be left to do is follow the beacon to the rock, and pull it out to try again. If not then the clear waters of the pool will shorten the time it takes to find the rock.

Going over to the piles of rocks that he had stacked into the corner, Bonreu mused that the rocks seemed perfect for a sauna. Just heat the rocks and throw water on top of them. Unfortunately while the water part would be easy, especially with the new jutsu he has just tried out, he lacked a ready source of fire to heat the rocks and lacking any Katon affinity jutsu were out of the works. Perhaps a sauna after training could be fun. It would be a good way to show off the archer fish or what ever it was called.

Sitting down next to the rocks in a relaxing cross legged position. It would help him focus his chakra into the new seal onto the rock. Taking in a deep breath as he held the rock between his hands. Letting the breath go as he forced the chakra to flow out from his hands into the rock forming a swirling set of chakra lines onto the face of the rock. Holding the seal in place with will power and control he begins to feed the chakra reserve on the seal with his own chakra. With how this seal was form it would let a small amount of chakra slowly seep out and act as a beacon for himself. His own chakra drawing to it'self.

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3 Re: A drop in the bucket (training, private) on Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:09 am

Kage No Akira


Closing his purple fading eyes as the seal finishes being fed his chakra. He uses a back handed toss to lob the chakra infused rock into the pool behind him, colliding with the surface with a plop and a needle of water flying up into the air where it touched. Taking a deep breath he focuses his attention onto his inner self, the chakra burning inside him. Feeling the energy permeate his entire being from his toes to his head and everything between. Strange enough a small little orb of energy was felt outside of the normal flows a pulses, not connected to his own body but rather a good ways away behind him.

Smiling at the success of the first try of the jutsu Bonreu gets up to collect the rock only to have the grin stolen from his face when the beacon fades. Peering into the pool at where the feeling has been a couple of moments before the rock sat at the bottom clear as day. Taking a hop into the pool to retrieve the rock to see what happened, he was sure that the chakra would have lasted longer than the few seconds based on the amount of chakra that the seal stored. Kicking once to reach the bottom where the rock sat grabbing the rock was easy thanks to the clear and mostly calm water.

Bobbing in the water with the rock in front of his brown eyes for inspection. The reason for the short lived beacon was immediately obvious to the trained eye. He had forgotten to close the chakra reserve, letting the chakra just funnel out instead of a steady and regulated flow that would ensure the jutsu's duration lasted longer than seconds. Adding that critical part would ensure the duration was of reasonable levels assuming everything ells was properly formed.

Tossing the rock out of the pool to near the other rocks, maybe someone ells will have a use for them. Forming chakra into the souls of his feet in the tried and true form ninja art, he quickly rose to the surface of the water. Stepping out from on top of the pool on to the edge his thoughts already thinking about the sauna and who might want to join him in relaxing.

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