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Mission name: Attack at the Port
Mission Rank: B
Objective: Destroy the fleet of 3 small unidentified ships heading toward the harbor of Kiri
Reward: 250 ryo
Mission Description: A fleet of three small ships are heading towards Kiri, and they are unidentified. The port guards saw a flag raised on the ship which was one of the many pirate flags that they have seen before. The ships are rumored to attack the port of Kiri. You are to capture the three small ships, and try your best not to kill the pirates, and bring them to the Mizukage a word with him.


Name: Cap'n
Age: 32
General Appearance:
Tall with an eyepatch, and wears a captiains hat. He is fairly more clean than the pirates on the 3 ships. He has a long black beard, and a golden tooth. He wears golden rings on his fingers, and a leather coat, that comes down to the bottom of his thighs. He walks around in boots made from leather, and wears jeans as pants. He has a white red striped shirt, and big belt around his waist.
Personality: Cap'n has a love for gold, an money. He is extremly greedy, and always wants everything. He has a very bad temper, and is easily ticked off. Most of all he's the biggest douche bag on earth.
Skills: Kenjutsu (A-rank with B-rank sword)Posses Suiton (B-ranked Jutsu). Has 200 chakra.

Name: Pirates
Age: (16-25)
General Appearance:
They are large muscular brutes, that smell terrible with rotting teeth. They are extremly hairy, and all where red bandanas on thier heads. They wear teared up shorts made from cut jeans, and a large white shirt with holes in it.
Personality: Not needed
Skills: Kenjutsu (D-rank with E-ranked swords that have no special properties). Posses Suiton (D-ranked Jutsu). Has 150 chakra
[Multiple Npc's to be enemies on the three ships]


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