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1 An Aburame and an Uchiha[private. Alucard] on Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:44 am

Riku Aburame


Riku looked out onto Konohagakure taking in a deep breath. The village looked pretty good from up where he was and he liked the view. Riku was sitting above one of the earlier heads somewhere in between the second and third. As he sat Riku had set his small gourd beside him so it wasn't on his back and so he could sit comfortably while he rested overlooking the village. With not much else to do Riku began wandering on top of the mountain a bit jumping from place to place pretending to take on an apparent group of invisible assailants mumbling things to himself about them never going to harm his village if he could help it. Right now he was in his own little world of combat so he would not be paying much attention to others.

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