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1 My plot thread on Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:43 pm

Norokami Sakuko


not finished, will finish later

Yamamoto, Sakumo
Child of the Yamamoto Clan.

Well since timeskip will be rolling around in probably 6-8 weeks, I wanan get some plots moving so I have something to show for Saku's progress lol. I value character development over power so ranks isn't that big a issue for me (although it'll be pretty fudging ridiculous for a guy to be 20 and still a genin lol)


Father- Yamamoto, Masashiro {NPC}
Mother- Decreased, ex-ANBU member and possibly a sibling of someone in a different/same clan?
No siblings
Cousins, optional
Aunts and uncles, optional.

Sakumo is a natural when it comes to people, he is able to make friends so maybe someone from his academy days? Childhood friend? A person from one of the different nations who he met on a mission who posed as a civilian?

I want a rival of sorts for Saku, he is better able to push himself further if his friends or rival is better at him about something, a better jutsu? He'll try and increase his skill, more ryo? He'll do a ton of missions. So you get the idea.

Sakumo isn't the type to make enemies, he's a live and let live type of guy and forgives easily. He understand everyone is different and have their own opinions, if you insult his clan or whatever he'll probably shrug it off and basically he won't rise to traunt.

Long story short? Sakumo is a difficult guy to become foes with.

Er...yeah. I want Saku to have at least one person for a love interest, either now while he's 15, we can then possibly develop it so that by 20 he is committed somewhat. Although a relationship isn't perfect, there is bound to be a couple of issues.


2 Re: My plot thread on Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:08 am



Special Jounin
I could picture Misoka as a friend of Sakumo's or even a love interest (I'm a sucker for tragedy in that matter x'D or in other words: a number of obstacles they have to overcome). Problem might be that our charas are from different countries so I'm not sure whether this plot would work out. Well, the distance could add to said obstacles, but still, they have to meet regularly xD
lol you got me into plotting now saku XD


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3 Re: My plot thread on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:15 am

Norokami Sakuko


I'll pm you misoka ^_^


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