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1 Escort the political gifts (B rank) on Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:51 am



Mission name: Escort the political gifts
Mission rank: B
Objective: Get the wagon of political gifts to Iwa. Then deliver the rest to Kumo.
Location: Kiri, Iwa then Kumo
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: There is a wagon of precious jewels and spices for both Iwa and Kumo. Deliver it to both to increase the relations between them and Kiri.
Mission details: There will not be any problems with the delivery to Iwa but once on the road to Kumo the wagon will be attacked by A Chunnin and they’re 3 Genin followers. Fight them off. If the wagon is destroyed the mission fails.

Name: Rak Hozuki
Age: 32
General Appearance: Tall with Dark hair and blue eyes. He wears A chunnin armor and a Bandana.
Personality: Aggressive, Greedy and Impulsive.
Motivations: To be the richest Man in Kumo. He wants to be able to live in absolute luxury.
Fears: Dying poor and alone.
Other: Chunnin rank with S rank Kenjutsu. He will turn to water whenever he is about to be hit if he see’s it coming.



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2 Re: Escort the political gifts (B rank) on Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:32 am


Imma drop my training for this now, it's been too long and things need to get done.

So, Can you give us a word count for this mission, it'd be like... 4000 words each right? With the travel and everything. From kiri, to Iwa to Kumo and back then the mission requirement...

I think Xiahou is willing to NPC

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