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Clan Name: Kuroka l Darkness Below l 黒下
Location: Kirigakure Scattered
Specialization: Bukijutsu l Ninjutsu
Elements: -

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Clan History:

The exact origin of the Kuroka Clan is unclear. All that is known is that the Clan appeared around 350 years ago in Kirigakure. Though they were sometimes chaotic, they were fiercely loyal to the Mizukage and to the village itself. However, this changed when the 4th Mizukage took his place as the village's leader. He began to persecute those that possessed Kekkei Genkai abilities. Only a select few of the Kuroka survived the 4th Mizukage's genocide. They endured years of massacres and persecutions at the hands of their fellow shinobi.

Evidently, they now had nothing but contempt towards Kirigakure. They rebelled and left the village as a whole. The new group of defective shinobi became known as mercenaries across the land. They served anyone who could pay their high prices and often fought each other because they were hired by different groups or individuals. The Kuroka Group, as they were called, gained infamy for their merciless and honorless fighting style. It took years and generations for the Kuroka to disband and scatter across the shinobi world. Nevertheless, they are still feared for being some of the most dangerous shinobi out there.

The Kuroka hold yearly meetings where all members attend. This is mainly so that the different groups and branches of the clan can keep in touch. The leader of the clan possesses an empty scabbard that symbolized the clan's Kekkei Genkai and denotes him or her as the leader. This position can be challenged through a fight, wehre the resulting winner earns the title. Said challenges almost always happen during the clan's yearly meetings.

Nowadays, the Kuroka are recognizable by a series of physical traits. They all have silver-colored hair and are born with the clan's symbol tattooed on their backs. Though there are many exceptions, they tend to be very rash and straightforward people. Their set of morals are very particular, since each has their own definition of what "good" and "bad" mean.


Kuroka, Gin
Kuroka, Reiko [NPC]
Kuroka, Hiroyuki [NPC]
Kuroka, Ginza [NPC]

Kuroka Clan Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Yami no Ken l Sword of Darkness l 闇の剣
Kekkei Genkai Description:

The Kuroka's Kekkei Genkai - Yami no Ken - allows them to create a weapon with use of their chakra.

The swords themselves are considered jutsu - they are made out of concentrated chakra, which becomes dense and adopts the characteristics of certain metals, depending on what the user wishes to create.

Due to the close relationship that the Kuroka have with bukijutsu and their intense focus towards this art, what would be a normal chakra weapon takes on the appearance of an actual weapon, which can be imbued with special abilities at any rank. These abilities are calculated into the chakra cost of creation and are comparable to a jutsu of the sword's rank. For all intents and purposes, these swords are maintainable jutsu of their apped rank and interact with defensive jutsu as such. In other words, each hit counts as a jutsu of the same level as the weapon. They are also capable of summoning multiple weapons at the same time. However, they are treated as separate techniques and therefore consume additional chakra. If a sword is destroyed, it can be reformed immediately. However, if the user cancels the technique, they must wait the respective cooldown time before using it again.

The weapons belonging to each member of the Kuroka Clan have a series of different abilities that usually have something to do with their elemental natures. Much like jutsu, the weapon's rank can be one rank above that of the user. †Additionally, depending on their rank, the members of the Kuroka Clan can possess more than one weapon, all of which must be approved in the item's section prior to use and then added to the jutsu list as a technique.

With each increase in rank, the total increases as well, for a limit of 5 weapons in total:

  • D - 1
  • C - 2
  • B - 3
  • A - 4
  • S - 5

Though the weapons donít have a monetary cost, they do have to be trained prior to use. The base training for the weapons follows the jutsu training guidelines. Due to the drawback stated below, there are an added 2000 words to this training.

Lastly, the Kuroka body is naturally built to withstand and deal damage. For this reason, members of the Kuroka Clan gain +2 tiers to Strength and +1 to Endurance stats.


  • Because of their emphasis on a specific type of chakra control revolving around physical fighting, they lack the technique required for more mental practices. For that reason, the Kuroka Clan's Genjutsu is far below average and thus take an additional 10 chakra to dispel. Moreover, they are incapable of learning it as a specialization.

  • All Kuroka must take Pharmacophobia as a Special Characteristic without balancing it. Because of their Pharmacophobia, they have a tendency to hate medics or be skeptical of them.

  • The Kuroka fighting style revolves around limited movement and a heavy use of strength and endurance. For that reason, they take a -2 tiers to speed.

  • When involved in combat, they are intensely focused. Therefore, they take a -2 tiers to perception towards anything outside of the current battle. In other words, they are particularly vulnerable to surprise attacks. †

  • Kuroka forge close relationships with their weapons and sometimes take time to properly use them in battle to their full extent. All new weapons must be trained before being used. This requires an additional of 2000 words for each new weapon on top of regular training word count.

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Ready for review!

This took a while @_@


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3Kuroka Clan Empty Re: Kuroka Clan on Wed May 03, 2017 2:16 pm



Some weapon-creation techniques do not act as if they are jutsu for the purposes of defensive techniques, only actually creating the weapon with no extra properties. How do Kuroka weapons function in relation to defenses?

In addition, if the weapons abilities at S-rank, are these calculated as part of the chakra cost of the weapon-creation, or is it an additional cost?

The cap for passive buffs from non-Taijutsu, non-chakra stat increases is 3 tiers. Please adjust your clan bonuses accordingly.

The 'outside of the current battle' phrasing is ambiguous; does this mean the person(s) the Kuroka is currently facing off against? It's simply difficult to discern what all is or is not part of the current battle for the purpose of making this drawback applicable.

Depending on how the weapons interact, and their abilities, you might be able to skip a lesser drawback, such as Pharmacophobia.


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4Kuroka Clan Empty Re: Kuroka Clan on Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:32 pm



Bumping this.


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5Kuroka Clan Empty Re: Kuroka Clan on Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:15 am



Hiya there! My name's Kisei and I'll be modding ya clan for today~


  • Sword(?): Just to clarify, these weapons don't have to be swords right? Because you switch between 'weapons' to saying 'swords'.

  • Could you please add a chakra cost for reforming these broken weapons.

  • Keep in mind that these chakra weapons will also take up S-rank and SS-rank slots if they are ever apped and approved.


  • 1st Drawback: the Kuroka Clan's Genjutsu is far below average and thus take an additional 10 chakra to dispel. Did you mean that they need to pay 10 more chakra to dispel genjutsu?

  • Feel free to drop the WC drawback to 1500.

  • Lastily, you have a few more drawbacks than you need. You could either drop the -2 to speed or perception, or add a small buff to your KKG. Though I would recommend dropping the drawbacks.

That'll be all for now ^^


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