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Inuzuka Yui

Inuzuka Yui

Yui sighed it seemed her impatient Kage left for the summit without her, not a very wise choice but she would head there herself unlike her Kage she would be wise in her path to the summit making sure to not be seen or spotted. She began to leave her borders sighing why was the Kage heading out alone it was risky and if anything happened to her Yui would take the blame despite the Kage leaving without mentioning a word to her. She could not say much she left the village for months without a word to anyone but she had reasons she was sure Gin did as well but she was worried because of not being told.

"This Kage is as bad as I was well not much I can do about it now still things will soon happen that could make me no longer able to stay in Suna hopefully the Kage will let me but I doubt it. To save the land from certain doom I have no choice I must protect the land even if I must become an enemy to do so."

She continued to travel as it got near night she found a place well hidden and out of sight to camp she would use no fire as that could attract the attention of others. She moved close to Sekkiea and laid close to her using her fur to keep her warm she sighed as Sekkiea's nuzzled her neck to comfort her.

"You know me well better than anyone else I really am lonely now I guess I want to have someone I care about. Oh well not much I can do about that Kaizen is interesting however I am not sure he is someone right for me. I need someone strong someone like myself someone I can consider an equal and well as funny as he is he is none of those."

Sekkiea snickered she knew that’s what Yui said but she could hear Yui’s heart beat faster taking about Kaizen she actually liked him but she felt to prideful of her own strength to be with someone weaker than herself.

"Yui you can say what you want but you like Kaizen allot you need to throw your pride away and be with who makes you happy. I can tell when you are around him he makes you smile and laugh and makes you relax he is perfect for you. Yes you are strong but there is no need for your partner to be like that right now who knows one day he could become an amazing man. "

Yui sighed Sekkiea was right as she rubbed her head and fell asleep her loyal companion keeping a sharp lookout for anything suspicious. As the sun rose Yui awoke and began to continue her journey once more it would not be too long until she made her way to iron country the land where the summit would take place. She was worried however these meetings had a history of terrible events that happened she saw the border as she smiled this would be an interesting trip for both her and Gin as she slid her dragon mask over her face. She had to keep who she was secret as she would let Gin know not to use her real name and only call her by her code name the Black Beast of Suna. What sort of adventures awaited the two what sort of battles or actions could happen only time would tell these future events could shape the balance of power for years to come. One thing was certain she would protect the Kage at all costs she would save her Kage no matter what price she had to pay if any danger came to her.

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