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Special Jounin
~Beat Those Drunkards!~

One mission down and another three to go! If hew kept up this pace, he'd be Sp.Jounin in no time! He did, however, begin to wonder why he never go round to doing this sooner. I mean, it didn't so hard as to just get out and about, kicking some ass here and there, capturing and escorting people. It all just seemed fairly straight forward for him but then again he did leave out the part about him being mega lazy when it came to working on the weekends...and weekdays...oh let's be honest; he hated working on any day that involved him putting effort into anything. He grumbled for a moment as he began to figure out his next plan of action. He most definitely needed sleep but maybe it'd be best to squeeze one more mission from that Jounin before calling it a day. Turning from the chair that was placed alongside a small stream in the village park, he made his way to the Kage estate, hoping that maybe this time the Jounin wouldn't be all like "Woah! What you doing up in here without bringing me a beer!?" and then it hit him. Kenta should never taking up rhyming as a lifetime job. Things would not end well for him but maybe his enemies might just die from embarrassment. Someone had to if Kenta didn't somehow.

He made his way the wooden stairs, some creaking as he pressed down on them with each step that he took, his breath light and frail as it echoed slightly up the cascading stairs. Having eventually made his way to the top, Kenta knocked the door three times before entering the room, the same Jounin from last now staring back at him, his expressionless face said it all. He wasn't caught off this time so maybe he was expecting him or maybe the last time they met he was doing something shady. It wasn't his place to question what a Jounin of the Leaf could be hiding. That and the fact that Kenny was mega nosey about everything in existence but right now, he could care less than normally. He bowed slightly as he decided it was best to go over the pleasantries.

"My name is Kenta Sarutobi. I'm sure you remember me from last time but I figured it best that I state who I am. To keep up appearances and whatnot." He said, making sure his words were heard. The man simply raised his hand and shook it in a dismissive manner. He seemed all to acquainted with Kenta, pushing himself from the desk that he had leaned upon when Kenta had begun his introduction.

"I know who you are. Please state your business and leave. There is important work that needs doing and fast." He replied back, his voice low and slightly monotoned. Kenta shrugged it off (figuratively) and returned to his relaxed posture, his golden eyes running up and down the man as he sighed. "I'm here to embark on yet another mission but I wont be handing it in until tomorrow as I'm afraid that I'm tired from my training earlier this morning before my mission." He said back to the man before catching a scroll that had been thrown to him. Why had that been so easy? Last time he had to open the cabinet to his right and now he just simply threw him a scroll? Maybe he was expecting him after all and had gotten the mission ready for him when Kenta was half way up the stairs. Either way, it was time for him to make like a banana and split. He had kept to the mans words and left without further hesitation to be had and shut the door gently behind him before walking down the stairs this time. Though this time, he had began to read the scroll on his way down the flight of stairs to hasten up his operation. Another C-Rank. Maybe next time he'll be given something more worthy like a B or an A-Rank. Though the A-Rank was unlikely, it still seemed nice in his head.

"So I need to take out a group of sailors at the village Docks eh? Sounds easy enough. Take out the queen and the pawns will fall too. Simple and easy." He said under his breath, cracking his knuckles after having placed the scroll into his back pocket. This was going to be slightly more interesting for him since now he was allowed to fight someone or a small group of people. Time for skills to be tested and what better way than to land several punches and kicks to the face and balls? Granted he was no Taijutsu user but he still had a hefty punch and that was all he need to knock some bitches off their asses! He smirked as he ran out from the Estate entrance and made his way to the village gates, running past with all his speed before zipping off into the wilderness, left, right, left, right diagonal switches off towards the Docks of Konohagakure!

That that...laughter? Kenta thought in confusion as he pondered for a moment, his feet running as fast as they could take him before he jumped into an overhead tree, high enough to see the surrounding area. There were a small group of four men and one behemoth cornering a single man, a merchant no doubt. This was most likely his target...that behemoth of a man was going to take more than a mere Chuunin punch to take out. Maybe roll him down a hill and straight into jail...? Nah, unrealistic. Most likely take out his men with one attack and then aim for the behemoth. They seemed drunk. Urgh, pathetic. Drinking during the day! Shame on them really. Taking a breath he braced himself for a one swoop attack and with his breath drawn, he dropped from the tree and released a burst of wind from his mouth, smacking two of the drunken merchants off their feet and into a stack of boxes before creating a seal in front of aim which was aimed for two others, smashing it and releasing a gale force wind which propelled the two other ten feet through the air and into the water below. Kenta seemed happy with how smoothly it went before his eyes met up with the Behemoth. Oh god, he was more ugly up close. He simply let out a roar before charging at Kenta...Heh, mission didn't say anything about not ass handing your opponent. Almost immediately, Kenta took a deep breath before releasing a set amount of air bullets, one for each side, one in front of him and with leap into the air, he released another one, making direct contact and shooting him through the boards of the dock. Landing calmly, he summoned several clones and ordered them to retrieve the suspects and drag them back to the Leaf village, several merchants cheering to have finally be rid of them.

Word Count: 1188/1000


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